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The reason this blog hasn’t been updated for the past few days is a sound one. I was at Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam again, and the hotel wanted to charge something like US $17 per day for internet access, I guess I could live without going online for a few days. I had the chance to walk around the city a bit and take a few pictures from the street.

vietnam, ho chi minh city
not going to school

There are still many under privileged children in this city, selling various items such as chewing gums, or like in this case, providing a shoe shining service.

ho chi minh city, vietnam
buy from me?

This lady kept asking me to buy a coconut from her. I had no idea how much one would cost, and she doesn’t speak English either.

ho chi minh city, vietnam
i want a bike

It seems like this guy, who appears to be a rat trapper, would very much love to be able to own a motorbike one day. Ho Chi Minh City has a very high concentration of motorbikes, pretty much like Penang in the 80s, except maybe 5x as busy.

ho chi minh city, vietnam

A white lady is trying to figure out what’s for breakfast. I guess it wasn’t too attractive as she just walked past the mobile restaurant. You can find these sort of hawkers all over HCMC.

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  1. wow!!! beautiful pics man! i will, one day, make my way to HCM too.

  2. Still slightly too greyish. Try playing around with the contrast and levels in photoshop.

    Shot a couple of photos too and managed to convert it to B/W photos.

    Check it out here:

  3. Wifi free almost everywhere else. Most coffee shops have free wifi

  4. ur photography skills are improving day by day…way to go!!

  5. ct,
    not exactly as common as Malaysia. 🙂

    thank you very much

  6. You go there often? Or was it a holiday? Me will be there quite often come november

  7. Everybody may learn how to take photo but to know how to take a photo with soul, it is totally different class!! KY- you are one of them that tell the story from your photo….Black and White is better than color, Why? I don’t color don’t match the feeling you need in your photo.

    Anxiously waiting for more story from you, I mean from your photo

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