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One of the other places we dined at during the trip to Seremban was this very nice looking restaurant called La Esquina, or “the corner” in Spanish. Naturally, it specialized in Spanish cuisine. The interior of this place is modern yet very cozy, it spots a full bar and has seating areas both in and outdoor. The first Spanish cuisine in Seremban is also probably the nicest decorated restaurant at Era Square.

La Esquina Spanish Restaurant
grilled asparagus wrapped in bacon

La Esquina doesn’t have a huge menu when it comes to food selection, they do, however, serve all sorts of drinks and a variety of tapas. As we were still half full from our very satisfying meal at Kensington, we only had some light dishes at this place.

La Esquina Spanish Restaurant
a full bar and a nicely decorated interior

The grilled asparagus wrapped in bacon slice was a pretty delicious dish. I mean, you can’t really go wrong with grilled asparagus and bacon. The bacon, however, is of the beef variety rather than the non-halal version from pork. Though I think the later might have jazzed up the taste just a tad more, the beef bacon wasn’t a bad substitute.

La Esquina Spanish Restaurant

We also had fresh button mushroom, mussel in white wine sauce, Spanish warm potato salad, and spicy chicken sausage. The tapas were served with slices of bread to go with the sauce that comes with it. I mentioned that the spicy chicken sausage isn’t exactly spicy for our taste, the owner Mr. Satwant explained that the level of spiciness in Spanish cuisine is a lot less than what we are accustomed to.

La Esquina Spanish Restaurant
basque crab casserole

The last dish served was not tapas, but the pretty unique basque crab casserole. Generous portion of crab meat and some other ingredients I can’t name were baked in flowery crab shells. This dish carries a slightly salty taste that I imagine would taste pretty well with some red wine.

map to era walk, seremban
La Esquina is located at Era Square

Tapas at La Esquina ranges from RM8 to RM15, the crab casserole goes for RM18 per pair.

No. 49, Jalan Era Walk 3,
Era Square
70200 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan

GPS: 2.725641,101.930938
06-768 7405

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  1. Thanks for the post, it bck up my opinion of La Esquina, this restaurant is a refreshing change for Seremban, quite unique, with good ambiance and very good Spanish food, and an excellent selection of beverages.
    I have eaten there with my family and would not hesitate to recommend it.

  2. Wahhh lately KY getting more and more classy and exotic liao….keep up the good work man!

  3. Mindful Mariner,

    I still have a lot of roadside adventures yet to post! Stay tuned! 😀

  4. the mussels in white sauce looks delish!

  5. I see this shop, I tot it is a pub, never know it is a spanish restaurant, will goto try it soon~

  6. DSvT,
    Hahahah great. 😀

  7. Yea~~ I also thought it was a pub. And I’m orang Seremban sumore.. *sheepishly* paiseh~~ DSvT, interested to go explore? ahaha.. but u belanja.. :p

    Thx for introducing~~ Found your website very helpful although Min Kok.. isnt too recommended for me~~ terrible service… Totally on my black list…

  8. Nicole,
    Hahhaa, belanja? If I go there you’re the host maa 😛

  9. Wah!! then I duwan to invite.. :p go myself better.. :p i very kiam siap~~ ahaha.. :p :p anyways, you’ve alr been there. No need to go twice~~ 😉

  10. Nicole,
    Hahah teruk! 😛

  11. I had very bad experience of service in this restaurant during my first visit with my gf on recent valentine day. We had waited almost 2 hrs to get food serve. The food serve is not fully cook (for the chicken) and we even cancelled dessert – ais cream that take almost 35 minutes to serve. Even the waiter take almost 20 minutes to give the bill for payment. I hope those ppl have not been this restaurant must think twice before visit this restaurant.

  12. law,
    Ah that’s horrible, did you complain?

  13. Yes, I’ve complaint few times but still no action and improvement. terrible restaurant. this also my first and last to be there. enough for my gf and me.

  14. Thought of suggesting this place to celebrate Mother’s Day (which we delayed to celebrate on 17/5/09) but not sure if the Spanish food are suitable for our taste bud or not. Never try Spanish food before. Are the taste more towards sour and creamy type? I can see they use a lot of cream from your pic above.

  15. law,
    That sucks. O.o

    Yah, Spanish food is kinda different, a bit more creamy, true.

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