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This place at SS2 probably sells one of the bigger chicken curry puffs this side of Klang Valley. If you like your curry puff big, fresh, and tasting just nice, this stall called HOMI is the place to go.

Homi Curry Puff at SS2
freshly fried curry puffs

For the uninitiated, curry puff is our traditional Malay pie originated from this region. It consists of fillings wrapped by a deep fried pastry shell. Traditionally chicken curry with generous amount of potato were the de facto ingredient, but these days you can find many puffs filled with everything from sardine to durian.

Homi Curry Puff at SS2
big and handsomely filled!

At this particular stall, the curry puff is made the traditional way, except in a very generous size. For RM 1.20 each, it gives pretty good value, and of course, tastes pretty good too! The shell has a slight buttery taste to it and the curry is thick and juicy. However, the best thing is that business is so good and hence you’ll always get freshly fried curry puff. Warm curry puff is so much better!

Homi Curry Puff at SS2
Homi is located at Sun Hin Loong kopitiam, opposite KFC

The stall operates in the afternoon. Situated at SS2 Sun Hin Loong kopitiam, it is only across the road from SS2 Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet.

Intersection of SS 2/62 and SS 2/67
GPS: 3.119498, 101.621819

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  1. this is my favorite!! The layer of the skin makes it extra crispy.

  2. Ah the pictures! Salivate…

  3. Really nice ..

    there is also a stall in the MidValley-Garden LG link tunnell that sells humongous curry puffs too.. but dat wan rm2 each

  4. xin,
    Yeah, the skin actually adds value!

    Togo the Dog,
    my Nokia N82 not bad heh? 😀

    Oooo, but MidValley ok lor since the rental’s much higher

  5. In the States those are called empanadas..or beef patties


  6. There are this Kepong best wan_dan _mee and delicious Lor Mee posted on my blog @

    I found that your blog is interesting…

  7. Milly,
    I didn’t know that. @.@

    Don Yoo,
    ooOO, Interesting!

  8. I prefer Ikea curry puff. At least Ikea parking is easier. If you bought the curry puff and rush to the parking machine in 15 minutes, the parking is free. 😉

  9. KY, the XL curry puffs remind me of a particular shop in Malacca that sells these humongous curry puffs too. The price is pretty much the same and I remember we’d get chunks of chicken meat inside the puffs too..Yummy..Haven’t found such curry puffs in KL yet besides the IKEA one. Now that you’ve highlighted another one..hehe. More choices already. :p

  10. Yeah, I want to know if this holds up to IKEA’s curry puffs… 😛
    Currently that is still ranked #1 for me, but this looks like its worth a try.

  11. Just wondered whether this Homi Curry Puff is the same as the one located @ LG the Garden… If uese, just wondered how much it will charge over in The Garden :->

  12. Hey….i had a few of these when i was back in Jan. I even took some with me to consume on the flight back Melbourne. Huge but tasty…

  13. I tried but I don’t like this one coz too oily. My colleague bought me the currypurf somewhere at seapark is taste much more better and it’s cheaper also not so oily!

  14. ooo me likey… the oil’s worth it.

  15. moo_t,
    Ikea’s curry puff is pretty nice too, but saying parking is easier at Ikea is not always the correct thing. 😛

    I didn’t know that, thanks!

    Yah do give it a try.

    I’m not sure on this one.

    Hahaha, better than airplane food I bet.

    You are impossible to please. 😛

    Bee Nee,
    I agree!

  16. sure its in SS2 Sin Hing Long, or behind Sun Hin Long?
    its quite famous while its crunchy and tasty!! (but abit oily lar)

  17. It’s at Sun Hing Long. 🙂

  18. homi is at restoran hock seng two not sun hing long.
    corner of 66 and 67.

  19. meng lim,
    you are right! thank you

  20. would like to make order’s kindly send me this Homi curry puff contact asap. thanks

  21. Lee,
    how about just go to ss2? hehe

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