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Tien Kee (田记) is becoming one of my favorite comfort food places ever since Kelvin brought me there after one of our badminton sessions. Traditional and true to the origin Teow Chew and Hakka food with reasonable price in a comfortable surrounding, I can’t really ask for more.

Tien Kee at Subang Jaya SS14
air conditioned restaurant with traditional food

The restaurant has a very simple one-page menu that lays out everything they serve. While not very extensive, you do get quite a selection of traditional Teow Chew and Hakka food. There are a few choices of Soup dishes ranging from Grouper, Pomphret, and Saito fish to pork and bitter gourd. Other than that, they have abacus (客家算盘子), soon kueh (客家笋糕), otak-otak, pork with yam (芋头扣肉), and pork knuckle with vinger (猪脚醋)as well.

Tien Kee at Subang Jaya SS14
long bean rice, fish soup, and noodle soup

I have been actually been to this place 4-5 times ever since first stepped foot in it less than a month ago. This is from someone who usually don’t visit the same place twice in the same week.

I’ve had the soup dishes, tried the abacus, otak-otak, pork dishes, and soon kueh. So far I could say that none of the dishes disappoint. The soup dishes were very subtle and goes down easy with either white rice, if you are slightly more adventurous, there are long bean rice and yam rice too.

Tien Kee at Subang Jaya SS14
soon kueh, pork knuckle with vinegar, otak-otak, and abacus

The soon kueh is a type of dumpling look-alike that is stuffed with dried shrimps, bamboo shoots, fungus, and minced meat. You should really try this out as there aren’t many places that serve this the way it’s supposed to be. Surprisingly, the otak-otak was rather good too, and the other dishes were equally up to the task in satisfying taste buds.

Tien Kee at Subang Jaya SS14
Tien Kee is situated just a short drive away from Subang’s Colleges

The soup dishes are priced from RM 5 to RM 15 while the other side dishes range from RM 2.20 to RM 7. A pretty good value for some very good old fashion cuisine. You don’t need to confine yourself to having porridge when you are looking for some comfort food.

No. 94, Jalan SS14/1,
47500 Subang Jaya,

GPS: 3.066681, 101.586370
Tel: 012-232 0028, 012-373 2262

Discuss : KY eats – Teow Chew Soup and Hakka Soon Kueh at Tien Kee (田记), Subang SS14

  1. you were in subang and you never call meeeee

  2. Reta,
    I’m in Subang almost every Sunday! And now I’m gonna be very near Subang every workday.

  3. kimberlycun

    i wanna eat thereeeeeee…me loveeeeee abacus!! got lui cha or not?

  4. kimberlycun

    now that i no longer work in subang and u move to work there -_-

  5. i miss those abacus !! sedap gilo

    but how come you cipek, in my area never buzz me

  6. uh friend… got big error… this is TEOCHEW soup. the abacus is hakka… but the soup is teochew.

  7. kimberlycun,
    You can still come find me for makan!

    I went there at the time when you would have been still sleeping.

    oOO corrected. 😀

  8. looks good man!!!

  9. Hi, Thanks for the recommendation of Tien Kee. I enjoyed the Soon Kueh. Have you tried the Otak-otak in Nyonya Restaurant in SS2? It’s cheaper and nicer – my personal opinion. Can taste more fish inside. Other than the Otak-Otak, the traditional nyonya food is nice. Paku-pakis. Beef Rendang. Prawns in Coconut is my favorite. The shop is not inside the SS2 Square area. It’s the same row as Sri Siam Restaurant.

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  11. this one ady move to taipan liau.. but don know the exact location.. 🙁

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