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Less than 2 weeks ago, Suan organized a day trip for us, and specifically for the hot chick to the Chiling Falls. This waterfall that is sitauted less than an hour’s drive away from PJ is listed as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Selangor. Together with ST, Kim, and FA, we had a great time two Thursdays ago.

More pictures at my flickr set

Chinese Temple, guardian lion
the guardian lion, temple at Rawang

We engaged a guide for this tour, which turned out to be an excellent decision as our guide, Yen, turned out to be very good at what he is doing. After meeting at PJ, we drove to Rawang and first stopped by a Buddhist temple for some prayers and photography opportunity.

Buddhist Temple at Rawang, Selangor
Buddhist Temple

After that we stopped by the small town of Kuala Kubu Bharu for a heavier breakfast before proceeding with the journey. The small town reminded me of the Penang of yesteryears, very peaceful and simple. We had some really good wantan mee there.

Just before heading to the waterfalls, we also stopped by the Selangor Dam.

Kuala Kubu Bharu
stopped by Kuala Kubu Bharu for breakfast

The Chiling Falls is actually located quite deep inside the jungle. To reach there, we had to track the jungle for over an hour through pretty thick growth in the jungle.

walking the jungle track
jungle tracking for over an hour

The trail was pretty challenging, we had to cross the river on 5 occasions and the water could be up to chest high. Luckily our guide is very experienced and came prepared with safety ropes. I had to pack the camera in waterproof plastic bag, and hence denied the opportunity to captured some of the more interesting moments whilst crossing the river. It was quite an experience.

crossing the river
hot chick crossing the river

The river falls under government protection and absolutely no fishing is allowed. The river is actually packed with a lot of native fresh water fish that are absolutely fearless to human. We fed them with some bread Yen brought with him.

The guide was a lot more prepared than I thought, he actually had a stove set and made some hot drinks for us from boiling the water from Chiling river. I made a joke that it would be perfect if he had a hammock as well, and to my utter disbelieve, he ACTUALLY have a hammock with him (sans the ropes to tie it around the trees)!

fish feeding at chiling falls
feeding the fish with FA

After hanging out at the main waterfall for over an hour, it was time to make the return journey. On the way back FA actually lost her shoes in the rapids and had to walk over half an hour barefoot. The guide also picked up some trash (such as broken shoes) that were left from the other irresponsible tourists. We then had a very late lunch at Ulu Yam before returning home dead tired.

Chiling Falls, Selangor
The magnificent chiling falls

It was quite an adventurous trip and certainly a very enjoyable one. Perfect for a weekend getaway that does not involve going to the shopping malls. Yen can be contacted at happyyen at or 017369 7831. He charges RM180 for a group of 2 to 8 person and will supply more guide if you have a bigger group.

A few weeks ago, David asked if I would like to play with a couple Nokia XpressMusic phones for review. Being somewhat a gadget junky, I take up the offer without any hesitation. He assured me that these stuff come in fantastic “review” package that will impress anyone.

Instead of a paper bag or cardboard box with phones inside, what I received was this mysterious looking briefcase with a very subtle Nokia logo on it. I thought it look more like those used by drug dealers carrying huge amount of cash instead, certainly makes me look a lot more cool than (I already am) if I were to carry this thing and walk around 1-U or something.

nokia xpressmusic 5610 5310
the mysterious briefcase

Inside the briefcase were two pretty cool looking phones, the Nokia 5610 and 5310 in slide and candy bar format. A set of very impressive Panasonic headphones, an Altec Lansing inMotion portable speaker, and the very neat JBL portable sound station for 5310 were included.

nokia xpressmusic 5610 5310
the impressive package design containing the two XpressMusic phones

The package looks great and all, but I was still very skeptical. I mean, what good are these tiny speakers compared with a traditional hifi system or even a boombox? And then I boot up the phones and hook it up to the speakers.

The very small Altec Lansing was actually very impressive, it doesn’t even come with battery and only draws power from the phones yet still able to produce very quality sound to reasonable volume. I can totally see this as a very compact solution for going to picnic or even listening to music in a hotel room when you’re travelling, a very portable solution. In fact, I would buy this now if I know where to find it! (I’ve searched the website to no avail, maybe I should tell David the dog ate it)

nokia xpressmusic 5610 5310
Nokia 5610 and Nokia 5310

The sleek 5310 and the JBL portable sound station combination is just perfect for someone who wants an uncomplicated phone with great music ability. Put the phone on the station and it instantly become both a charger and an impressive boombox solution, and I assume, a very good alarm clock that will surely wake you up in this morning. The station can be made portable by using AA batteries too. This baby can go pretty loud as well.

nokia xpressmusic 5610 5310, JBL portable sound station
I love the 5310’s JBL Portable sound station

I shall not need to repeat the specs of these phones as you can easily find here: Nokia 5610, Nokia 5310. Both are Series40 phones that has a camera, cool design, and very great music functionality. I think they are reasonably priced too, my ex-colleague just bought the 5310 a month ago and is very happy about his phone, kept showing it off (especially to impress girls)

Merry X’mas to everyone! The 4th X’mas Eve Party we had last night was awesome, I want to thank everyone for coming, and for the few who didn’t manage to make it (eg. my hot chick), hopefully we’ll do it again next year. I hope that everyone had fun and enjoyed the party, if I wasn’t a good host, please file your complains elsewhere cos I’m not gonna give a crap. 😀

There are more photos on my facebook album and flickr set

KY Xmas Eve Party 2007
Gerald, Suan; Kim, KY
Chan, Huey Fang; Alicia, Su Li, Mohan

Like the previous year, we have the regulars and some newcomers. Lets see if I manage to count how many of us were at the party.

  • Host: KY (naturally)
  • House mates (current & ex):Rachel, Huey Fang, Carol, Chan
  • Bloggers: Suanie, ST, Kelvin, Kimberly, Ringo, FA, Reta, TBG, Skyler, Nicholas, Esther, Sew Jin, Penny, Albert, Mohan, Simon, Justin
  • Friends: Audrey, Damien, Dree, Jessica, Winson, Jack, Edward, Douglas, Arthur, Alicia, Su Lin, Adrian Low, Naufal, Aysraf, Suertes, Gerald, Adrian (giant sotong), and Adrian Low’s friend (whose name I don’t remember)

That makes 40 even, pretty good turn-out I’d say. 😀

KY Xmas Eve Party 2007
Albert, Ringo; Aysraf, Sueter
Esther, Sew Jin; Jessica, Arthur

The party got started at around 9pm. I had gotten the place ready with plenty of drinks, the few bottles of harder stuff I have laying around, and 3 crates of Tuborg beer that were given to me by this nice lady from Carlsberg after reading the X’mas Eve Party invitation post. I guess everyone at the party was grateful of Mr. Ole, the GM of marketing and Mr. Teh, the Brand Manager of Carlsberg.

KY Xmas Eve Party 2007
Reta, FA; Nicholas, Rachel;
Kelvin, Skyler; Justin, Simon

As the night went along, people were starting to get friendlier, probably alcohol had something to do with it. They started chatting up and doing some camwhore sessions.

KY Xmas Eve Party 2007
Dree, KY, FA, Jack, Naufal; Winson, Damien, Douglas, Dree;
Skyler, Kelvin, Reta, Esther; ST, Nicholas, Esther, Alicia

The theme was Ah Lian and Ah Beng outfit, but most of the guys were not really up to task. Credit must be given to FA, Reta, Chan, and Huey Fang for going the extra mile. Ringo had an interesting harajuku type of outfit though, while Alicia didn’t even need to try, she is from Klang after all 😛

KY Xmas Eve Party 2007
Adrian Low and friend; Arthur, Audrey
Suan, Jack, Reta; Carol, TBG, Ed

At midnight, we started the gift exchange program. This time around, everyone who contributed a gift is given a number. We then draw and call each number from the hat. Whoever has their number called will get to choose a gift from the pile, or anything that is already opened from the previous person. As always, the later you get your number called, the better selection of opened gifts you’ll get to choose for. If you chose a good gift early, someone can snatch it off, as we shall see.

KY Xmas Eve Party 2007
The various gifts we got

Jack, being a noob as usual, inadvertently chose something Carol gave, a packet of adult diapers. Nicholas got a toilet survival kit from Suan. There were also condoms, KY jelly, crayon set, bubble blower, puzzle, CEO cafe, and even a Basic Instinct 2 dvd. I gave away a curry dinner meal with raw fish, prawn, curry powder, and all the vegetables.

KY Xmas Eve Party 2007
the bacon bak kua went through 8 people!

The hottest gift this year was the bacon bak kua from Kelvin. The gift was snatched up 7 times, Skyler was the lucky last person to bring back that delicious bag of bacon. Douglas promised he will bring the most sought after gift next year, like how he did the previous year (a set of keyboard)

The bacon trail: Alicia -> Aysraf -> ST -> Audrey -> Su Lin -> Reta -> Kim -> Skyler

KY Xmas Eve Party 2007
it was a great party, we must thank the Tuborg beers from Carlsberg

I think the whole bacon debacle got everyone excited and police actually came to ask us to quiet down at around 1am. Luckily the uniformed officers were nice (though they didn’t want to take a photo with me when I asked) and just politely asked us to keep it down and end the party soon.

I had a great time, and I want to thank you for coming. See you again next year!

Thanks to David Lian who initially got me a Nokia N95 to review, now I am a proud owner of the latest Nokia N-series phone, the N82. I guess I must be one of the earliest adopters of this little piece of mobile wonder. Less than a week into using it, and I am already very impressed.

Nokia N82
I love the candy bar form factor

I first saw this phone during the Symbian Night last month. In essence, this phone is combined the best features of the previous two that I have used. The Nokia N95, and the Sony Ericsson K800i. As much as I like the N95, I have always enjoy the power of a xenon flash when it comes to low light photography, the LED illumination from the N95 just doesn’t have enough juice in certain conditions.

Nokia N82
Carl Zeiss Tessar Lens with Xenon flash

The N82 basically has it all, other than the Xenon flash with 5 megapixel camera, it has got Wifi, HSDPA (3.5G), bluetooth, GPS, EDGE, NGAGE game engine, and all the multimedia features that matters. I think the only thing that they removed from the phone is the infrared port, something that I haven’t used in years anyway.

Nokia N82
the N82 box

The package in the N82 includes a generous 2GB memory card, a stereo hands free earphones, a TV output cable, charger, and the new micro USB cable. I was at first a little disappointed looking at the new USB connector, thinking Nokia has gone back to the way of propriety interface.

After a little bit of investigation, I found out that it is actually a new USB standard that is geared towards mobile device. The mechanics of it is actually an improvement over the mini-usb, it has a little “click” feel to it when you insert the connector and able to “hold” the cable (or phone) much more securely.

Nokia N82
what’s included in the package

A couple days after getting the phone, the good people at Carlsberg sent me 3 crates of Tuborg beer for the X’mas Eve Party tonight! For the first time in my life, I have more beer than my fridge could hold (that’s 72 bottles!), it’ll be a fun night with plenty of booze to go around. Thanks Carlsberg!

tuborg beer
beer for party (picture taken with N82 with flash)

The picture is taken using my new N82 with flash. I don’t think it’ll turn out nearly as good without using the flash.

Being a blogger, we love feedbacks. Comments are great, but I am sure many of most of you remember the first time you get a “fan” mail through the contact me page you have on your blog. Mails such as these often make my day:

Shilme wrote:
Love your site, esp the halal food section! I’m Malaysian live in Cairo… miss our local sooooo food badly!


jojo wrote:
Hi hi KY , great food blog .


Melody wrote:
Hi Ky,

I love your blog so much! I started read your blog last month. It is really informative and interesting. Are you a full-time blogger? Reading your blog is really joyful 🙂

For these readers, thanks for the confidence, I really appreciate it!

Then there are emails seeking recommendations or advice, like this one. I usually try to reply to them as much as possible even though the question could be a bit vague.

Lanny Law wrote:
I’m looking for a reataurant that can have some eat & take home package. Example set dinner with wine or any specialaties take home items. Can you recommend any of those near KL, Bandar utama, Mont’ kiara area? Thanks for the help

kenson wrote:
how to create my blog?

However, the majority of emails I received lately looks like they are from readers who thought I run certain restaurants. I reply to them and sometimes even call them up just for kicks:

Celeste Ching wrote:
i would like to book 2 tables around 15 person on 26/12/07, Wednesday 8pm under the name of Mr. Paul Phang.

Pls contact me ASAP 012-233 xxxx.


I’m sorry, Celeste, which restaurant is this?

Alicia wrote:
Pls combine the table for booking no L180031 & L180027. If you need further confirmation pls contact me at 017-387xxxx.

Very detailed, Alicia, but I don’t know how to hack the booking system of that restaurant, if you would tell me the name of the restaurant to begin with. 😀

HELEN wrote:

I’m sorry, HELEN, but I hope you had fun on the 10th?

Then there’s this guy who wants to run a franchise

Elvis Low wrote:
Would like to know more details. My contect 012-203xxxx.

Website: Interesting about franchise.

Sorry Elvis, I guess you will have to visit’s website.

On an unrelated note, we went to Chilling Falls yesterday for a hiking/sightseeing/soaking session and it was great. Our guide was awesome and we had a fun time. I will write about when I get the photos processed. It is just 3 days away from the X’mas Eve Party, I can’t wait!