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Back in my high school days, there were no such thing as affordable mobile phones. If you were a highly connected person, you’d have a pager. Everyone uses the public phones and household land lines for across the wire communications. That was the glorious days of anonymous calling when caller-id was yet to be invented.

Just like any methods of communication, anonymity breeds evil out of teenagers, and we indulged ourselves in phone pranks for cheap thrills.

One day, someone thought that it’d be funny to make calls, introduce ourself as a fruit who looks for another. It goes something like this (usually in Hokkien too)

Us: Hello I am durian, may I speak to rambutan?
Answer: huh? what?
Us: Durian looking for rambutan lah, is he in?
Answer: ????


Us: Hi I am orange, can I talk to apple ah?
Answer: what?
Us: Orange here, I want to speak to apple
Answer: ????

I would kill to see the reaction of the people who picks up the phone, their dumb founded voice was already priceless. We would do this at a public phone until our coins run out.

There was this time when one of my buddies dialed a number and then handed it to my pal Beh as it was his turn to do the talking. The conversation went like this:

Beh: Hello I am durian, can I speak to Apple?
Answer: What? Who do you want to look for?
Beh: I am durian lah..
Answer: ???
Beh then suddenly realized something, hung up, and started cursing shit shit shit.

Well, that other buddy had call Beh’s house and it was his father who picked up. Hahhahaha. The poor dude was actually worried for the whole day too.

So what kinda stupid phone prank stories do you have?

Discuss : KY – Phone pranks before the mobile phone era

  1. nice pranks.. what i used to do is call the house, and when someone picks up, i’d say “hello, nak cakap dengan siapa?” hehhehe..

    some will argue, u call this house, what is this?? blah blah blah..

    it was funny as hell. maybe you should try it?

  2. I have a good one! I used to pretend to be a ghost(yea sick stuff) and call up random numbers at midnight to scare people, end up this guy ask me for 4d number. =.=

  3. Dabido (Rambutan)

    I am sure Beh’s father would have been Okay if Beh just explained that it was a joke. 🙂
    He might have been able to say it was a new nickname they were trying out. 🙂

  4. Lol… haven’t got any experience of such prank calls before except that the person on the other end kept quiet.

  5. davidlian

    LoL! I miss the good ol’ payphone. Now we’re so spoilt by the little pockety phones we carry around. People back in my day used to walk 1 km plus to get to their nearest payphone.

  6. you evil man 😛

  7. Pah,
    got caller Id now laa.. susah. 😛

    you are sick! hahaha

    Do you want a new fruit name too?

    Try it today!

    Yeah, good old days.

    Just slightly less than you, suan.

  8. nyehnyeh.. the good ol days b4 caller id.

    did something like that whilst in boarding school – obviously we were seniors then, so boleh conquer the public phone @ junior’s academic building.

    tho my frens mentioned random malay male names and introduced ourselves with random malay female names – complete with manja tone.

    most of the time, nobody with the random name exists in the household.

    we finally stopped when got hold of one lady who became absolutely pissed – apparently the john doe we were ‘looking’ for is her husband

  9. i remember a few times when me and a group of friends were staying out late when we decided to do a prank call.. This guy decided to call a girl he fancied.. of course this girl doesn’t even know who he is .. when phone was picked up he just said “cannot sleep” hehe

  10. Ohhhhhhhhhh!!! so it was you!!! Lol. kidding kidding.

  11. We still have pagers in use…and always kena pranked by our collegues with the messages…

    azrin @

  12. Dabido (Giant Banana)

    Nah, Don’t want to confuse people with all my other nicknames! 😀

  13. Hmm, maybe I should write about this as well. We used my uncle’s handphone (company foots the bills) and call up random kampung houses reminding people to go to the toilet.

  14. Hahaha I keep reading “durian looking for rambutan ” to myself and bursting out laughing

  15. I once called up a chick and introduced myself as her secret admirer (never seen her before, supposed to be a prank, a friend’s idea)

    After a few calls, I actually dated her and she turned out to be a ultra fucking hot bimbo.

  16. crunchasaurus rex

    Hehehe!! that would be funny.. to see their faces.. 😉 never thought of that.. 😉 i think i might just use it.. on the “ang mohs” here.. muahhaha!!

  17. ky… do this…

    call a person, when the person picks up the call.. ask them this

    1. who you looking for?
    2. why u call here?


  18. Your friend sounds familiar. Is he the one wearing specs, thin with big head, with a daughter now? 🙂

  19. You’re so bad, KY…tsk tsk tsk.. :p

    But at least you’re better than a friend of mine..she once got so sick of picking up all the wrong number calls..she would actually get back at them with “Hello. Ini rumah mayat Hospital Melaka. Nak cari siapa?”

    Haha. You can imagine how stunned the caller was. :p

  20. Wow, those were the days when we all, especially you, have nothing else to do. LOL…

  21. This is how people must have the inspiration to make the annoying orange..go go talking fruits

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