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Back in my high school days, I had to cycle everyday from Tanjung Tokong to Ayer Itam. It was a long way, and I was the one who cycles the longest distance compared to the few hundred other poor high school kids who had to use human power to go to classes.

Being a true Malaysian, I never waited behind cars at a traffic light when I cycle. I would zigzag my way to the front of the line so to minimize my already long and tiring commute. People still do this with motorbikes and Kancils…

One day, while I was happily zigzagging my way through the stationary cars, I accidentally hit the side view mirror of a Proton car. However, instead of apologizing to the owner and risk having to pay for any potential damages, I ignored it and quickly paddle away from the car and resume my journey hastily.

KY cycling hitting side view mirror

Luckily, I was able to shake off the car and reached home without any trouble. *phew*

And then at the dinner table that night, my late dad suddenly talked to me:

“Why did you hit my car and then just ran away hah?”

Why didn’t I have such luck in buying 4Ds instead????

Discuss : KY – the day I hit a side view mirror with my bicycle

  1. Damn, that’s a spooky coincidence!

    So… did you end up paying for it anyway (pocket money deduction, etc)?

  2. Azmeen,
    hahaha, luckily the old Proton tahan lasak, no damages! 😀

  3. wow…so “un”lucky ar, Ky. Dunno I should be saying you’re lucky because you hit your dad’s car or you’re UNlucky because you hit your dad’s car. Haha.. dunno if you get what I mean.. :p

  4. lol. he’s drawing again!

    anywho, that’ll teach u for being a hit-and-run road user.. it will always come back to you…

  5. twosuperheroes,
    I totally get what you mean. hahaha

    hehehe, yeah, but this time I had to use GIMP, not so familiar with it and hence the quality of the drawing…

  6. Dabido (Passionfruit)

    Um … I seem to remember you posting this story once before. [Does that show my age, or just how long I’ve been reading your blog?] 😀

  7. Hehehe hey at least you tried drawing with gimp.. while it maybe a good app to have but i really dislike it.

    and lol, yeah la see what happens.. karma will come around to u.

  8. Dabido,
    I told you this story when you were here. Now that’s the age showing. hehehe

    karma is a bitch! 😛

  9. HAhahahahahahahh!

  10. but thena gain, cycling from tanjung tokong to ayer itam ISSSS totally far man!!!

  11. Dabido (Passionfruit)

    KY – Nope. You didn’t tell me when i was in KL. It was on your blog before … and here is the link 🙂

  12. Dabido (Kiwifruit)

    Woops, I forgot to change the fruit I was. lol

  13. tg tokong to ayer itam.. really a long way.. can’t imagine.. u were quite lucky to hit your dad’s car.. that’s why he didn’t chase u.. coz no matter how u stayed at HIS HOUSE!!

  14. Lingy,
    Yeah, a long way indeed.

    ahhh, your searching skill is better than mine! 😛

  15. how come u never recognise the car?

  16. Suanie : cause it’s a Proton Wira and quite heck a lot of people drive one? Besides, I think he least expect that the owner would be his dad, lol.

  17. suanie,
    Asyraf is right, but it was a Proton Saga, not a Wira. Wira wasn’t invented yet at the time. 😀

  18. Hahahahahhaha you complete and utter n00b

  19. really KY – why u didnt strike 4D instead? gimme your dad car number. 😛

  20. Aiyo, i keep seeing u just now at youth08, and i keep wondering this person looks so familiar, siapa ah…. now i remember !!!!

  21. Did you explain what happened after you dad made that inquiry?

    Haha, by the way. Hi. =D

  22. hey, we met yesterday. dunno if u still remember me =p
    how could u not recognize your own dads car! lol!

  23. hahahahaha KY next time dont hit and run!!

  24. Jes,
    Hehehe, why never say hi?

    He knew why lah..

    Nice to meet you too, so many people yesterday.

    no more next time. 😛

  25. paiseh la.. u know macam sangat kenal in blogsphere but in reality feel like stranger !! i will try harder next time 😛


  27. hahaha, funny.

  28. Malaysia Classifieds

    Ha, ha, ha…
    Good one!
    I like your site…

  29. Kakakaa kakajhahaha hahaha ahahahhaaaa :mrgreen:

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