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Ramli burger, Malaysia’s very own version of this “western” food is unique in it’s choices of ingredient and method of preparation. This distinctly Malaysian food has been well received by the locals and tourists alike ever since it was first introduced in 1979.

Mizi Burger SS2 Firestation
Mizi Burger has been operating for about 10 years.

I had the experience of working at a McD kitchen in my younger years (which resulted me not eating French fries for a good 10 years), and I can tell you that the way they cook a burger is completely different from the Ramly style.

Although the burger might be prepared slightly varied from one stall to the other, the basics remain the same, and the unique techniques not usually found in western worlds are:

  • slicing the burger patty into two (while keeping them intact ala clam shell style) and add seasonings in the middle
  • pan frying the buns with butter on the same cooking surface
  • wrapping the egg around the meat patty, with more seasoning, for the special option

The other ingredients include raw or fried onion, cucumber, lettuce, plenty of chili sauce, and even more mayonnaise. All the good stuff that your personal doctor advice against. You can also add cheese, or double up the meat patties, basically limitless customization.

Mizi Burger SS2 Firestation
this is how we like our burgers prepared

Mizi Burger is one of such burger places. Located just next to the SS2 Fire Station, this particular stall has been in business for some 10 years. After badminton the other night, I bought myself a beef special (beef patty + egg) burger for a measly RM 2.50, a steal!

The burger was very juicy and flavorful, with no less than 3-4 different types of seasonings on the beef and egg. Topped with mayonnaise, butter, and the sweetish chili sauce, this burger was as tasty as it was messy.

Mizi Burger, map to SS2 Fire Station
This burger stall is situated right next to the SS2 Fire Station

Mizi Burger opens from 8-12pm daily and closes on Sundays.

SS2/2 Petaling Jaya
GPS: 3.125765, 101.623015
Phone: 013-347 0570

Discuss : KY eats – Mizi (Ramli Burger) at SS2 near Fire Station

  1. carrieloe


    this burger look good… must try…
    ky, i think you should add “seafood” in your categories, i love seafood so much… try to think about it…

  2. I like Benjo aka the egg burger. Their way of frying the egg makes it so yummy. Hrm, I think every Ramly burger stall is almost the same? I wonder if there’s any special stall around? Special as in maybe they can make a chicken+beef special or double benjo. haha..

  3. Their hotdog was even better than the burger.

    sometimes, if got time and not many customers, i’ll ask the vendor to fry their onions first.

  4. wah.. i’ll try them out tonite..

  5. Woo didn’t know there got a burger shop.
    Look nice.

  6. terenceg

    i totally miss this when i was in UK. RAMLI’s the best burger……..omg….

  7. I love this stall… Dunno why everytime I go there, he’s not open.

  8. hey ky. nice meeting you. thanks for visiting my so– called blog or should it be rather called “worthless cyber trash”. haha. nice blog u have in here. keep it up the good work. ciao

  9. You haven’t try a good ramly burger until you found one that contains Lea & Perrins sauce. 😉

  10. Correction, make that “ramli”, instead of “ramly”. Thanks.

  11. if you ever chance upon Johor Bahru, there’s this SUPERB Ramli burger stall in front of 7-Eleven in Taman Universiti, Skudai. They have been in business for like almost 10 years now, and still running. Not quite similar to the general ramli burgers. god how i miss it!!!

  12. ooO, interesting. I went to JB a few weeks ago, but was a bit too busy to explore the place.

  13. sang_buragas

    yea!!! i tried it last night even i am on diet =). for me, it is nice! i like the way they do the special (daging + egg). They didnt wait for the egg to btul2 masak then fold. half cook then straight fold. i like it that way. you all should try burger at KL gate Uni Malaya. Very nice i tell you hehehe..but i dont know why somtimes bukak sometimes tutup. Kaya di? =)

  14. sang_buragas,
    I think a lot of Ramli sellers are very kaya, always buka tutup at will. Hehe

  15. howeyelaine

    wow… u draw the kdu logo??

  16. howeyelaine,
    Hahaha yes. 😛

  17. burger eh..
    try the burger stall at UM’s kl gate..
    it’s taste is heavenly..
    usually hav to wait one hour till yr order is done coz the waiting list is so long..
    for real..
    recommended by all Um students and alumni 🙂

    p.s. if u wan the boss’s phone number for order i can giv u 🙂

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