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Most of you who come to this blog expect to see recommendations of good (or at least interesting) food. However, I’ll have to disappoint you today with my second post on where not to go for lunch. Some of you might remember my rant on Kim Gary, but the experience I had yesterday at Delifrance KLCC is arguably worse.

Delifrance at KLCC, bad food bad service
Hello, I don’t want my chicken medium rare

So myself and a few colleagues decided to have lunch at Delifrance after a few other suggestions were rejected. It is a decent place for a cup of coffee and some light snacks, I suppose, but the tables were a bit smallish for lunch. I ordered the set lunch for the day (RM 16.90++), a chicken dish that comes with soup/salad, and a miniature glass of soft drink.

Delifrance at KLCC, bad food bad service
first rejection

Well, we had actually ordered 4 set lunches, but somehow only 3 came as the waitress inevitably missed out one of my colleagues. The poor lady had to wait for another 5-10 minutes for her food to arrive after everyone else’s. Bad service

After a pretty long wait during the busy lunch hours, my food finally came. A colleague of mine started to complain that the sides looked nothing like the photos on their menu. Instead of broccoli and mashed potato, we were given salad and wedges. The annoying thing is that I just had salad as my appetizer, and it is the same thing again. Bad combination

I cut through my piece of chicken, it was pink, with traces of blood. I had actually put the chicken in my mouth before looking at it, it was cold inside. Like just came out of the fridge cold. Bad food.

I called for the waitress and told her about it. Without a word of apology, she took the dish back to the kitchen. Bad service

A very long 10 minutes later, the waitress returned the same dish to me. It looked like they have reheated the chicken. I give it a try without much complain, lo and behold, the same bloody chicken is still half cooked (pun intended). Horrible food. I called for the waitress and explained it to her that she should just take it back and crossed it out of the bill, she just asked if I want them to replace it with something else (she should have done so in the first trial). When I said no, she just said ok, not a single word of apology. Horrible service

Delifrance at KLCC, bad food bad service
after they “fixed” it, I got this

The Malaysian service mentality is some what of a joke. My colleagues were nice enough to still pay the 10% service charge, I probably wouldn’t. That would be the last time I go there.

Discuss : KY didn’t eat – bad food and services at Delifrance Bistro

  1. The Malacca branch here is quite good actually. Heh! In fact, they are now on promotion where all the food items are 50% off.

  2. If I were you, I’ll lodge a report.

  3. with a smile πŸ˜€

  4. Actually majority of the Malaysians don’t know how to say sorry and thanks…. eventhough you are the customer, they will never say thanks….

  5. This is not the first time i heard about this restaurant service… Fortunately, I hardly go to this restaurant.

  6. you don’t have to pay for the 10% service charge if the service is really bad. only the 5% govt tax is compulsory.

  7. KY didnt eat.. hahaha damn funny

  8. Got blood one.. cannot eat one le..

  9. pinkpau,

    Ya la how to eat bloody chicken… I had to sneaked out to buy some cold storage food later that afternoon.

  10. well said…dat place is to X out….save us d agony n leaves with a bad taste in mouth..

  11. if that happened to me, i would’ve just left without paying πŸ˜€ but only if im eating alone la.

  12. wah lau eh… if i were you… i might destroy the whole shop by showing that thing to everyone who passes by…. 1 single mistake is tolerable… what is wrong with this people? they giving out the same raw chicken?
    ok… just a second thought… the waiters & the kitchen might got some scolding or wutever from the people above? who knows… lodge a report man~

  13. eeeeekkkk, just send the bloody (pun intended) pics to delifrance. google email addy.

  14. steph,
    I didn’t pay for my “food”

    Don’t be so violent laa. hehe

    That is one idea.. I shall think about it.

  15. I would never EVER eat at Delifrance, the one in Mon’t Kiara regularly gave people food poisoning.

    Avoid it like the plague.

    I personally would have called the manager and removed the service charge as I hadn’t received anything considered service.

  16. I had the SAME, well almost the same experience at this very outlet in KLCC, but that mustve been about 2 years back. I ordered this dish, sorta like lasagna, but it came wth an option of either pasta baked, or rice baked. So I chose pasta baked. And since its covered in cheese, one wouldnt know until you actually slice into it to eat it. They gave me the wrong one. Rice baked. I was annoyed, but decided to just keep quiet and eat, dowan to kick up a fuss. And THEN, abt 3-4 bites later, I saw a f***ing insect in there that looked like a baby cockroach, you know those small ones that never grow. Wahlao, I LOST it man, called up the manager who wasnt even apologetic in the very least. No SORRY, nothing. Then when I went to the cashier to get my refund, I saw them SAME baby cockroaches scampering on the countertop, where the drinks cooler were. Have never stepped into Delifrance ever again.


  17. Terence Goh

    with this, i am boycotting delifrance !!! to hell with the french !! i mean the restaurants !

  18. I have eaten before chicken that isn’t fully cooked. Though I don’t complain. Too frustrated to complain even.

  19. ST,
    but food poisoning is the fastest way to reduce weight. πŸ˜›

    wah your experience was certainly a lot worse!

    you should have!

  20. never eat at a restaurant that doesn’t have a kitchen.. ie delifrance.. hahaha

  21. I had tried the spaghetti the other day… it was sucked too, very bad taste. I think I cook better than them!!!! hehe πŸ˜›

  22. If the service is bad… we dont need to pay for the service tax? i thought is compulsory?

    Anyone can aswer me?


  23. delifrance = lousy food, the one in BTS chap lap liao it was behind star bucks near the cinema there. My wife and i went one time and it took them almost an hour to serve our food, and the ice lemon tea was bloody watered down too. After that i’ve never touched delifrance ever again.

  24. carrie,

    Service tax is never demanded by the law. If the service is lousy, you can refuse to pay it.

  25. KLCC is a pest infestation ground. I recall a business lunch with a friend from Singapore at the Sundanese Restaurant (on Level 4) a year ago. My friend was seated at the sofa seats against the wall. and I sat opposite him.

    As we finally settled the bill and getting ready to leave, I saw a rat walking along the sofa seat headrest. I quickly pulled my friend and ran out of there pronto. I never went back to that restaurant ever.

    I wouldn’t be surprised that the other outlets in KLCC have some sort of infestation problem too. For the past year, I’ve seen cockroaches at Madam Kwan’s, Genki Sushi (along the conveyor belt), and Burger King (at the drinks vending machine). Not many of them, but I guess seeing one of them is enough to tell you that they have some problems controlling these pests.

  26. KY

    Thanks for your answer.

    But the bill is come with the service tax and government tax, how to refuse to pay it? ask them to exclude the service tax? can i do that?

  27. OMG… This is really bad. Even violate health code. Raw chicken is breeding ground for salmonella and goodness knows what other bacteria.

    Never did like the Delifrance of KLCC because the pastries look old (like 2-day old pastries “recycled”). I’d rather queue up for Nando’s just opposite.

    As for the service, it’s just appalling. *Sigh* and to think that this is a place commonly visited by a lot of tourists lagi.

  28. i went to the delifrance outlet in ss2..and it sucks as well. horrible horrible food.

  29. The problem is not Delifrance, it’s the staffs with their usual tak apa attitude that is dragging this once famous restaurant to hell! They were not trained professionally in Health and Safety in kitchen nor giving satisfactory customer service.

  30. Ano,
    Yeah it is a pretty sad case for this iconic building.

    I believe you can ask them to exclude it from the bill.

    Angie, vic, Jason,
    Yeah, I do remember some 10 years ago delifrance was a very good name serving decent food. I really liked their seafood croissant.

  31. Bloody chicken indeed. Geli man.

    The only time i would probably tolerate a little blood in the chicken if its the steam variation. Otherwise they oughta make sure its cooked fully.

  32. OH MY GOSH! how did Delifrance become THIS bad???
    I had wanted to eat there with Superhero W some time ago but sort of aborted our plan because…the food…erm…from the outside just didn’t seem enticing enuff.
    But we didn’t know it is THIS bad..seriously! Shame on you Delifrance!

  33. If I were you, I would have asked for a replacement. No questions asked. KFC onced served me with a bloodied chicken. They quickly replaced it with a new one. No apologies from them but the quick replacement did soothe my rage a bit.

  34. i don’t know but, Delifrance to me was NEVER good. avoid it at all cost, people.

  35. Eeeeewwwkk..! that was horrid..! i knew delifrance was nothing to shout about .. but this is horrid..!

  36. Delifrance is noticeably declining… at a rapid rate. Used to be the croissant sandwiches were actually kind of delightful for a light lucnheon and coffee was quite good – for the instant kopi class. But the sandwiches are quite the horrid now, and coffee not so drinkable anymore. I concur – AVOID!

  37. =.=..they fix it..but i doesn’t see any changes… it still look rare…=.=

  38. Just seeing the pictures make my tummy queasy. Ouch! Thank goodness for blogging for us to share our bad experiences as well as good. I do agree that delifrance is a better place for snacks and chat but not for a main meal. I also heard that a couple years back, Delifrance in SG had to go through major changes due to a lack of hygiene practices… looks like the cooks have to go through a new course to refresh on how to cook chicken….

  39. ling,

    That’s why I had to cancel the order and skipped lunch. What a disappointment

  40. last time i had a tea break wif my frd at Mid’s delifrance.. both of us jz order drinks.. and oh god.. their waiter always send food 2 our table.. didnt ask izzit we order anot jz put it dwn and leave.. if its jz once thn fine.. but its happen 4 or 5 times u know? keep on send the food to our table.. no asking jz put and leave.. thn we hv 2 stp pass by waiter 2 remove it for tat 4 or 5 times.. junk..

  41. Shame of them… πŸ™

  42. Malaysia boleh!!

  43. that place sucks, both food and especially service.

    for a location such as KLCC, one would expect at least a decent level of comprehension of English.. My italian CEO had to speak Malay with them..

    Probably rejects from “school of idiots”…

  44. Kenny, Jayce, tankiasu, leo,

    Yeah, it was very disappointing.

  45. delifrance sufffers from bad servicee……dont ever go there!!!
    i needed to call them a few times to make my order and they arent even busy!

    shut down the shop!

  46. posme,
    Hahah, sorry to hear that. πŸ™‚

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