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For some of you who follow this humble blog, you might know that I vouched not to ever spend a dime at Sushi King and Genki Sushi. Although both the restaurants serve inferior sushi on conveyor belt, it doesn’t mean that all conveyor belt sushi restaurants are bad, as my latest experiment at Sushi Zanmai (Sunway Pyramid) assured me.

Zanmai Sushi at Sunway Pyramid
conveyor belt sushi, with a lot of other items on the menu

I stumbled upon this place a couple of months ago when I visited Zen Sushi at their Pyramid branch. The menu enticed me (particularly the ikura chawamushi) to actually go there a few weeks ago when I had an appointment at Pyramid.

Zanmai Sushi at Sunway Pyramid
proper portion of fish over rice, nice

For the quick dinner, I picked 4 dishes of sushi (sake, maguro, amaebi, tofu skin) from the conveyor, and ordered a cup of the irresistible ikura chawamushi (salmon roe on top of steamed egg) and a plate of hotate sashimi (raw scallop).

The sushi dishes were actually very good, the portion of fish is generous, and if you look at the amaebi sushi (sweet shrimp), it is actually one big shrimp instead of the usual two tiny ones. They are plenty fresh and tasted very good too. I am one of those people who cannot say no to ikura, and the ikura chawamushi, albeit a bit small in portion, was actually very nice. It is a bit different from the usual roe over sushi rice though. Lastly, the succulent hotate sashimi (5 pieces of fresh scallop) was perfect to round up my dinner.

Zanmai Sushi at Sunway Pyramid
ikura chawamushi (salmon roe) and hotate sashimi (scallop)

The dinner cost Rm 35.42, with ikura chawamushi being the most expensive at RM 9.80, the sashimi was only RM 8, and sushi plates were between RM 1.60 (tofu skin) to RM 4.80 (shrimp). 10% service charge and the 5% tax is added. Still a pretty good value, and I am going there again.

Lt 0B2-F1, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Centre
Bandar Sunway, Selangor

GPS: 3.073297, 101.607576
Tel: 03-7492 3080

Discuss : KY eats – Sushi Zanmai at Sunway Pyramid

  1. I want to go too!

  2. Sushi Zanmai has a new outlet at the Garden, Mid Valley.

  3. The Ikura Chawanmushi is a must try for me. Do they have Ikura sushi too? Also, do they have Uni sushi (Sea Urchin) one of my favourite but hard to find in local Japanese restaurant.

  4. i didn’t know sunway pyramid have sushi Zanmai… *i am so outdated*… Must bring friend go try it out!!

  5. Sushi Zanmai….coincidently, there is a Sushizanmai in Tsukiji fish market too, which is quite popular for its fresh sushi.
    This one you went to sounds quite reasonable priced. Will go try when I’m back

  6. You are staying in Sunway area?

  7. Looks like another place that i wil not give a miss….. looks so invitng!

  8. ian,

    nope, but not too far away. πŸ™‚

  9. keng ah

  10. It is good. Was recommended by my Japanese colleague.

  11. suPer JaPanEse Foods FaNs

    Its Cool man!!the foods was so yummies…and freshness of the foods was so good to all the consumers…such a reasonable price for such a good foods…

    Remarks:people who likes junk foods or drinks from japan and ice cream..can buy this stuff from the next shop which is called”Shojikiya”

  12. angeline khoo

    i had been to this restaurant for a few times,i like the environment there. the food is nice as well,so i will introduce to my friends to try new things.surprisingly,today i get a voucher from the staff from this restaurant…it was so good to me…i think me and my frens will go more often..the guy was good

  13. wow!!got so nice people ?i also want to know him ler…how does he looks like?is he handsome?

  14. catherine,

    I went there to eat but not to check out guys. LOL

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  16. yeah~ i tried Sushi Zanmai at Mid Vally The Gardens, really great! My brother was going there 4 times in a month! Good recommendation!!! πŸ˜› Love it a lot.. New branch opening at 1 Utama on May 2008, new wing just infront of Parkson. Check it out! πŸ˜›

  17. Eunice,
    Looks like business is pretty good at this chain ya. Glad you like it.

  18. […] the Pyramid Zen, and I found out that they also run my favorite conveyor belt sushi place, Zanmai Sushi! I believe there is also a Zanmai outlet at Gardens, you can check it […]

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    […] oh, finally had my nihon food fix. kakcik and i had our makan and borak session @ sushi zanmai which was good.. have decided to drag the family along next we are in this neck of the woods. […]

  20. I went there upon recommendation from an old friend. Food was great and sashimi fresh. I like the sashimi rice (forgot the name in Jap). However, I am going there again soon to find out whether there is uni.

    Suggestion on wine corkage shall be reduced to RM20 per bottle.

  21. bern,
    oooOo why la bring wine pula. πŸ˜›

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  23. their waitress service is good
    but the waiter is very lansi
    i really hate the ass hole

  24. Arthur,
    Hahaha maybe they are jealous of you or something. But to be honest, the service industry in Malaysia still has a long way to go.

  25. u should try the dragon roll, caterpillar roll and hanamaki!its awesome.i find sushi zanmai’s converyor belt sushi very odinary and overpriced.try to ORDER something in ur next visit =)

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