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The Petronas Twin Towers is perhaps one of the most photographed buildings in Malaysia. There are tonnes of photos taken from various angles, but can you guess where is this particular photo taken from?

note: I didn’t cut a hole from a cardboard.

KLCC, where is this?
where did I take this picture of the twin towers?

No prize for guessing right. 😀

Discuss : KY saw – where did I snap this picture?

  1. Uiikss, shit hole?

  2. rubbish bin?

  3. Toilet’s window.

  4. happy dragon

    the bridge between the tower?

  5. Construction tube?

  6. man7drake

    Sky bridge! I took that one before! 😛

  7. oOo. happy dragon & man7drake got it right. congrats!

    This is actually taken on the 42th floor’s bridge. Usually visitors only get to the 41st floor’s bridge that does not have access to this peep hole. 😀

  8. Cheh~~~ and I was about to say u were in the bathroom doing ur ‘business’ when you realised that there was no more toilet paper but the cardboard left. So you used it to take a picture to kill some time while waiting for someone to come in and rescue you with toilet paper!

    Hehehe, creative or not??

  9. The lamp posts at the side of the lake?

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