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One of the eating places I visited at Seremban during the trip was Min Kok, probably the biggest Chinese restaurant in all of Negeri Sembilan. The massive restaurant sits right next to the main commercial center of Era Square (from Era Baru, nearby Terminal 2), can host over 150 tables, and even have a website!

Min Kok Restaurant, Era Square, Seremban
KY, Captain Sam, Owner Joan, Ringo, Nicholas

A group of us arrived at Min Kok on Sunday morning for their famous dim sum and was greeted by Sam, the Captain who has been in the restaurant industry since before I graduate from primary school. The owner, Joan Chong (seated center in the photo above) is actually just a couple years older than me, a very capable lady who also won the Bursa Pursuit Challenge last year and walked away with RM 100,000 prize money, not to mention owning this huge restaurant. But never mind, I shall console myself with the fact that I own this blog…

Min Kok Restaurant, Era Square, Seremban
Restaurant Min Kok Sdn Bhd

Anyway, lets get back to the more relevant important bit.

Sam told us that a typical morning at Min Kok starts very early, the chefs and kitchen helpers come in at around 4am to start preparing the food as they want to have their dim sum fresh and not left overnight. Some 40-50 serving staffs come in at around 6 something, and usually, there are already customers waiting at the door.

Min Kok Restaurant, Era Square, Seremban
check out the scallop dim sum!

We were served quite a variety of their offering. The steamed dim sum were fresh and tasted very good, I particularly love the scallop dim sum, very luxurious and actually quite hard to find else where. The prawn dim sum, stuffed chili, and ribs were all rather delicious too. We had about a dozen types in all.

Min Kok Restaurant, Era Square, Seremban
porridge, siu pao, egg tart, fried carrot cake

Other than the steamed dim sum, we also had some fried snacks, porridge, fried carrot cake, chee cheong fun, egg tart, and Min Kok’s version of the famous Seremban siu pao. I gotta say I was quite impressed with the quality of food there. The siu pao was actually so good I had to dedicate a picture just for it.

Min Kok Restaurant, Era Square, Seremban
the yummy Seremban siu pao

As for price, the dim sum goes from RM 2.00 (porridge) to RM 5.00 (the scallop), very reasonable especially if you factor in the fact that this place is fully air conditioned, and has plenty of staff to keep a good service level. Which explains why this place is always packed despite having over a hundred tables for the morning crowd.

map to Min Kok at Era Square, Seremban
map to Min Kok at Era Square

No 7645, Lot 5990,
Jalan Labu Lama, (Terminal 2),
70200 Seremban,
Negeri Sembilan

Tel: 06-761 8458

Discuss : KY eats – Dim Sum at Min Kok, Seremban

  1. I love dim sum….

  2. i like the prawn one.. but hard to find 100% without pork. hehhe .. fuh

  3. OMG, Siu Pau!

  4. the place does serve some great dim sum !! and you din try the beef noodle and hakka mee ?? just a 5 minute drive away only !! would love to play guest to you guys next time !!

  5. i heart dim sum

  6. dreckker,
    have it daily!

    superhero W,
    for those without pork, mostly available at hotels only

    yah, best!

    you mean play host? 😀

    but you almost never wake up early enough for dim sum

  7. I have been to Min Kok! But wedding dinner, food so so only

  8. Best beef noodles is in Pasar Seremban and Hakka Mee is near May Bank. ABC that located behind seremban “Old Store” also not bad, nice to eat during hot hot weather. If u want some special dishes I can recommend you to a restaurant called 兴化 just beside 中华鱼翅酒家 in Temiang,Seremban.

  9. I just read the topmost warning label in your blog.


    Why not you add: This blog may cause damage to your keyboard and monitor.

    Well, if you start drooling, the keyboard will go sot. Then, if you cannot tahan, you start licking the monitor. Monitor rosak.


  10. I was at Min Kok last CNY for lunch (good, but not that fantastic)…but now will have to make another trip there JUST for the dim sum…*lou hou sui*

  11. ooo … massive dim sum restaurant..

    btw off topic.. i seem to be in the same travel group to Shanghai wit captain sam before 😀

  12. What a pretty and young looking owner..!

  13. The dim sum is pretty ok, considering that its the only place in Seremban that you can have affordable plus eatable dim sum and a air-conditioned environment.

    The service? Sucks major monkey ass IMHO. Maybe you guys have special VIP service due to the write-up, but its a well-known fact around town that their service need some massive improvement.

  14. Just wondering whether you can join the force in recent bus crash? Thank you.

  15. skyler,
    wedding dinner usually very hard to judge a place’s food I think.


    hahaha, sit further away from keyboard ok.

    eat more, yeah! it’s good for health 😀

    small world huh

    Mama Bok,
    call and date her then. LOL

    good that you mention the service is lacking, perhaps the owner should look into it.

    let me read about it. 🙂

  16. I agree with Z…their service could be better.

    Yet I still go there when I want dim sum. Aih!

    I’ve only been to EraWalk ONCE. To look see. And that was it. So much for being from Seremban. Pfft. I read much more about it from Ringo and other people’s blog…and now yours. *haha*

  17. never know you already come to Min Kok~

    A good restaurant for Dim Sum and for wedding dinner too~ Mainly due to easy find parking at there~

  18. FeR,
    Hahhaa you should go there more often then.

    Yeah, parking is a brisk there. 🙂

  19. Hi KY!
    Welcome to my place – Seremban 🙂

  20. JC,
    Thank you for having us! 😀

  21. The food isnt too great, IMO. And the service. The worst I’ve ever had. Had to keep getting their attention for food, tea (mind you, we came early and it wasnt packed, YET). My family went in, sat down. Waited quite some time only got ppl serve us. and that was they serve us with unhappy attitude. As mentioned before, alr black listed this place for dimsum.

  22. Nicole,
    Woo, sorry to hear about your experience. Ours was certainly different though.

  23. Sure la~~ you’re the blogger that was on newspaper.. ahaha.. sumore the lenglui owner was there. Did you think the service will still be bad? 😉

  24. Nicole,
    Haha well, you have a point. Paiseh paiseh

  25. Hey, found your website while searching for restaurant to celebrate Mother’s day. I know it is a bit late, but we did not manage to celebrate on the actual date and therefore, going to celebrate this coming 17/5/09. Btw, the Min Kok dim sum are really GOOD! I like the egg tart. Even it is packed with people, you just got to wait a short while and you will get a place. Sometimes service are bad, but for the food, I think still worth it!

  26. mnhl,
    Yahh the egg tart is excellent. 😀

  27. Chee Yean Packer

    I agree with the people who wrote in about the bad service, and the food is not that great. Usually, when it is such a big establishment, it is hard to keep the food consistent. But, that’s how things go in Seremban. When they first open, everything is wonderful. Sometime down the road, everything starts falling apart. The key to a successful restaurant is small place, good food consistency, great service and a changing menu.

  28. Chee Yean Packer,
    Couldn’t agree more, it is very difficult to give a big place the consistency and oversight like you can with a smaller place.

  29. Wow….Sam is the old captain, should be very experience, but sorry to say we face a very bad service from him which spoilt our mood in the morning.
    It was on Sunday morning, myself and family plan to have a great breakfast but we was serve with some sour sotong balls and ‘fu pei” skin dim sum.
    Actually we do not expect anything but just to remind him to be careful and check again on the food. He straight away argue and said that everything is fresh in a very bad manner. What do u mean by everythng is fresh??? 100% meat bought in the morning itself?? 100% all freshly make on that morning itself??
    NOPE rite, all also pre prepare and kept in fridge….How sure he is EVERYTHING IS FRESH???? Which human never make mistake????As a professional staff should handle this kind of matter profesionally, where he should apologize to customers at first, and thanks for the customers feedback.
    Myself also work in service line, which very understand service staff feelings…..will always keep the fussyness to minimum….but bcos of his rudeness, we never return to MIN KOK for dimsum again even it is the best dimsum in town…..I never blame that we was serve with such food, bcos sometime food keep in fridge nobody will know the status of the food till the person who consume it, but as a staff never never argue with your customer bcos u will never dare to try again on the food which been chewed by the person who inform u on the taste….

  30. Aimee, one more thing SAM + 1 skinny captain (lady) serving ppl who only well dress….MIN KOK MGNT SHOULD PUT SOME NOTE AT THE ENTRANCE – Our Staff will only serve well dress customer….hahaha
    We can consider twice a month will have bfast over there after jogging…
    Sam + 1 skinny captain (lady) will assume never see us even we keep on waving our hand, mayb bcos we r all in short pants + T-shirt……
    We can step in the restaurant which mean we able to pay the bill, do not need to be so action…..Anyway we also never go there for bfast anymore, the “LONG SHEN” at nilai serve better…..Imagine we rather drive from seremban to nilai just for DIMSUM, how poor service we had fr MIN KOK….

    • Jane: yah that’s another problem many service industry people have in this country.. very sien.

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