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I am sure by now most of you have heard about the terrible tragedy that claimed the lives of another three innocent passenger. The bus driver involved had previously been summoned 13 times, but was still driving for the bus company Konsortium when the accident happened. How that guy managed to pass through the supposed safety net our government set up after last year’s horrific bus accident is beyond me.

This incident is significant to all of us, I am sure you or someone you are close with travels by long haul bus in this country. My brother routinely uses the bus service to move between his university in Kelantan and Penang, my home town. This CNY, my mother and brother will be traveling from Penang to KL via bus as well.

Friends of Nian Ning, one of the victim, thinks that enough is enough, and set up a petition online to plead the ministry of transportation to take actions to ensure that tragedy like this do not repeat itself.

I have signed the petition, it is the least I can do, shouldn’t you?

Discuss : Are you traveling by long haul bus this CNY?

  1. May God bless the deceased.


  2. Dabido (Kiwifruit)

    I read about the accident on a few other blogs [primarily Jolene’s]. It’s very sad.
    If it happened in Australia, the bus company would have been strung up by the balls.

  3. thank you KY:) Thanks for highlighting it here too!

  4. nian ning was winsern’s fren. also just spoken to mom a day before the crash. how sad…everybody at CSC was shocked by this.

  5. Dabido,
    Lets hope they’ll do something about this here.

    You’re welcome.

    wah, this is a lot closer to home than I thought.

  6. Please come for Nian Ning’s memorial. see blog for more details! Please help to publicize it too. We want to get the media’s attention

  7. Anthony Khong

    There is no excuse for such a careless approached by the Consortium Bus Company. Its license and any government subsidy (if any) should be withdrawn. Victims can sue the driver / company for negligence or claim compensation from their public libility insurance. An example has got to be set to prevent future repeat of such accident.

  8. indeed i was quite shocked when i came to know about the tragedy from my mum through the phone. and its sad to see such a horrible thing happened to such a smart and talented girl. heartfelt condolence and deepest sympathy to the family for the sudden demise of this beautiful young girl.

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