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I guess this whole food thing is starting to run in the family. My sister became the restaurant manager at Roadhouse Grill Gurney (Penang) just a few months ago, so naturally I had go to there to taste the food, snaps some photos, and tell you guys all about this place!

edit: This place has since closed down (7 April 2013)

Roadhouse Grill at Gurney Hotel, Penang
My sister the restaurant manager at Roadhouse Grill

Before I start, lets just give you a good news. By mentioning that you read about this place from this blog, or telling my sister (Mei Fang) that you know me, she will give you a 10% discount on the bill (only in Penang branch). Just like that, now isn’t that great?

As the name suggests, Roadhouse Grill specialized in no nonsense American food. Main dishes come with some excellent yeast rolls baked fresh everyday on location. The warm roll with lotsa butter is really addictive.

Roadhouse Grill at Gurney Hotel, Penang
nachos, yeast roll, (golden) fish and chips

Plenty of peanuts is served at every table despite what you order. The best thing is, you can just throw all the shells on the floor and let the waiters do the cleaning later. My sister won’t mind at all since she said she doesn’t need to clean them, and it’s sort of a Roadhouse style anyway. The peanuts do go very well with cold beer.

Roadhouse Grill at Gurney Hotel, Penang
bbq onion burger, roadhouse burger, teriyaki chicken, black pepper chicken

I have tasted a few dishes here, the ribs, fish and chips, teriyaki chicken, and nachos. So far the dishes were all rather tasty, and the nachos really up to par with what I had when I was in the states. Plenty of cheese and actual Jalopeno peppers! The fish used for fish and chips are sourced at local markets (with the help of my mom), so I know they are actually fresh and not some stuff that are frozen for months.

Roadhouse Grill at Gurney Hotel, Penang
kid’s menu, endless peanuts, and my gang in Penang

Rest assure that quality control, as far as food goes, is pretty good in my family. My sister will not disappoint you with the dishes at the restaurant she is managing. The menu is pretty extensive, you can dishes from mouth watering burgers to juicy steaks to pizzas and pastas here. The interior resembles a cowboy bar and there are tables outdoor as well, a pretty nice set up.

map to Roadhouse Grill at Gurney Hotel, Penang
Roadhouse Grill is situated right at Gurney Hotel

Price wise, it is actually pretty reasonable. Entrees are from RM16.90 and there’s even kids menu (like the howlin hotdog on the picture for only RM5.90). Set lunch goes for RM 17++ with an entree, soup, coffee or tea. Pretty good deal for the quality of food served.

Give it a try!

18-G-E Persiaran Gurney,
10250 Penang

GPS: 5.430192, 100.318887
Tel: 04-370 1872

Discuss : KY eats – Roadhouse Grill at Gurney, Penang [Closed]

  1. Holy cow! 10% discount, right? Good enough for my folks. Okay! But who do I mention your blog to? The waiter? 😀

  2. Quickening,
    Mention it to my sister Mei Fang! 😀

  3. the bread is niceeeeeeeeeeeeee

  4. Roadhouse is teh good, bottomless ice lemon tea in a jar and chucking peanuts on the floor ftw!

  5. We didn’t know there’s Roadhouse Grill in Penang! Now that you mention it, because we’ve only tried the one in Jln Ampang. And of course the 10% disc…sounds good enuff. :p

  6. suggestion – make a logo/coupon, put it here, let people able to print, bring over and show. so it also works even if your sister is not there. yeah, u may say this is not environmental friendly.

  7. suanie,
    Yeah, best!

    Everyone loves to throw junks on the floor when we don’t need to clean it up. 😀

    Yeah, 10% is not a bad deal heh?

    My sister is always there tho. 7 days a week. hee-hee

  8. kimberlycun

    zomg BEST

  9. there was once a roadhouse grill in kuching too! i had my 1st job as a waitress there! lolz~
    but err… it closed down in about a yr. kuching ppl too kiam siap. hehe~

  10. The yeast roll looks very interesting.

  11. superweightkoalabear

    Roadhouse Grill rox… tried the one at 1utama, bangsar, bukit bintang, ampang… sadly only the last one remains… the rest tutup kedai… will make a mental note to try the one in Penang…!

  12. kimberlycun,

    ooo, that’s unfortunate.

    Yeah, it is very good.

    I didn’t know there were so many branches. They used to be under a different ownership I think.

  13. Wow, does your mom actually source the ingredients for the restaurant? That’s impressive…does that mean the discount we get actually represent the similar amount of stake you’re holding in that place? heehee

  14. Lalabeng,
    I hold exactly 0% of the stake. Hahahaa

  15. yeah….in rhg i am known as melisa. all staff are informed of the 10%. so..just say u read this from kyspeaks and u will be entitled.

  16. OIC, now i know where is the location!

    Looks yummy gonna try for it next round, hehe…

  17. My friends and I were the last customers, ever, at the Roadhouse Grill in Bangsar. That was about 10 years ago now. We were the last to leave the place on their last night of operations.

  18. melisa,
    why laa never use Mei Fang. 😛

    yah, give it a try!

    10 years ago I never step in a proper restaurant. :/

  19. superweightkoalabear

    suertes: go and try the one in ampang… u can park your ‘horses’ out at the parking lot.. heehaa!

    melisa: look out for us!

    ky: franchise duh…! similar like McD…

  20. superweightkoalabear,
    Actually just about as different as McD. There is no central supplies for ingredients nor tight control over the management style. This is sort of a free & easy version of franchising.

  21. Eh I went to RHG several times before and I even got the discount card (20%). But I believe I got the card probably BEFORE your sister took over the place. I wonder whether the card is still valid??

  22. iamthewitch,
    My sister should still honor the discount card. 😀

  23. may i know how is the pricing?

  24. notty,
    Pricing’s pretty reasonable. You can get a set lunch for less than RM 20. 😀

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  26. RHG good?

    PLEASE come on be honest….don’t becos ur sister is working there then promote with 10%!

    look @ the crowd…if the food is good n the price is right…how come it’s so empty?

    i went there once n never wanna go back…food quality was 3-4/10 only but kinda pricy

    prefer TGIF Queensbay or Chilis@Gurney plaza if wan similar kind of US makan 🙂

    Let’s enjoy yummy food!

  27. Hi, Had dinner at Road House Grill today. Ordered Grill Lamd chop,Deep Fried Mushroom & 15 Pieces of the bread!!.. First i had 3 pieces,it tasted awesome.Ordered 12 more to take away for all at home. Yes,not to forget we met Ms Mei Fang & a 10% discount was given! Food & service was good.Recommended to all 🙂

  28. supadupa,
    Food is a very personal thing, and there are people who love a busy place. The crowd mentality is very much psychological and there are restaurants who have to deal with this at the disadvantageous end.

    I’m glad you had a good experience. 😀

  29. Dont’ know bout the one in Penang, BUT the one in KL sucks bad time!!!
    Went in, got to find my own place and sat there for 10minutes. no one came to take any order. Wave at them they just show their open palm signalling wait. Even when we walk out no one noticed us. Went over to VS 1km away. Brought to our sitting, ordered in within 2 minutes food served within 10-15minutes. Thumbs up for their service!

  30. CL,
    Your experience is really terrible, hopefully they can pull their socks and do something about it.

  31. Nice blog! It is very details and with map. Thanks for sharing…

  32. carol,
    You’re welcome 😀

  33. I love the pizzas… especially the seafood pizza… better than some expensive italian restaurant.

    However recently they hired a band that was pretty lousy & LOUD! Our group cant even have proper after dinner conversation although we are seated outside.

    The lady singer sings pretty well, especially the jazzy songs but there is a 30-ish & short male singer who sang the faster songs out of tune and he doesnt have good vocals.

    If Roadhouse can get a better band; my friends and I will visit more often; coz we like to hang out for dinner and drinks at the same place on weekends.

  34. Foodi8e,
    glad you like the food. Maybe the band should go. LOL

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  36. Pg branch closed down? or relocate, can someone confirm?

  37. kel,
    I don’t think it’s closed!

  38. hi, im wondering is the MEIFANG (10% discount still valid for the food & bevarages??)
    is there any HAPPY HOURS on SUnday??
    if yes, how much is the beers & wat time the happy hours will end??

  39. spoon,
    Yes it’s still there! 😀

  40. I like the food very much,especially the nachos & Roadhouse Ribs! This month i go there for dinner twice already with my sister & niece.

  41. Jessim,
    great! 😀

  42. i going dinner at there tomorrow.. ur sis stil work at there? stil can enjoy 10% discount if i say i mention i had visit this blog?

  43. teow,
    it’s been 2 years so I’m not quite sure if the discount still works but you can always try 😀

  44. Hi Ky,

    I would like to use your comments at your blog to promote Mr Francis restaurant Roadhouse Grill penang,he mentioned you are friend?

    Can I use it to help promote in my company website at

    • Zurene: i’m sorry but that is sorta in clash with my arrangement with my agent. sorry.

  45. Hi KY, your sis Mei Fang no longer working there. How’s the food taste now? Anyone knows?

  46. Hi KY,
    Just wondering what happen to RoadHouse Ampang.
    Recently changed to Marcianos BUT since the past few week it was closed.
    Got any update??

  47. i was trying to call for reservation but couldn’t reach. Anyway that you can help me? I would like to book a table for two today.

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