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A few weeks ago the three of us: Rachel, Kelvin, and myself were doing some shopping around the city that somehow brought us to Bangsar Village Shopping Centre. It was almost dinner time, so we were starting to look into potential places for dinner. After the unpleasant experience at Kim Gary, I would normally not look at another HK style restaurant, but the picture of the DongPo Pork (東坡肉) dish proved too difficult to resist…

Dongpo Pork, 東坡肉 Chatterbox at Bangsar Village
glorious DongPo pork

Background on this dish:
DongPo Pork is said to be created by accident when the famous poet Su DongPo (蘇東坡) started to cook pork out of boredom, his friend came and challenged him a game of chess which took his mind away from the cooking until the fragrance of pork came out from the kitchen. Viola! the famous dish is created. According to one recipe, the dish takes about 4 hours to cook.

Chatterbox at Bangsar Village
nice ambiance at an up-class shopping mall

The DongPo pork did not disappoint, it was truly a mouth watering dish especially for a pork lover. The texture is very soft and tender, you can easily pry the meat apart with your spoon or even just chopsticks. Broccoli offsets the texture and tastes of the pork fat and everything goes very well with rice. However, the 3 pieces of giant pork belly proved too much for my stomach, and I will recommend anyone to share the dish instead. I would have finished it if I had a bigger stomach.

Chatterbox at Bangsar Village
the other dishes, including noodle and pork patties with salted fish

The other two noobs had some sort of noodle and pork patties with salted fish rice. They rated the dishes favorably, and we also had a plate of vegetable to share. I remember that the DongPo pork was RM 18 while the other dishes are comparable to any other HK style restaurants, usually priced at around RM 8-12. If you are a pork belly lover, don’t miss out this good stuff.

Map to Bangsar Village
bangsar village

Bangsar Village Shopping Centre is located at Bangsar’s famous Telawi Road, just a stone’s throw away from the Laksa Sarawak stall that I blogged about last year.

Lot F9, 1st Floor,
No 1, Jalan Telawi
Bangsar Village Shopping Centre
Bangsar Baru, 59100 KL

GPS: 3.130435, 101.670088
Tel: 03-2287 8833

Discuss : KY eats – Chatterbox at Bangsar Village (DongPo pork – 東坡肉)

  1. cook pork out of boredom… lmao classic!

  2. next time u should try their seafood noodle with black pepper and cheese…its a killer!!

  3. was just thinking of asking u to go pig out on this again!

  4. the pork look nice!!

  5. yeah, i agree… the pork looks juicy and nice…… can I have the leftovers again?

    heheheh…. it is worth it money wise?

  6. Simon Seow

    Slurp! Slurp! Now I can’t lose weight.

  7. BITCH!! I’m hungry 🙁

  8. too bad for you, Margie. hahahaha

  9. Chanel Chong

    Hie folks! I’m a person jas like everybody else, who always enjoy eating and drinking cos it gives me alot of pleasure, whether with family or friends. But most of the restaurants/cafes usually turn me off with their terrible service or unreasonable charges, etc. I kind of resent the ones that hired foreign workers to serve customers as they can’t understand English or our local languages at all. Apparently we have to use sign language with them or point at the particular items we wish to order from the Menu which is rather spoiling the appetite and rather annoying when they took my wrong orders. I’ve been to Chatter Box quite a number of times. I can say their environment is quite pleasant where you can choose either smoking or non-smoking area, the service is not too bad but most of all………I love most of their foods there and you will be very happy & satisfied with their reasonable prices for the quality of foods they can offer you! Quite a number of tasty dishes & exotic drinks to choose from. I have many friends and I often organise gatherings, so Chatter Box is a great place to be for meeting up, dining, chatting, relaxing & for good times. Well, for those who haven’t tried Chatter Box, it’s time for you to check it out for yourself! Believe me, it’s not gonna be the FIRST & LAST TIME kind of experience for this one! Bon appetite!

  10. Chanel Chong,
    I agree, pretty nice place and I really loved the pork. Heehee.

  11. I went there previous days ago.. Well, for me the DongPo pork was so so only..

  12. icefish,
    I thought it was good, but portion a bit too much for a single person to eat.

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