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Being a Penangite living in KL, one of the many hawker foods that we always miss is the famous Char Kueh Teow. When I first came down to this part of the country many years ago, this is the dish that I always avoid when fixing my stomach at various kopitiams. On the rare occasions that I gave it a try, the experience was usually quite horrid.

note: this stall has now moved to the kopitiam next to UOB, read updated blog post here!

Update 2019: the original operator passed away, new guy now.

Char Kueh Teow at PJ State
yeh, that’s the size of prawn i love

However, recently I have started to experiment with the various “Penang” char kueh teow places in KL again, thinking that there must be a few good stalls around. I now employ a standard litmus test before I make my order. It is very simple, I will order in Hokkien, and if the hawker answers in anything other than a perfect Penang version of Hokkien, I simply excuse myself and go for my second choice. The test has proven to be very useful thus far.

Char Kueh Teow at PJ State
now you see it, now you don’t

I have actually heard of this place from FA before decided to give it a try. The kopitiam is nameless and is located at the other end of the same row of shops that has the famous kopitiam with loh ngap (duck), very good roti bakar, and seafood porridge, among other things.

The char kueh teow was surprising good, not as great as the two famous Penang stalls, but plenty close enough to warrant a trip for anyone who loves this dish. The prawns are pretty big, and the dish comes complete with cockles and Chinese sausage too. I usually like to have mine extra spicy for some extra kicks. I finished the plate in no more than 5 minutes.

Char Kueh Teow at PJ State
the unnamed kopitiam housing this char kueh teow stall is situated by MBPJ building

Upon looking at me snapping pictures, the stall owner actually came up to me for a chat. Apparently he is the 2nd generation owner of the stall, handed over from his mother and the stall has been in operation for some 20 years.

As usual, there will be people who are quick to point out that it used to be better, and the son isn’t as good as the mom’s char kueh teow. To me, I think most of us don’t realize that char kueh teow is not something like great art works, where Picasso’s son wouldn’t do better. Our taste buds are getting less by the days, and most often than not, we would have been exposed to wider variety of good food since 5 years ago. Don’t commit the fallacy, just give it a good honest try, I think you’ll like it.

Jalan Tengah,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS:3.099046, 101.644467

One of my all time favorite char Kuih teow in klang valley, the little stall at the back of the popular Kam Heong kopitiam at PJ state. Operator is the same old penang dude from all those years ago. #kyeats #breakfast #kopitiam #hawker #charkuihteow #nonhalal #instavideo

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Discuss : KY eats – Char Kueh Teow at PJ State [Changed]

  1. You should also try the “fish paste noodle” and the curry mee from the auntie too. All of them are my favourite… 😀

  2. lotsofcravings

    the prawns does look shockingly good..

  3. I never knew you were a penang kia you taugeh!!

    yayyyyyyyyyyyyy got a personal penang tour guide next time kuakuakua 🙂

    ehh.. when you go back, get me some tau sa peng ya noob! *grins*

  4. update update updateeee…..

  5. yummy! when i come back, you must bring me there.

  6. great tasting food are usually not healthy.

    healthy food are usually not great tasting.

    i would die for this CKT…

  7. making me hungry~

  8. eh.. smackie still alive!!! 😛

  9. tankiasu

    Yo, how’s futsal lately? 😉

    The CKT looks nice, will try it out one day.

  10. ohh…u r from penang!

  11. Penang is best! 😀

  12. Yums..!! missed CKT alot.!

  13. all penang ppl doesn’t know how to eat, i mean those that ppl taste good, they say not good, those that ppl taste bad, they sad good. strange. penang ppl only know and like to eat char kuey teow, asam laksa, tao sa peah etc… but when u ask then to try other food, they seem reluctant to do so.. strange strange strange

  14. suweii,

    I’m from penang, I don’t look like I only eat those 3 things you described, right? 😀

  15. i dun mean that penang ppl only eat these 3 kind of food, what i try to saying is, they will just stick to whatever food that is nice in penang and for hokien. if u were to ask them to try hakka food, they may say “nice meh?”. if u were to ask them to try cantonese style homemade dish, they will say “nice meh?”. if u were to ask them to try asam laksa around selangor, they will say “penang still the best”. y not they just accept that they are at selangor here, and accept the food standard here. if u really think penang asam laksa still the best, go back penang and eat. dun eat already then complaining the food here is not good.

  16. suweii,

    I agree with you partly, there are some penang people that do behave this way, and that is most unfortunate. I myself am constantly trying out new things, and many times surprised myself at how great food from other cultures can be. 🙂

  17. KY,
    Your food information is very great ya, im penang guy too fr bw. Im stay in KL for abt 6yr but still look around for penang style food. But maybe im the penang guy as described by suweii that is strange becoz i dun like hakka “lui cha”.
    Maybe penang ppl like penang taste and klang valley ppl like their own taste food lo.

  18. W.K.Tan,

    Thanks for the compliment. I think if you open up yourself, you’ll find there are plenty of good food around KL that are as good as those you can find in Penang.

  19. Anyone know where to find good Or Chien Oyster omellette in KL/PJ ?

  20. kl_fatguy

    Have you guys try the WanTan Mee at this shop before,taste no bad.The mosts important is really dry,not wet like others + no taste.This WanTan Mee highly reconmended.

    One more things about this WTM is you don’t feel “kan sui” on their mee…

    Been there for few times already.

  21. kl_fatguy,
    Ahh, not yet, I always had the char kueh teow whenever I had a chance to go there.

  22. […] price for the quality of food and location. I am not too sure about their other classic dishes like Char Kueh Teow, but if they can have similar quality it wouldn’t be […]

  23. The restaurant is now closed forever. Heard will turn into a Kopitam outlet.

  24. Tonn899,
    I know, and I can’t find where it’s moved to, any idea?

  25. madeleine

    Should try out a ckt & satay stall in a small town in Negeri Sembilan where the locals traditional eating method is mixing the satay peanut sauce with ckt and it operates only after 12.30am. That the best ckt iv ever had and it’s still uncomparaple until now,not to comment on other places ckt. Try and you’l know!

  26. madeleine,
    Interesting, but I think the distance is slightly prohibitive.. we shall see. Thanks for suggesting though. 🙂

  27. […] 4.50 a plate, and I’ll be back for more! This is the place that can replace my then-favorite PJ state keuh teow stall that went missing (anyone know where they’ve moved […]

  28. basalt1984

    Dude, I heard that the son recently moved back operations to the ‘State’ area once more. They are currently at ‘unnamed’ kopitiam along the same shoplot row as the old place. Its the same place which has that popular prawn mee and poriddge and has overflowing tables and chairs on the weekends…so you cant miss it. Sorry i cant confirm this cos im based overseas ;(

  29. They move d?? I really miss the CKT

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