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A while back a reader of this humble blog was kinda enough send me a one day Shangri-La hotel prestige membership coupon. This coupon entails me to be treated as if I am one of those people who frequent this hotel chain enough to be given the membership, which also means I get to eat at the various restaurants in Shangri-La for up to 50% discount. I chose to go to Zipangu, the Japanese restaurant that has the reputation to be one of the finest in Klang Valley.

Zipangu Japanese Restaurant at Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
very classy design, and my membership coupon

The interior of the restaurant is most impressive. There is a huge selection of wine, with a dedicated room surrounded by walls made of wine cellars, there is even a dedicated cigar room. The ambiance is mellow and yet classy, no rowdy crowd nor screaming babies.

After checking out the menu, my old pal horny and me decided to order the set dinners as they look enticing, and probably one of the more affordable choices to experience the Japanese style haute cuisine. We ordered the beef teriyaki with tempura and the sushi set.

Zipangu Japanese Restaurant at Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
this foie gras appetizer is to die for

We were first served with a piece of tofu and some vegetable as starter. The texture of the tofu was somehow closer to cheese than tofu and really has the added sophistication. Then came the soup with a slice of lime and some mushroom that carries a tangy taste that I usually don’t associate with hot soup, it was very good nonetheless.

The next item on the menu was foie gras. I have heard and read about this French delicacy for a while now and this was the first time I came face to face with it. For the uninitiated, foie gras: “the liver of a duck or a goose that has been specially fattened by gavage” (as defined by French law).” It was served on a piece of winter melon and lightly seared. The texture is akin to butter and yet just ever slightly more solid. The taste was subtle but yet so good, it was as like a taste I never knew existed. Kinda like the first time you had orgasm, just new, exciting, and addictive (if your wallet is fat enough). You just have to try it.

Zipangu Japanese Restaurant at Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
beef teriyaki with tempura, sushi set with very fatty cuts (best)

The main dish did not disappoint either, the beef teriyaki and tempura was succulent and the sauce that came with the meat so delicious horny was basically in cloud 9. As for the ten pieces of sushi on my plate, I can tell you that I had never had sushi this good before, you could see from the picture that the salmon cut was from the belly, and so was the tuna. It was of course, very fresh, and absolutely delectable.

Zipangu Japanese Restaurant at Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
map of Shangri-La Hotel at KL

Even after the 50% discount, the bill came to around RM 200. However, it was really a dining experience that is worth every cent. They serve buffet lunch on Sunday for around the same price as Jogoya I believe. I must bring the hot chick there one of these days. 🙂

Shangri-la Hotel
Jalan Sultan Ismail
Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.154169, 101.706243
Tel: 03-2032 2388

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  1. *pleek pleek*
    I announcing my arrival. hahaha. Ooh, another nice place to go to =)

  2. Hie KY, I think you’re the perfect person to ask this to. My bf will be coming home in Dec (we are in a LDR), hes abroad. I want us to have a nice romantic dinner at a nice place. Would really appreciate suggestions. Dont really mind the type of food. Not crazy expensive like Shangri-La etc la. Expensive is ok, but not TOO. I only have Courtyard Garden in mind now. That also dunno whether the food is nice, but ambience looks really nice. Help! Many thanks.

  3. I heard that Maeshima at Federal Hotel has been highly rated by a group of Japanese executives who work for an undisclosed corporation. The same group also rated Kampung Baru nasi lemak as the best in its category (for nasi lemak – these guys know their food…)

  4. I always Zipangu served some kinda fusion , western , african , mediterranian food. Food looks extremely delicious.. hahaha..

  5. SN,

    Perhaps you can try places like RakuZen at Subang for Japanese, La Cocina at USJ for Spanish, or Groove Junction at Hartamas.

  6. Wow… lucky you……. and the Japanese dishes looks yummy!!! can I have the leftovers?

  7. kljs,

    do you think there’ll be any leftovers? 😛

  8. Ky, u shud try out their weekend buffet mah… 😛

  9. […] The food served were mostly tapas , including salmon, meat balls, cold cuts, chicken pate, and even some spaghettis. Best of all, we had free flow beverages as well. The food was actually pretty good, though I wouldn’t really order the chicken pate myself as it was too much of a departure from foie gras with the latter being 50x better. […]

  10. […] Mantis shrimp used to be the best thing, and then you have fresh Maine lobster; chicken liver was great, but it is all different after the foie gras experience. When we revisit the old favorites, it just seems to be not as good as we remembered, and that has got to do with the new taste we acquired. It’s akin to cars in a way, the Proton Wira is never the same once you’ve driven the fancy BMW. […]

  11. […] that the small foie gras dumpling did not come close to the foie gras experience that I had at my Zipangu visit. This was the night that I tasted truffle ice cream for the first time too, it was good, but I […]

  12. […] breast while the hot chick had wagyu beef with wasabi crust. I had been missing foie gras since the Zipangu experience more than 2 months ago, so a generous slab of foie gras was not to be missed. The duck […]

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  15. hi ky this cominh 23 of sep is my gf birthday… i decided to bring her to shangrila hotel for buffet… any sugguestion…. coz i heard lemon garden cafe at shangrila oso no bad… and zipangu the enviroment look nice too… haizzz very confuse and bleerrr la me!!!!!!

  16. jc,
    Did that before 🙂

    There’s also Kura at One World hotel, the various RakuZen outlets, and more!

  17. […] liver was more than I bargained for, it was as good as the memory of my first time having it at Zipangu. There were also a couple shavings of truffles on top, le […]

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