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Since my very short business tripto Kota Kinabalu would not allow me to visit anywhere, I thought it’d be a good time to sneak in a session of photo taking instead. I reached this East Malaysian city at around 5 something in the evening, and went straight to the Philippine’s market after checking into the hotel just directly opposite it.

You can find a few more photos from my flickr set

kid by harbor, kota kinabalu
kid by the harbor

As I were taking pictures with the somewhat big camera, quite a few people were pretty intrigued by the activity and actually posed for the camera. This particular kid by the harbor was a little shy and would not stare straight to the camera.

intrigued, kota kinabalu

This trader was a little intrigued by me snapping a picture of him. This image is quite a contrast to the busy pace of the market.

puffer fish, kota kinabalu
puffer fish on the block

I had never seen puffer fish being sold in wet markets at Peninsular Malaysia. The box shaped fish looks almost unreal if not for the fish monger in the background.

big eyes, kota kinabalu
big eyes

sunset by the harbor, kota kinabalu
sunset by the harbor

As Kota Kinabalu faces west with nothing but the vast span of South China Sea and a few small islands, the sunset can be quite a sight.

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  1. I like the picture of the kid.

  2. suertes

    This might be interesting, but the New York Times published a black and white photo of what I think is probably the same place, earlier this year:

    It was used for a story about illegal immigrants living in various parts of the world, including Sabah of course.

  3. first photo very nice. I impression, KY!

  4. i prefer the 2nd pic as it’s sharper .. composition wise i prefer the first 😀 >> i’m a newbie in photograph.. so just some input from me..

  5. suertes,

    I believe it could be from the same place, lotsa Philippine immigrants at the market. You can hear it from their language. 🙂

  6. suertes

    Exactly. I thought it was the Filipino Market too when I saw the nyt pix.

  7. excellent photos, the boy picture in particular, can you share info regarding camera settings

  8. zak,

    was shooting at f5.6 at ISO 100 if i’m not mistaken. 🙂

  9. Check out some photo from AFC Asian Cup 2007 in Bangkok on my blog.

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