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As a gesture of appreciation for helping a buddy out, I was promised a good dinner at Mont Kiara a few weeks back. After the assignment, as we were figuring out what to have, I spotted this nice little place called Zakuro on the ground floor of Plaza Mont Kiara. Since I’m such a fan of Japanese cuisine, the decision only took a planck time.

Zakuro Japanese Restaurant at Plaza Mont Kiara
Ahhhhh, Sashimi Moriwase, yumm

To satisfy my stomach for this occasion, we ordered a Sashimi Moriwase, some tempura, kaki furai (deep fried oyster), and the BBQ squid. The free appetizer was, I believe, a slice of pumpkin, and our we ordered a bowl of fried rice and normal Japanese rice to go with everything else.

Zakuro Japanese Restaurant
nice ambiance with comfortable chairs as well

The food took a while to come, but I guess that was only because they took the time to prepare with attention to details. The sashimi dish was arranged with some very good cut of fresh salmon, surf clam, tuna, butter fish, and some other stuff I can’t name.

The BBQ squid and tempura were similarly satisfying, crunchy and juicy respectively, and prepared with fresh seafood. However, the most delicious item has to be the kaki furai, this was only the first time I had tasted oyster prepared this way. The oysters served here were really hugey, the crunchy texture of the breading contrasting with the juicy and not overly cooked oyster was just perfect gastronomically satisfying stuff.

Zakuro Japanese Restaurant
sashimi, tempura, squid, and oyster

The bill came to be RM 140 for everything. The sashimi was RM50, tempura & the oyster dishes were RM25, and the squid RM12. Pretty reasonable price for the quality of food as well as the rather nice dining environment.

map to Zakuro Japanese Restaurant at Plaza Mont Kiara

C-OG-02 Plaza Mont Kiara
2, Jalan 1/70C, Mont Kiara
50480 Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.165637, 101.651956
Tel: 03-6201 6626

Discuss : KY eats – Zakuro Japanese Restaurant at Plaza Mont Kiara

  1. lotsofcravings

    i always end up in rakuzen..maybe thats y its an time make a point to go there instead..since its way cheaper

  2. “since its way cheaper” is not something one would say when comparing the prices of zakuro and rakuzen.

  3. Ting Tit Lei

    you should try the one in hartamas.. i dont remember the name but it has a huge purple signboard, located near the allied martials art. very traditional japanese food

  4. Lei AH mah

    Damn ex lah tiuuu

  5. ARRGGGHHHHHhhhh!!!!!!!!!! SASHIMIIIIII…. MIMI!!!!

  6. omg i’d die for the sashimi man..!!

  7. woah!! looks so mouth watering!! i miss japanese food so much…

  8. kl fat guy

    Hi guys,have you all try Rest Sugimoto before.Actually is same row with Jarrod & Rawlings.Can said this Jap restaurant is quite famous for the Japanese ppl in Malaysia which mosts of them told me that the taste and menu is same as from Jpn and mosts of all is fresh.

    Can said some of the menu you never get from others Jap Rest which they try to localised,so sad to hear that.I also get to know that you go to Sango Rest at Cyrstal Crown PJ,when in the afternoon you will see alot Jap ppl go there for lunch.My Jap frens told me one of their favourite place for lunch and dinner is Rest Sugimoto.

    You guys should try on next time.

  9. kl fat guy,
    Sounds good, I should give that a try one of these days. So many Japanese restaurants at Hartamas it is hard to choose sometimes.

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