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One of my old friends cass, whom I haven’t really meet since Terence’s wedding last year suggested that a small get together session is organized to catch up for lost time. The venue was to be at Bernard’s Bistro at Bandar Utama Centrepoint, and she called it a chicken rice gathering since the chicken rice there is supposed to be superb. A facebook event was created, and last week 8 of gathered.

Bernard's Bistro Chicken Rice at BU Centrepoint
plenty of chicken, a soup, and some bean sprouts

To be honest, I have some reserves on the lady’s statement with regards to the chicken rice, but I ordered it nonetheless. This is partly due to the fact that I know Champs (just upstairs of Bernard’s) also serves pretty good Chinese food (especially the soya sauce pork 豆油肉), and since Champs were sort of a spin off from Bernard’s according to some sources, the food shouldn’t disappoint.

These two restaurants are unique in the sense that they have a wide selection of traditional Malaysian/Chinese food in a bistro setting that is not very different from Chilis or TGI Friday’s. So you can have a combination of chicken rice and whiskey, or nasi lemak with cocktail, if you wish.

Bernard's Bistro Chicken Rice at BU Centrepoint
prawn mee and nasi lemak are good too

So I went with the recommendation and ordered the chicken rice, drum stick portion. The other noobs had the wing portion, and faggot called for the left breast (left breast is statistically bigger than the right), and some ordered the hokkien mee and nasi lemak as well.

Bernard's Bistro Chicken Rice at BU Centrepoint
clockwise: kerol, suan, faggot, steph, cass, st, kim

Food was served professionally some 10 minutes later. A pretty big portion of chicken, a plate of bean sprouts, soup, rice, and the chili sauce/paste that is synonymous to chicken rice. To cass’s credit, it actually tasted very good! The chicken was very smooth and the sauce not too salty, the chili was good too as Kerol had about 3 servings. The others commended the nasi lemak and hokkien mee too.

Bernard's Bistro Chicken Rice at BU Centrepoint
Bernard’s is located at BU Centrepoint, below MOMO Japanese Restaurant

The chicken rice was RM 11.50++, the bill came to around RM 20 per person including drinks and the extra charges. It was a very nice get together session that I think we should do a bit more often, good food, nice ambiance, and even better company.

G9A-14, Centrepoint,
Jalan Leboh Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya

GPS: 3.137988, 101.610124
Tel: 03-7710 3188

Discuss : KY eats – Bernard’s Bistro Chicken Rice at BU Centrepoint

  1. wahhh this map very nice!

  2. cookies_cream

    Ooo, sounds like their chicken rice and other food were great…it’s been a long time since I last eaten “taugeh chicken rice”. 🙂 Are the bean sprouts crunchy, rice aromatic fluffy and all? hehe

  3. My friend, Sony is no longer there since last year…. Their lamb shoulder very nice also…

  4. oOO, last I went there I saw some major renovation, I thought it’s still sony. =/

  5. lol… noob!

  6. lotsofcravings

    my goodness me..looks like theres alot of food to eat in centre point ar..n i have yet to set my foot there to start..

  7. haha ky thanks for the pimp

  8. eh where is the new sony?

  9. har. how come i wasnt aware of this outing.

  10. FA,

    weren’t you at THAILAND?

  11. can i be invited the next time, after my confinement??

  12. TBG,

    No reason not to. 😀

  13. I love the chicken rice too, although just like Champ’s, the food here are quite pricey.

  14. so expersive RM 20! if i go outside can eat 4-5 time, also same thing, i think the boss is crazy from making money so idiot. beside the food also taste no so good [like c], the place also smell [like pasar smell] ,service no good always ask for tips ,cheating people money place beside the seafood also not fresh [got smell] and ask for more soup also had to paid RM3 for than lousy soup, better go to little penang or madam kwan! hate it!

  15. tankiasu,
    They’re brothers. :S

    Well, difference in rentals and running costs and other things come into mind. I myself doesn’t really like little penang but madam kwan’s chicken rice is pretty good too!

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