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First of all, I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year. In greeting the very auspicious 2008, lets do a recap on what I have done in my life and in this blog through 2007.

  • 152 new posts in all category
  • 88 new posts under the “KY eats” category
  • 356,630 unique hits according to site meter, averaged just over 977 hits per day
  • 624,300 page views, translates to 1.75 page per visit

2007 is also a year of freebies, I had free passes to quite a number of parties. Including the Midzone NYE countdown, Speedzone Tour 2007, and most notably, the Dionne Warwick Live & Loud Concert (Thanks Suan!). There were also quite a few free movie tickets and a couple invitations to movie premiers as well. Of course, there was also the 3 crates of free Tuborg beer for the X’mas Party.

kyspeaks at Ah Foong bak kut teh
my post plastered on ah foong bak kut teh!

As the food entries kept piling up, I saw my blog post being printed and plastered on Ah Foong Bak Kut Teh at Sunway. I was also spotted by the boss of the famous Char Siew and Hakka Noodle place at Aman Suria got a some extra Char Siew and fish ball thrown in from the house. The other restaurants that spotted me were Kangsane Korean restaurant and Hokano Japanese Restaurant, they threw in some extra freebies when I went there. Thanks!

I joined the local blog advertisement network Nuffnang in the beginning of the year when it was launched. So other than freebies, I actually made quite a decent amount of lunch money from this space itself, more money for good food, nice. This blog advertising stuff really works, a win-win situation for blogger and advertisers alike.

2007 is also the year I left my previous company where I spent no less than 3.5 years of my career life. It was difficult to bid farewell to my ex-colleagues and clients whom treated me like good friends. This also signaled the end of the days of traveling to Vietnam, Myanmar, and various regions in Malaysia for work. I must especially thank the hosts of those places who treated me so well when I was a visitor.

On food, I had my first taste of foie gras at Zipangu and later Cilantro restaurant. It was every bit as good as advertised. The other more notable (or memorable) dining experience includes the Char Siew place I mentioned earlier, and the bee’s pupa I had in Vietnam.

Though no long distance vacation, I did have a very good day trip with the gang to the Chiling Falls, and I have something planned for 2008 as far as traveling is concerned.

Thankfully, all my family members and friends are in good health. 2007 turned out to be a pretty good year, and I sure hope 2008 would be more of the same, and maybe better! How was your year?

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  1. Lyrical Lemongrass

    That’s quite some accomplishment! Happy 2008, KY!

  2. Happy New Year to you too!

  3. Been reading your blog for quite sometime now. Love those “artistic” maps and the humourous lines…keep ’em coming! happy new year, dude!

  4. Pocket Anne

    Seems like 2007 has been a great year for you, hoping 2008 will be even better. Happy New Year.. and yes i’m still alive.

  5. I had a pretty good year .. KY.. ! and a very happy new year to you and yours..! good health…and best wishes.. for the new year.

  6. Hope 2008 will be another great year for 😉

  7. ky rox my sox

  8. WOW..such great achievements, KY..nice to be recognised everywhere you go and have extra ingredients thrown in for free rite??? Hahah..Yeah, 2008 will definitely be an even bigger and better year for all of us. Fingers crossed. :p

  9. Dabido (Teflon)

    And you met Dabido in person! 😀

    Looking forward to you coming to Aussie … of course, lookin forward to seeing you again before I leave as well. 😀

  10. Thanks thanks for your kind comments. 😀

    definitely! I also met Becki who’s from Aussie as well.

  11. Precious Pea

    Happy New Year to you and may your new year full of even more good food and great excitement.

  12. looking forward to more food posts and progress reports on the koi.
    i’m really wow-ed by the koi pond initiative

  13. KY,

    Am a silent reader for your site, my dad like most of the place u recommend. 🙂 I have to browse this site to get inspirations and plan weekend dinner with my family.

    Oh yea! Thanks for all the creative map!

    You have a GANG-HO 2008!

  14. Great list of accomplishments!:D
    Wishing you a GREAT year ahead!:)

  15. Precious Pea,
    Happy new year to you too!

    Kois are big, fat, and healthy

    Thanks for the compliments, do comment more 😀

    Have a great year ahead to you too

  16. Asni Ali (ex-colleague)

    Oi pakcik! I didnt realize you left the company until today (blamed on the mailbox migration). Sorry i wasnt there to wish you a proper goodbye as i was absent from the office from Nov 14 – Jan 7.

    Gonna miss you buddy but i’m glad you still love eating. Hope you have a prosperous year n career! keep in touch.

  17. Asni,
    OoOo, you were at Bangi bah.. 😀

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