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I have always thought that the roti bakar at PJ state was one of the bests I have had, until one of my clients bought me to the food court at KLCC to order the same thing there. Since then, this little stall at the 2nd floor food court became my favorite place for breakfast.

excellent roti bakar toast at KLCC food court
a satisfying breakfast for two

Like the version in PJ state, thicker version of bread is used; but instead of charcoal (which wouldn’t be allowed in an air conditioned environment), the bread is heated with electrical toaster instead. However, instead of having kaya and butter spread on each piece of the toast, this place have both pieces with kaya, and then put a thick slice of frozen butter in between.

The frozen butter combined with the hot bread and the sweetness of kaya makes a perfect combination. The taste of butter blending with kaya and bread; the texture of frozen butter contrasting strongly with soft kaya spread and the crispy toast; and even the differences temperature between the ingredients combined to a very satisfying bite.

excellent roti bakar toast at KLCC food court
ahhh.. thick frozen butter

The toast goes best with a cup of hot coffee and some half boiled egg. As each food court rental costs somewhere around RM 18,000 per month, the food doesn’t come very cheap. Each item is slightly more than RM 2. It makes a slightly expensive breakfast, but I simply couldn’t resist this stuff, just so good. I think I’m going to the 2nd floor food court at KLCC again tomorrow.

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Discuss : KY eats – Excellent Roti Bakar (toast bread) at KLCC food court

  1. then it’s slightly almost the same as Old Town.? the bread looks real thick though..

  2. I’m drooling over it but I’m so far away…the images looks tasty enough

  3. Yatz,

    could be, could be, I don’t stay or work near any Old Town kopitiam, haven’t tried their version yet. 🙂

  4. Hey, nice la .. Let’s go, not breakfast, lunch? 😀

  5. Considering the amount I have to pay for the crappy breakfasts served at ayamas kl sentral, the klcc one seems worth it. Im drooling already!

    oh yeah, don’t bother trying out the breakfast at ayamas. the food there is like a girl on pms. sometimes it’s passable, sometimes you just wanna rush to the kitchen and fling your toast at the cook. all that angst for just Rm4.10! 😀

  6. yum… i like the chee cheong fun here.

    hv u tried the toast bread on the 4th floor toast bread as well?

  7. Old town roti bakar is rubbish actually.

    There is a little kopitiam in Chukai called Kedai Kopi Hai Peng. If you are ever in that part of the world go have the best roti bakar in Malaysia.

  8. wahhh.. i remember dat kinda of yummilicios sugar butter toast ma momma prepared 4 her lovin’ boy -> me. auhhh…

    p/s : ky.. do you mind if i take dat toast pic to use on ma blog. plz plz plzzz.. i give you credit. of coz not top-up lah. heheh.

  9. Next time you go again don’t forget to ajak me along okie? since i always see you around in KLCC

  10. pinkpainter

    Think what u refer to is Daily Kopitiam. I had tried it and the one at 4th floor. For my humble opinion, Hai Peng at Bandar Puteri Puchong is the best. Dun worry, Daily Kopitiam has another branch at The Weld, Jalan Raja Chulan, go and try if you work nearby.

  11. oh-oh, now you got me geared up to sneak out for breakfast there. i’m newly working at klcc now, still exploring its food options…

  12. try the chee cheong fun (the plain one, without the yong tau foo) which is quite good! I’ll normally have mine with less sauce, more sesame and the fried onion! yum yum!

  13. hi ky,

    can i check with you how do i register a blog of my own like this one of yours? thks…..

  14. Terence,

    Try to go to or for more information. 🙂

  15. looks like the Yakun Kaya in Singapore..toast bread with kaya and a thick cut of frozen butter 🙂 yummie

  16. Well, Old Town Kopitiam roti baker real sux with super thin bread. I try out the Papa Kopition at Selayang Mall, Selayang. The bread is thick and nice. And they got their own Papa Roti which is hardly found in other place.

    Beside that, this Kopitiam got some nice meal such as Nasi Lemak, Chicken Porridge which mostly ordered by the customers here. In weekdays, although it is not pakced with customers. But in weekend, this kopitiam packed with customers from morning til end of lunch time.

    And I been to another branch at OUG Plaza but the food at the OUG Plaza seem like to be different with the main branch in Selayang Mall like the food and especially the roti bakar. It is totally not the same.

    I think the Selayang Mall Branch is the real Papa Kopitiam.

    If got chance, come around Kepong or Selayang area to try out some nice foods. As your post on nice foods are mainly focus on PJ area.

    This si my 2 cents worth opinion. Thank You

  17. Hey there! I used your picture of the roti bakar & I linked you as I didn’t have any of my own. Hope you don’t mind! If you do, let me know and I’ll take it off.

    Here’s to great orgasmic authentic roti bakar! *clink*

  18. Yeh, Yeh, this Daily Kopitiam sounds very familiar. I go to one at 4th Floor Pavilion. The name is the same as the one KY went to. Looks like this is a chain operating within the Golden Triangle. I tried some of their Nasi Lemak and Noodle dishes and were great. Will take some pictures the next time I go there.

  19. km,
    oooo, nice. 😀

  20. sang_buragas

    Roti bakar Kluang Railway Station is the best! No doubt hehehe…You will pick the bread which the butter melting most!!!yum…yum

  21. sang_buragas,
    OoO, interesting. I always order the chicken wings there tho

  22. Hi there, I have tried out this roti bakar at KLCC food court. As what you claimed, the bread look nice due to that One stick of butter sandwiched between two breads. However, it is not the best Roti Bakar I ever had. The best I had not from the famous Kopitiam. The best I ever had is from Papa Kopitiam located Selayang Mall, Selayang, Selangor. When you go there and have it, you will be amazed with the serving size. And the breat, it is specially made with super THICK (the one in KLCC it not THICK at all). With the kaya home made plus fresh butter from freezer it make it super nice to have it. Beside roti bakar, they also have a Nasi Lemak which is better than the Madam Kwan I had last week.

    If you had a problems in direction to there, feel free to MSN me.


  23. HuaLun,
    Oooo Selayang, I gotta do that one of these days. 😀

  24. For those who interested to take up a kopitiam franchise, kindly goto this website

  25. brandon,
    Thanks for the tips. 😉

  26. sang_buragas

    sorry all..i tried Kluang Station roti bakar in jaya one(now re-allocate). Personally it cant match even 50% of the original roti bakar from Kluang, Johor railway station. There was no melting butter huhhuh

  27. sang_buragas,
    I’m sure the original place serves up better dishes! 😀

  28. Kedai Kopi Hai Peng, Chukai,Kemaman,Terengganu.

    compulsory place to stop by if u drive along east coast…

    The best roti bakar ever…

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