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Monthly Archives / August 2007

Whenever I go to any foreign places, it is always interesting to tune to their local tv channels to get a taste of the local media. I think there is no other places that airs more languages on national TV than in Malaysia. On last count, we have more than 10 languages: English, Malay, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, Arabic, Tamil, Hindi.. not to mention Manglish.

Situation in Vietnam is slightly different, instead of airing shows in their respective languages, they usually dub it in Vietnamese. However, if you listen closely, they only use ONE person to dub the entire movie. It doesn’t matter if the actor on screen is old, young, male, female, baby, dog, cat.. just one person speaking the dialogs monotonously, without emotion nor any hint of passion.

Check it out!

My Vietnamese friend, Trinh invited me to his house for dinner, and knowing that I am some sort of an explorer when it comes to food, he got his wife to prepare one of the more interesting dishes I’ve had recently. Fried bee’s pupae!

Fried Bee Pupae
don’t they look lovely?

The dish is prepared by frying the pupae lightly with minimal seasoning, looks to me that only oil and some shallots was used. My friend told me that there are many ways the dish is prepared. As you bite this strange looking creature, the liquid interior of the insect bursts in your mouth, the texture is certainly interesting. However, to be honest, the taste is rather blunt, I think a stronger seasoning might help.

trinh's house
very good Vietnamese hospitality

My Vietnamese friend’s house is quite narrow and short in Malaysian standard, but in the city of 7 million, land is pretty expensive. This particular house is slightly less than 3 meters in width, and probably some 10 meters in depth. It was a pretty interesting experience.

hawker paddling on the streets of ho chi minh city, vietnam

Updates will be sparse these few days as I am traveling on assignment at Ho Chi Minh City again. This time around I surely will try more interesting food. So far I’ve tried fried bee larva (will post on that soon), lets see what I manage to get in the next few days!


The Petronas Twin Towers is perhaps one of the most photographed buildings in Malaysia. There are tonnes of photos taken from various angles, but can you guess where is this particular photo taken from?

note: I didn’t cut a hole from a cardboard.

KLCC, where is this?
where did I take this picture of the twin towers?

No prize for guessing right. 😀

Once in a while when I feel like I have to indulge myself with some awesome snacks, I’ll go to the 3rd floor of Isetan KLCC where they sell a variety of not-exactly-cheap, but very good imported snacks.

Snacks that I’ve tried from there includes the irresistible Keebler’s chocolate chip cookies and the oddly named Hello Panda biscuits. But today, lets talk about the delicious European snack – MiniSnack!

MiniSnack from Isetan
crunchy and creamy, slurps

I’m not exactly sure where this snack comes from, the name MiniSnack isn’t exactly very meaningful. However, the Sfoglia ripiena blah blah blah description seems to be Italian. Why do I care anyway, so long as this stuff tastes good, right?

MiniSnack from Isetan
hazelnut flavor, best

This thing costs almost RM8 per packet, and contains “6 puff pastry rolls filled with hazelnut cream” or cream flavor. Biting down this snack is pure heaven, the roll is crunchy and pretty light, while the fillings is creamy and heavy, tasted almost like melted chocolate with strong hazelnut flavor. The skin actually has a similar texture with Him Heang tambun biscuit.

RM 8 for 6 of these isn’t exactly cheap, considering I could finish the whole pack in one sitting, but the flavor is just so great. Last I had one these was quite a while ago, I think I’ll have to go to Isetan tomorrow!