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While on the way visiting my friend at Puchong, Kerol suggested that we go to this place that has excellent clay pot dishes at Seri Kembangan. The direction she gave us was “nearby South City Plaza”. Luckily we managed to find Kien Kee without much trouble.

Kien Kee at Serdang, Seri Kembangan
hawker center setting, but with only 1 stall

The so called restaurant is situated at an almost hawker center like area, with the kitchen occupying one lot, and tables spread around in the middle of the square and also some unused ‘office’ rooms (with air conditioning). We quickly found a table in one of those air conditioned places and ordered 4 dishes, the spicy soup (辣汤), clay pot chicken (花雕鸡), chicken with rice wine soup (黄酒鸡), and vegetable. The first three were the must-order stuff as recommended by Kerol.

Kien Kee at Serdang, Seri Kembangan
the four dishes we ordered

We had to wait for quite a long time before the food came, I guess it usually takes a bit longer to work with clay pots instead of the normal cooking methods. Then again, you get the benefit of having the food staying hot for much longer time.

The dishes were actually very good. I particularly like the clay pot chicken, very strongly flavored and goes very well with rice. The spicy soup tasted similar to pork tripe soup I had at USJ, but just a tad less spicy, ingredients include pork tripe, intestine, meat, chicken, and some unidentified innards. It was the first time I had this hakka delicacy, I had naively thought it was something similar with hot and sour soup instead. A rather nice dish I must say.

Kien Kee at Serdang, Seri Kembangan

I’m not exactly a fan of chicken rice wine soup (黄酒鸡), the taste is pretty strong and with appropriate amount ingest, will probably make you blush and a bit tipsy. Kerol said it is among the best she had though.

map to Kien Kee at Serdang, Seri Kembangan
don’t soil your shirt like this aunty.

The bill came to almost RM 80, with a lot of drinks we ordered. It isn’t exactly cheap, nor expensive. Other than the long wait, it is a pretty nice place to dine, and I have a feeling I shall go there again.

D-1, Jalan 10/3
43300 Seri Kembangan

GPS: 3.022562, 101.705552
Tel: 012-350 9900
opens 9am to 3pm, 6pm to 9pm, close on Monday

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  1. I blogged about it before too. However, I have yet to try their drunken prawns though.

  2. Hey, came from the comment link!

    I think I might just try that, I like chicken rice wine soup

  3. Btw, nice blog you have!

  4. Jia Meei,

    Thanks thanks. 😀

  5. Looks so delicately delicious… but I aways get lost when I am serdang, not sure why, you stay in serdang area?

  6. Big Boys Oven,

    I don’t stay at Serdang, and not too familiar with the roads there myself, but this place isn’t really difficult to find though.

  7. hey I was there too, sometime last month… but havent got time to blog about it yet… their food is quite good, they serve the food fast, and is reasonably priced. Did you notice though, they put lots of MSG in their cooking ?

  8. you really good, such a hidden place u aslo able to find them…

  9. I can say still the best at the moments compare others which I had tried at Paramount Garden ( PJ ) and Semenyih.Btw,did you notice that the dish portion is a bit small,normally I need to order a extra 1 head for his “Fah Tiew Kai”.

  10. kl_guy,

    Yeah, I agree that the dishes were a bit small.

  11. somebody

    This is a black shop. 7 of us ordered 4 dishes 5 persons serving, vege, tofu, spicy soup, and chicken with rice wine soup and that cost us RM123+

    After all, the food sucks. There are hawker stalls cook better than this!

  12. somebody,
    Wah, looks like either you had a bad experience or they’ve really gone berserk with their pricing!

  13. noisylink

    Suggest you try the shop in Jalan Semenyih which is located on the right side if you are coming from Kajang direction and just before the left turning to Nirvana Graveyard. To me it is the best and also cheaper. It seems this shop in Semenyih has been serving these dishes long before those shops were opened in Sri Kembangan.

  14. noisylink,
    Thanks for the awesome tips 😀

  15. Though this Kien Kee shop is not bad, but I heard that the one in Sg. Chua was the best among all the hot pepper soup. Still haven’t try it yet but planning to one day.

  16. I started to eat there since they open in year 199x. For over 10 years me and my families and friends frequently having our meal there whenever we travel to Kl. The price started from RM4-5 per person(in year 199x), and now double up to RM10 person!
    I think during the father’s time the soup and the chicken was very nice. Now the taste is so diff!
    I went there again yesterday. The place still very old and not so clean, but i was expecting good food even i saw the price is RM10/person! There are not much customer, I wonder…, but then I understand why. The man who serve us keep pushing us to order more, we were only 7 adults, but he insist us to order 6-pax soup and 6-pax chicken, and he mentioned the portion were very small. At last I order for 4-pax each, plus some vege and taufu, and it cost me about RM140!
    Imagine a bowl of RM40 soup and RM40 chicken, what is the size of food and chicken you were looking? so small portion, and not worth at all. The soup was tasteless, the chicken was like only cover with dark soya sauce, and really as he mentioned, very small portion. Perhaps will need to spend over RM200 at this small eatery shop to fullfill 7 people’s meal!
    My advice is, don’t waste your money there if you’re looking for tasty food.
    For over 10 years I’ve been there with lots of good memory, I’m sad to say that this is the end of it, and I will never go back there again for the rest of my life!

    • Mandy: I think the problem could be two fold, prices of things have been going up plenty, and perhaps too the owner is starting to get a bit greedy due to the place’s popularity?

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