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2007 came and went, what did you do to mark the occasion? BBQ? Dinner with family? Party? Thanks to Kim, I got myself a couple tickets to the MidZone Countdown 2008 to dance silly a bit and enjoy some fireworks watching the clock ticks from 23:59:59 31/12/2007 to 00:00:00 1/1/2008.

Midzone Countdown New Year Eve 2007
admiring the fireworks

We got there at around 9 something with surprisingly smooth traffic along the federal highway. I guess these days the party crowds are distributed at several locations such as the area around Curve, Mid Valley, and KL, making the travel to the city a lot more desirable during this time of the year. Among our group we had the hot chick, our friend Dabido all the way from Australia, Suanie, ST, Kim, TBG, Skyler, Esther, Jen, Rachel, Simon, Ed, Jack, kukujiao, and a couple other people whose name escapes me right now.

Midzone Countdown New Year Eve 2007
hot chick, ST, Dabido, Rachel, and Skyler

We got our party packs and gathered around the media reserved area (which was a blessing when it started to drizzle). The crowd builds up as it drew closer to midnight. DJs were spinning some pretty good tracks and you can see bodies started to move. Rachel was especially gungho dancing the whole night like a wild dog let loose.

Midzone Countdown New Year Eve 2007
fireworks and the fan fair

Then came a bunch of chicks wearing skimpy cloths dancing on the stage to spice things up further. But the show of the day has got to go to the laser lady with her funky disco ball outfit that reflects laser light making her look like an electrified Jason, it was awesome. I think the crowd probably snapped at least 50 GB worth of jpeg on her alone.

Midzone Countdown New Year Eve 2007
the party and the laser lady

By the stroke of midnight, Serena C kicked off the fireworks that lasted at least a good 15 minutes, it was pretty cool as the explosions were actually so close to us it hits the buildings on several occasions. I got a stiff neck to start off 2008 from the fireworks.

We left at about 1+, like suan said, cannot party as much anymore since she’s old already. We then tried to have supper at A&W but it turned out to be a futile attempt to find a parking spot nearby. Had our stomach filled at SS2 mamak instead before heading home.

Discuss : KY parties – Midzone New Year Eve Countdown 2008

  1. MidZone was great 🙂

  2. Dabido (Papaya)

    lol Suan complaining she is old. I partied till it was 3AM. I was the oldest. lol 😀

    Was a great night. I laughed when the fireworks hit the building. lol I thought maybe they had been misaligned and were supposed to go over the building. lol

  3. I think it might be on purpose, to get the reflective effect.

  4. I don’t know, looks pretty dangerous to me.

  5. “Rachel was especially gungho dancing the whole night like a wild dog let loose.” – KY

    Wat u meant?! WTF is “gungho”?? Hello is New Year… I’m enjoying myself with the music (tho it was just so so). Haha…Work hard, Party hard ma =)

  6. Dabido (Lychee)

    I agree with KY. Could be dangerous. If the glass pane broke they would have had an office building on fire.

    Rachel – Gungho means to be rather full on excited, full of exhuberance, partying hard.

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