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When it comes to food in the historical town that is Melaka, there are a few items that you must never miss. Kinda like the Char Kueh Teow and Laksa in Penang, the must-eat items in Melaka are Satey Celup (video!), Chendol, Poh Piah, and of course, perhaps the most famous of all, the Chicken Rice Ball.

Chicken Rice Ball at Melaka, Chung Wah restaurant
very old school set up, with marble table

Chung Wah restaurant (中华茶室) is one of the very first, and regarded by many, the best chicken rice ball restaurant in Melaka. It is also perhaps the most accessible one, with a paid car park just right beside the building, across from the St. Paul’s church (another must visit place in Melaka).

The place is always packed during weekends, and almost impossible to get in during festive seasons. After fighting through a small crowd to get our table, we ordered a middle portion chicken meat with 2 plates of chicken rice balls (5 balls per plate)

Chicken Rice Ball at Melaka, Chung Wah restaurant
chicken, rice balls, and chili, we’re all set

The chicken came with only one style, white chicken, since this is a pure Hainanese restaurant, no roasted or BBQ variety. The meat was smooth and tasted rather good, with sufficient flavor in all departments. The chili that is so important to any chicken rice dish was actually very good, has a kick in it while retaining a savory pepper aroma, addictive. The main attraction, the rice balls themselves, were somehow rather cold, but otherwise tasted pretty good. It is like having Bak Chang made of chicken rice, an interesting experience if you haven’t tried it.

Chicken Rice Ball at Melaka, Chung Wah restaurant
Chung Wah restaurant is right at the end/beginning of Jonker Walk

The meal for two was about RM 13-14, RM 8 for the chicken, and RM 1.50 for a plate of 5 rice balls.

Kedai Kopi Chung Wah
18, Jalan Hang Jebat,
75200 Melaka

GPS: 2.194969,102.248576

Discuss : KY eats – Chicken Rice Ball at Melaka (Chung Wah restaurant)

  1. Wahlau.NET

    it is actually nice..unlike ah ma kopitiam

  2. Jasmine

    The chicken rice looks very special. Must try next time I went to Melaka.

  3. the closest church is christ church across the bridge at stadhuys not st pauls church lah nabeh

  4. and fix your buggy page problem lah

  5. Funny you didn’t mention the service, because it sucks. The ones down the road on Jonker St are more modern but friendlier & less crowded.

    All rice balls are should come with a health warning for excessive sodium chloride content.

  6. IMO, Chicken Rice Balls are overrated.
    Like you mention, they are usually cold .. and lumped together.
    Like eating soggy rice. Tried it once and will never again.

  7. Yeah.. fix your buggy page man..

  8. Chicken rice balls are teh sucks.

  9. It is an interesting experience, but nothing to shout about, and probably a little overrated. Then again, sometimes you just have to try the “local specialty” I guess

  10. chicken rice balls are supposed to be cold, no?
    and of course they are lumped together. else how to become a ball.
    its just another way of eating chicken rice.

  11. suddenly i miss their food there…. gosh

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  13. oh yes~ this is in fact da best in melaka~ nv really tried other place… but then this is so far da best….

  14. anthraxxxx

    I almost threw a punch at one of the waiters there.

  15. lotsofcravings

    anywhere in kl can get?? looks like the japanese rice balls

  16. lotsofcravings,

    none that I know of, same goes with satey celup.

  17. btw.. it’s steamed chicken.
    Not ‘white’ chicken

  18. this is the only chicken rice shop i go to when i’m in malacca..chicken is ok, just give me the rice balls and chilli and i’ll be darn happy! 🙂

  19. wah even theStar reads your blog and takes into consideration your recommendations, although you visited the place last year

  20. just found out about your website… really awesome… will be trying out a few of the places recommended on your site soon.

  21. j3ff,

    Yeah the Star actually emailed me prior to posting that piece. 😀

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  23. Tam Jia Gui

    Hi,i found a new chicken rice ball in melaka, which seving good food and reasonable price, with aircond and good service too….maybe they are new, but new doesn’t mean is not good, so i give it a try and i never regret for my trying…coz i will go there in the future even. thy sell nyonya pongteh chicken, so while eating the chicken rice ball u even can try the nyonya taste also. they even sell indonesia tauhu telor which i never eat and see b4, well taste great also….. so nxt time if anyone go to melaka and wana try the chicken rice ball, y not go to this place:

    Title: Jonker Street Chicken Rice Ball
    Add: 17, Loring Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka
    Tel: 06-2847377

    i got their name card, that’s y i can provide their information and share with everyone who’d like to go melaka having nice and good food

  24. Anyone has Chung Wah’s contact no? Do they open during public holidays?

  25. CL,
    Unfortunately I don’t have their number, but I believe they’re open during holidays.

  26. I just had it today and it’s really nice! but the chicken meat is not as good. the breast meat was dry.

    The balls were fantastic though!

    Love it and will recommend it.

  27. i had very bad experience dining in this restaurant, this chicken meat is overrated and it just dont worth the wait under hot sun.
    but i like your site very much, keep up the good work!

  28. may i know what’s the business hour ya

    • jennifer: I don’t own this place thus.. not too sure, but I believe from morning till late lunch.

  29. can I take away ?

  30. I went to Chung Wah about a week ago with my friends. It opened at 9 on a Saturday morning, there was already a small queue in front of the restaurant before us.
    We ordered half a chicken because we wasn’t hungry but the owner disregarded our order and gave us a whole one anyways.(we realised afterwards there were two chicken wings).
    The chicken and rice balls were cold and didn’t taste good at all. It was just opened and they already served cold food.
    Left a bad aftertaste in my mouth. What a huge disappointment.

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