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One of my female friends, Steph asked for a favor to spread the word about the Signature List on the Samsung Journey of Harmony.

Samsung Journey of Harmony

Now this is all in conjunction to the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Basically it works like this, you put in your name and email address, Samsung will donate RM 0.10 to a charity house. The names of the charities can be found on the site. I know RM 0.10 isn’t much, but it’s not exactly a lot of work on our part either. The girl promised that the email address is only going to be used to send a thank you note by the system and not for any commercial purposes. So, why not? Sign up here.

Stephanie Yep at Facebook

Other than that, Steph has also requested me to pimp her facebook link. She is looking for a rich boy friend who is not stingy (kinda like every other girl). So go search and add her at facebook with the name “Stephanie Yep” if you are qualified. A scanned copy of your bankbook and a supplementary platinum card is highly desired.

Discuss : RM 0.10 to charity, and pimping Steph

  1. Ahahaha. So we’ve dropped all pretense of wanting an “ambitious” guy and going directly to “rich and generous” already, eh?

    Rich guys are generous for a reason: they want a hot gorgeous girl to screw. Otherwise they would use the money to buy toys (duh! even if they didn’t get rich because they’re smart, they’re still guys!) like cars (tell ’em KY drives 😀 ). If girls are still up for that, then make sure you’re at least hot and gorgeous, and be prepared to be dumped for a hotter and more gorgeous-er girl. (What! You crazy ah! I’ve got a fat bank balance, and you don’t think I will just stick with one girl? Who only wants me partly for my money only anyway!)

    All the best, Steph!

  2. “Steph has also requested me to pimp her facebook link. She is looking for a rich boy friend who is not stingy (kinda like every other girl).”

    This is so funny. lol. What a money minded person. Shame!

  3. money minded? I think you misspelled honest and realistic. hahahaha

  4. steph is hot

  5. I want platinum supplementary credit card thank you 😀

  6. I want to own a bank, which can withdraw unlimited money! 😛

  7. Steph dont worth a shit…hahhaa…based on the pic u provided.

  8. bibi,

    your standard must be very high, and it’s all for laughs anyway. Cheers

  9. I bid RM100 for 1 night! 😀 And she has to do the laundry and make breakfast in the morning.

  10. hey mmm, you know what…you wish! U’re probably have a big fat ass, sitting in front of the computer all day, reading other ppl’s blogs commenting on it because you don really have a life yourself. My guess is, you probably have gone and got yourself RM 5 prostitutes before. You probably is dumb too, coz you totally misunderstood the joke KY had of this whole damn thing. And thank you, please keep your RM 100 coz u probably can get laid 50 times over with the RM5 pros. And you know what – your mom can make you your fave breakfast and do your laundry. And u probably can F**k your maid – I bet she make you breakfast anytime you like. And pls don’t get mad at me, I’m just blatantly honest! 🙂

  11. Hey T..yes you T…I’m money-minded? Tell me who isn’t? U’re not? Stop lying to yourself…If thats the case, why dont you just work for free…free labour to the company since you are so damn generous aint you? 🙂

  12. Hey bibi..yes you’re right…I don’t worth a shit..You’re probably way more gorgeous…and I must say I cant be more happy for you…there’s a saying, no matter how gorgeous a woman is, there is one man out there in this world who is bored and done f**king her…I wish you luck, gorgeous girl 🙂 and yes, of course, me too…

  13. Cass, well thank you. And if you’re the cass I know…you are a great person you know that.

    Valz and Sotong, thank you for sharing this joke! Isn’t laughing our heads of over things like this a much needed de-stresses for the city life? healthy.

  14. Hey look everyone, its not everyday I leave comments on other’s ppl blog. All this Steph bashing is uncalled for. So for those of you who wants to bash something – go bash the wall. Coz you know what, I don’t know you ppl, and all these judgement is really not necessary. If you need to judge anyone, go on look into the mirror and judge yourself. peace!

  15. the tyrannical bitch is back.. hahhaha ;P

  16. hahahaha,

    btw 50 times for the RM5 whore costs RM 250, not RM 100 😛

  17. well tq cass…i believe you ppl didnt call me Tyranical Bitch for nothing since so many years ago..I have to live up to my reputation at least..hahahaha

  18. Hi Steph, You are special.
    I would say we need money even for a normal life, at least for what we really need. A rich guys does not mean they are bad. A normal guys does not mean they are good ppl as well.

    Wish you good luck in getting a rich and nice guy.

  19. er look who does not get the “joke”.

    It’s claimed that this post is a joke. KY “pimped”, I offered a price. Who is the one who can’t take jokes now? Hey, did you know that on the intarwebs you can look up the definition of pimp? It’s the self-destructive female that embraced pimp, whore (even in camwhore) and bitch without knowing the etymology.

    On the next point, your extraneous effort in commenting here is in *amusing* contradiction to your hypothesis about people sitting around commenting on blogs.. Ahahaha. Indeed, there are a lot of jokes here.

    3rd issue: Yar, my intelligence not quite on par as perceived.. I belligerent one. My england also powderful. That why you write so long long without paragraf I no unnerstand.

    4th issue: Actually, thanks for your spirited comment. It proves to me once and for all a lot of women, even our illustrious Dr. Ng Yen Yen, is intimidated by domestic workers (“maids”) who willingly do more, for less. In contrast to Malaysian women who are becoming like Singaporean women – they want everything: romance, devotion, MONEY in exchange for very little. And even the most value they can think they can provide, in the form of sex, is on the cusp of being usurped by younger, more beautiful, more skillful and more attentive girls.

    “Tell me who isn’t money-minded” – Oh boy. If you’re looking for money in a relationship, then don’t bitch about men exploiting you for sex and other things, if part of the reason you want them is for their money.

    Being money-minded in the sense that you provide a service or good of value to society through working or a business in another thing entirely. I respect a lot of “money-minded” individuals like Oprah Winfrey or Bill Gates. That is a very different “money mindedness” from wanting to land a rich guy.

    Sorry, KY. But not to anyone else.

  20. oh mmm…suddenly you have become so well-versed with this world with so many researched answers to my comments. But before this, you can make such male chauvinistic comments. Impressive what men can do or say after a woman fight backs and reply. Bravo! You know what – whatever you say about me not knowing how to use paragraph – That’s my style. Like it or not, it doesn’t matter to you. And guess what, I don’t give a f**k. (By the way, you had many wrong spellings there in your nicely made paragraph – but I don’t give a damn – coz to me I have a big heart to think that it’s just butter fingers on your end or you purposely did that to spite me, but I do believe there is a few of the words which are sincerely a typo from your end). And oh yeah – the part of me really wanting a rich man, how do you know it is true? Did you hear it from the horses mouth? Is there evidence that I said that for real? Or was it made-up to entertain the readers, and I happened not to bother? Do you think I deserve comments like “an XX amount of money for a night”? KY pimped me, but that doesn’t mean I’m a whore or give you the rights to say such chauvinistic comment! So, whatever beration you had on that materialistic girl doesnt apply unless you show me the proof – that I said that and I was damn serious about it. On your point about surfing for a…can I surf for the definition of a word from the internet? That’s something so new I can hardly breathe…so, what are you trying to prove here? That you can surf for a word and you are the only one who knows about thesaurus? hahaha…or wiki for that matter? Look, this is the end of my un-paragraph comments. And I would love not to to hear from a MCP like you anymore. Period! P/S: MCP stands for male chavaunist pig if you the very intelligent being is wondering – Note: I still have the respect of you as a human hence the word ‘being’. And mmm, what can I say? If you have so much intelligent and well-researched comments, why hide under the screen name mmm…be bold, use your real name! 🙂 cheers!

  21. Hehehe. Actually I did no “research” whatsoever, whatever that means. Must do research one when stating common sense meh? In reference to “fighting back”, I find that the opponent in this farce is.. unarmed. Hence even going over to the closest Google search bar would be akin to the proverbial killing a fly with a sledgehammer.

    Are you still following..?

    All right, I’ll slow down. And yes, you can, and SHOULD have searched the word so at least your comment makes some sense but evidently you didn’t so here’s helping you out:

    1. a person, esp. a man, who solicits customers for a prostitute or a brothel, usually in return for a share of the earnings; pander; procurer.

    Ehem. So. Despite your leanings to the colloquial usage of the term (which together with whore and bitch, already explained, is brought on by yourselves), the literal meaning was chosen to effect a joke. Which as you have said, the post is. KY pimped, ie solicited, heretherefore, I offered a price. So.. still can’t take a joke? Oh wait, you can’t even understand the joke, hahahaha.

    On the other hand, you ask me “unless you show me the proof”

    Err.. It’s right up there on KY’s post. D’oh. “She said she wants a rich friend”. So people were responding to that “joke” (that you say it is but still don’t get). But since you are so defensive.. especially with saying “who is not money-minded”, which is not conclusive, but is a suspect allusion..

    Oh, is that what MCP stands for? How *enlightening*. You even spelled chauvinist with aplomb. Oh sorry, chavaunist. Hey, I heard the Google toolbar can be installed easily.

    By the way, a thesaurus was not used or kittens killed in the making of this post.

    So yeah, my Engrand not powderful, that’s why you see the mis-spellings (where, exactly? Help me improve my England wei)

    Oh, you so interested in me that you wrote a verbose comment and want to know my name. I like girls who make the first move, so email me and be bold enough to give me your number and we’ll go over a dictionary togethar. togather. together. I can’t spell.

  22. oi I’m the one who can’t spell, now all can shut up. 😛

  23. oh mmm, I’ve never seen a guy as petty as you’re the first and only guy who picks up details better than my gay friends..I’m so impressed! You must be the most gay among the gays! And by gay, I don’t mean happy…anyway, enough of this…if you haven’t had enough, please go jump down the building. One life lost will saves loads of lives in this world…cheers! And have a great life ahead of you Mr. MMM with all your petty remarks. Hahaha..petty petty petty..

    p/s: KY, I’ll shut up now…he was looking for a fight..I said I didn’t want to hear another comment from him but he insist. I guess he writes very well, but don read well enough..sorry!

  24. Shit, MONEY FACE…

  25. GigoloGay

    Where can I find RM 5 whore? pls put it down soon.

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