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Every once in a blue moon, I get to be invited to sample a restaurant, this is one such occasions. Brian (Thanks!) from All dat Jazz contacted me via email and told me about Groove Junction, I immediately agreed to the free food. I had initially thought that there would just be myself and a couple of other friends I bring a long, but it turned out to be a bigger occasion with Riz, masak-masak, and Lemongrass there as well. This is also the first time I met the friendly bunch.

note: the restaurant is no longer here 17/3/2011.

Groove Junction Bistro & Cafe at Sri Hartamas
nice place, good food, bloggers at work

Groove Junction is actually a rather new place that has been in operation for only a couple of months. The Bistro and Cafe sat right on top of Karma in Sri Hartamas, just a stone’s throw away from the ProJet petrol station. The ambiance of the place is very nice, slightly darker compared to normal restaurants, but fits perfectly with the stage up front where live bands play Jazz nightly. A very relaxing and rather classy setting, perfect for bringing your special ones there.

Groove Junction Bistro & Cafe at Sri Hartamas
Ellena’s Lamb Steak, Sonny Rollins (chicken), Billie Holiday (fish), Dexter Cordon (chicken corddn blue)

But when it comes down to it, the most important thing for a restaurant is still the food, so how does Groove Junction fair?

Since this was a food tasting session, we actually got to try quite a number of dishes from their extensive menu. Starting off with Yam Nam glass noodle and a piece of mushroom bruschetta as appetizer. These two items actually made me even hungrier than I had started out, they were actually very good, the glass noodle was spicy and has a tangy taste, while the creamy mushroom bruschetta offers contrasting texture and taste that fits perfectly.

Groove Junction Bistro & Cafe at Sri Hartamas
lamb curry with toasted bread, and some desserts

For the main dishes, we sampled a total of six dishes. A (Ellena’s) lamb steak that is one of their best sellers, the really excellent chicken with orange seasoning wrapping some asparagus that they call Sonny Rollins, Dexter Cordon (Chicken Cordon Blue), pan fried sole fish named Billie Holiday, and Beef Panne – the grilled beef prepared with herb sauce. Of these 5 dishes, I like Sonny Rollins and the beef the most, but the other three were very good too, it’s just a tragedy not having a big enough stomach to eat more than a few bites from each dish.

Being a Bistro, Groove Junction offers some finger food as well. We had the Chickalina’s, marinated chicken in black sauce, and the lamb curry with toasted bread. These stuff will go down very well with some beer.

And as if there was any space in my stomach, we had desserts. The Roll Morton (hot banana “pohpiah” with ice cream) was actually very addictive with its contrasting temperature and texture, Riz ended up having like 3 or 4 of those. The cheese cake and tiramisu were reported to be very good by the ladies, but I just couldn’t fit another bite by then.

Map to Groove Junction Bistro & Cafe at Sri Hartamas

The price of food at Groove Junction is pretty much in line with any restaurant of its class. Finger foods at around RM 15 and main dishes from RM 20+ to RM 30+. Considering the great atmosphere and the accompanying fabulous live Jazz, this place offers pretty good value for some really good food. I’ll return as a paying customer for sure.

Groove Junction
1-1, Jalan 22A/70A
Desa Sri Hartamas
Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.162777, 101.652557
tel: 03-6201 8990

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  1. Lalabeng

    Of coz the food is good, they probably have specially prepared it for u bunch to sample…wait till I go there impromptu….lol

  2. Nice meeting you that night! To be fair to Groove Junction, I have friends who went there, impromptu, and paid for their food, and the verdict is still the same….great food!

  3. Lalabeng

    Lemongrass….they must have paid u really well to say that…lol…how many % share?

  4. wah looks nice.. the lamb steak is making me drool big time

  5. i’m sold. let’s go!

  6. lol lalabeng! If only they’d offer me free food everytime I go there, but unfortunately, no one’s offered to buy my votes yet. lol.

  7. Riz Ainuddin

    lol! 3 or 4 of those. I really enjoyed the popiah pisang. I mean…Roll Morton. Baru glamour sikit. :))

    Looking at the photos again yours, lemongrass’s, masak2 and mine. I sure do feel like having one now.

  8. Nice meeting you – sorry we could not chat much since we sat at the other side of the table.

  9. Ting Tit Lei

    wow ive passed by the place a thousand times *i live at mont kiara and im a member of true fitness* yet ive never dined there before. i think ill post a review of it too after i check it out haha

  10. Mr. mark selvino

    For me Junction Groove is a great place….to dine and chat with your friends…accompanied with live jazz music….that would really suite anyone’s taste….

    i say this because i worked here for almost more than a week…
    before i returned to the Philippines…

  11. i tried the place upon your recommendation, what a dissapointment. We went on Sunday evening, there are more staffs there than the customers. The lamb steak is only so so, the chicken sandwich taste like the road side burgers… The only thing that is commentable…staffs are friendly

  12. hey. im turning nineteen next month (dec) and i enjoy good food and live music. my friends have been thinking of a dinner occasion for my birthday, would groove junction be a suitable place for us?

  13. Michael Yee

    The restaurant is no longer there….

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