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This is the second installation of KY TV show after the satey celup post last week, this stuff just keeps getting better now isn’t it?

I have to thank Bee Nee who suggested that I visit Hokano at Damansara Uptown after reading my take on the economical Japanese restaurant, Omitsu Koshi. It turns out that Hokano too is the hidden secret of the improbable cheap and good Japanese restaurant category.

Update 2021: This place is permanently closed

My hot camera lady and chief editor had chirashi sushi and chicken katsudon set for a grand total of less than RM 40. Take a look the video!

Hokano Japanese Restauarant at Damansara Uptown
of course, we shall not forget the map

This place is really worth a visit. Forget about those Sushi chains, you can get cheaper and way better Japanese food here. Operating hours are from noon to 10pm, closes on Sundays Wednesdays.

74, Jalan SS21/35
Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya

GPS: 3.132557, 101.622237
Tel: 03-7729 5325

Discuss : KY tv – Hokano Japanese Restaurant at Damansara Uptown

  1. Hmmmm must visit there one day! But those sushi chains are really expensive, and it’s not very good

  2. told u it’s good nabeh

  3. if u go there, try the hokano roll and also the salmon teriyaki!

  4. Thought you might find it good stuff =) Now hopefully my favorite hideout is not overcrowded when I get back in June thanks to you.

    Oh, and a word of caution. Hokano tends to be packed on weekday lunchtimes and parking it horrible then too.

  5. Gave it a try just now! The katsudon was really really good!!! Very economical indeed with no service charge or whatsoever.

  6. oi… i order order order… for 2 got over $100 😛

    hahahaahahah btw.. they r close on tuesday i was told.

    will try katsudon the next time i drop by 🙂

  7. Ky, good recommendation.
    Personally, i think the jap food in Nikko Hotel is alright. Lots of jap eat there. Maybe you or your readers can try. Set lunch starts from RM40 onwards. (Service and Gov tax not included)

  8. Ahdave,

    I think that’s a totally different category altogether in terms of price and quality, probably closer to Zen and Kampachi’s standard.

  9. Just to let you know…I just had lunch there. Ordered the salmon teriyaki set menu. My colleague ordered a set as well. Just as they were putting the dishes on the table, my colleague saw a baby cockroach (still alive) in the vegetable bowl. Of course the waitress apologized and got a new serving but I can just imagine the whole pot of vegetables swimming in baby cockroaches. If you find one baby cockroach, there’s bound to be a whole lot more than you can’t see.

  10. Peng,

    You had an exact same comment on the other post at

    are you sharing real experience or do I smell a troll? I don’t believe you actually saw baby roaches at two different restaurants ordering the same thing.

  11. Ky,
    Your site too famous.

    Perhaps Peng’s that lucky or trying hard to be notice by your readers.

    Papa Roach’s “This is my last resort”

  12. dude. i don’t have your email. i’ve posted the photos. food bloggers are free to use it at the blogs 🙂 check it out.


  13. Halo Ky…

    I’ve been ur regular visitor to ur food bloggie…nicely done and I really enjoyed all the food comments (and the yummy pics)!!

    OOh ya, do u mind for putting a link of ur website in my blog as well?? Hope i can learn some food blogging from ya~

  14. Yay, video! I am so jealous of your food.

  15. Kevinkks,

    Of course I always welcome any links. 😀

  16. thanks for ur review. Rakuzen also good, tried?

  17. » KY eats - Lam Mee (淋éĒ) at Damansara Uptown - by

    […] This Lam Mee place is just a few shops away from Sate Kajang Haji Samuri, and just behind the economical Hokano Japanese restaurant […]

  18. If you’re looking for very reasonably priced japanese food, you should try Matsuba’s lunch sets some time.

    RM12++ gets you a box with tempura, sushi, a small piece of unagi on decent japanese rice, salad, plus you get chawan mushi, miso soup, and green tea. There are other RM12++ and RM15++ sets too.
    RM15++ gets you box with sashimi, usually tender fried chicken, salad, unagi plus rice, chawan mushi etc.

    The lunch set’s only available Mon-Fri lunchtime (not on holidays etc).

    The standard is a definitely better than Omitsu Koshi (Matsuba even bother to sprinkle black sesame on rice and white sesame on the eel 🙂 ), and dinner prices are only a bit more expensive. On average it’s cheaper but not as good as Rakuzen Sri Hartamas (there are exceptions of course – like the grilled salmon fish head).

    The Matsuba branch we go to is at Desa Sri Hartamas 1st floor next to a club, same row as Decanter @ Hartamas. Parking can be a problem tho- the club people double park etc.

  19. Try Gomei Japanese Fast Food in Uptown Damansara, PJ today, Great! Half of the Price of average Japanese restaurant with Freshest Ingredients, Must try Unagi Bento Set (RM 15), Salmon Teriyaki Bento (RM 15) and Rib eye Teriyaki (RM 10), best ever! o.. also they have special Japanese Kebab, find them on facebook:gomei japanese food.

  20. KY, I think they are closed on Tuesday, not Sunday. I have been patronizing Hokano for roundabout 6-7 years now, so I am pretty sure.

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