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Are you traveling by long haul bus this CNY?

I am sure by now most of you have heard about the terrible tragedy that claimed the lives of another

KY eats – Dim Sum at Min Kok, Seremban

One of the eating places I visited at Seremban during the trip was Min Kok, probably the biggest Chinese restaurant

KY parties – Trilogy Bistro at Era Square, Seremban

Yes, you read it right, I partied at Seremban! Who would have taught there’s a decent party place outside KL

KY’s on the Star Metro!

Kimberly the cun was the cover girl on the Star’s RAGE yesterday. Coincidentally, yours truly was mentioned in the Metro

KY eats – Kensington Western Restaurant at Era Square, Seremban

A couple weekends ago Suanie, Nicholas, and I arranged a trip down to Seremban to lepak a bit at Era

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