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I came across this place at Taman Mayang Emas and couldn’t help laughing at the sight. A row of toilet bowls (and some washing basins) being used as flower pots. It doesn’t seem like this is an advertisement either, no signs, boards, or any writings. It’s just, odd, but kinda refreshing in a way.

Toilet Bowls as Flower Pots
best way to utilize unwashed toilet bowls?

I will be going to my most visited South East Asian country again, and hopefully there’ll be some interesting dinners again this time around. Stay tuned!

Discuss : KY saw – Toilet Bowls as Flower Pots

  1. only interesting dinners?

  2. durianberry

    Plenty of fertilizers to spur the growth of plants. Haha

  3. ow no! plants in jamban?? dats so so so !@#$$#@!


  4. Hi I will be visiting KL in a week’s time. Where will you recommend for fruitful shopping-value for money and good food?

  5. Char,

    Shopping? I guess you could heat to Petaling Street, there are plenty of good food nearby too.

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