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hawker paddling on the streets of ho chi minh city, vietnam

Updates will be sparse these few days as I am traveling on assignment at Ho Chi Minh City again. This time around I surely will try more interesting food. So far I’ve tried fried bee larva (will post on that soon), lets see what I manage to get in the next few days!


Discuss : Ho Chi Minh City … yet again

  1. I love your maps!

    SS Quah
    Penang, Malaysia

  2. the picture that you took is awesome… I never been to Ho Chi Minh City… looking forward to visit next year :-> I bet you enjoy the food there eh!

  3. Boss, you been to HCM like 10 x this year!?? =)

  4. ks,

    only like 3 times lah..

  5. hey i read sin chew article n they interviewing u.
    cool man.
    keep it on.

  6. i like u

  7. harrytee,
    thanks. 😀

    this comment looks suspicious, are you the real guy?

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