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It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and I only managed to get to having brunch past 1pm in the afternoon. We decided to go to the nearby restaurant New Yew Sang at SS5 to satisfy our stomachs.

note: Not in business anymore, owner passed away from heart attack.

Since the steamed rice stall has pretty much sold off everything except a couple different choices, I decided to try something else and spotted this oddity in a Chinese kopitiam, a mee goreng stall. I figured if an Indian guy can stay in business in this environment, the food can’t be bad.

Mee Goreng at Restaurant New Yew Sang, Petaling Jaya SS4
mee goreng, extra spicy and extra sotong

For the uninformed, mee goreng traditionally comes with yellow noodle, bean sprout, fried tofu, cucur udang, potato, vegetable, and of course, the all important marinated cuttle fish or squid.

I ordered a plate of mee goreng, extra hot, and with extra cuttle fish. When it arrived, the dish was smelling great and looking great. I snapped a couple pictures and squeezed the lime on the noodle before burying myself in right away. The taste was just great, all the ingredients provided their different texture and taste, contributing to the overall savory and spicy satisfaction. The extra cuttle fish was well worth the money too, it was firm and tasted just the way I like it.

Mee Goreng at Restaurant New Yew Sang, Petaling Jaya SS4
I didn’t leave anything behind

The plate of mee goreng was RM 4.00 due to the extra sotong option, otherwise it goes for RM 3.00. The same stall also offers mee rebus, rojak, as well as maggie soup and maggie goreng.

Map to Restaurant New Yew Sang, Petaling Jaya SS4
New Yew Sang is on Jalan Bahagia, a stone’s throw away from KJ Giant

Jalan SS 6/8
Kelana Jaya

GPS: 3.106717, 101.598178

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  1. are u sure that’s cucur udang? 😛

  2. sailorsim

    i know the golden rule to enjoying hawker fare is to NOT know how your food’s prepared, but i was lucky enough to see this guy boil a soiled egg (i think it was bird droppings or something on the egg) and braise maggi in the same pot. i’ve never been able to order anything from him since.

  3. sailorsim,

    boiling kills all the germs. it’s all good, i’ll keep ordering. 😛

  4. According to your map, that location is NOT SS4, it’s in SS5 though.

    Did you get the address right?

  5. Charger,

    Ah yah, you are right, that should be SS5 already. Corrected.

  6. Actually… it’s SS6

  7. Looks delicious. Wonder if the maggee goreng as nice or not..

  8. try that soup shop in the area

  9. KY, please remove the comment. The idiot has moved on to harrassing us on our own blogs.

  10. sailorsim

    hehe, well… just sharing an experience, ky 😉

    i’m sure there are worse stories if we really observe any hawker stall.

  11. anttyk,

    done. 🙂

  12. Paul,

    Yeah, the soup there are great. Posted a review on it before with integrated map. hee-hee

  13. Hmm!wish I could share that mee goreng extra sotong,extra pedasssss!

  14. Hey, i know you! You’re in iPerintis right?

    By the way, please ask that pak cik at your department to talk softer when talking on the phone! He’s disturbing the whole floor! TQ.

  15. […] to the lack in spiciness, and the fact that I’ve had some pretty good mee goreng like from here (PJ), and here […]

  16. howeyelaine

    sotong!!! yum yum……..:)

  17. nora,
    Aargh too bad it’s not operating anymore.

    I was, ya. :/

    Best. 😀

  18. The shop is located on SS6/8 but as it is a corner lot almost everyone will approach via Jalan Bahagia. The haphazard parking is a big issue. In fact I have seen one collision in 2008 but heard it is very common. The drinks are costlier than other shops (barley is RM1.50). I like the “char koay teow” here.

  19. camper,
    Yah the char kueh teow is not bad there. 🙂

  20. Bird master

    How can I link to this site on my blog?

  21. Bird master,
    Er.. you use the HTML tags? :S

  22. do you know where to find these Penang style mee goreng, mee rebus, pasembur in KL since this one no longer in business? So hard to find one in KL! Mee goreng in mamak stall are not on par with Penang style. And do u like pasembur (mamak rojak)? I found one delicious stall along Old Klang Road Mobil station, but since the petrol station had moved, the stall (mobile van) moved as well. Anyone know where this van moved to?

    • Brenda: when you do please tell me! and when I do I’ll let you know, so far no luck tho 🙁

      • I grow up in Penang, and your food blog quite close to my taste bud! I miss mee sotong, mee sultan and all Penang yummies!!! Had u try crab meat popiah in padang food court opposite Dato Keramat high school? U must try it when u visit Penang again, there is also asam laksa and yong tau fu Penang style, got pork intestine, pork blood etc. But these stalls only operate during day time. All yummy to me!


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