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The gang and I were on one of our many eating trips and the topic somehow turned to mobile phones. The gang, of course, includes the wonderfully colorful personality that is the famous Kimberly.

Kimberly: I like clamshell phones
KY: clamshell just sounded a bit … wrong, I prefer to call it a flip phone
Kimberly: No no, they are different
KY: ?

and then the girl showed us how they are different. Please refer to the pictures below

Flip Phones vs Clamshell phones
flip phone is like this, and clamshell is like this!

Another KimLogic I don’t quite understand…

I think I’m gonna start a mini Kimbedy series to jot down all these classic acts by this young lady. What do you think?

Discuss : KY Ponders – flip phone vs clamshell phone (Kimbedy series)

  1. err, flip phone is female and clamshell is male?

  2. Lizzam,

    I’m still puzzled.

  3. OMG, she just broke the Da VinCCi code.
    The Chalice and the Blade

  4. Dabido (Teflon)

    Clam shell is version from the Flintstones I think!

  5. Clams is a form of slang which means vagina!

  6. i hate samsung clamphone =P

  7. Flip is male – cos something can flippping around when no protection
    Clam is female – explaint by Dr. there

  8. terenceg


    she’s a classic….for everything else there’s mastercard

  9. Yes, there is a difference, KY. Had to explain to a few people as well. A clamshell is NOT the same as a flip phone. I like flip phones, but not clamshell. I used to own 2 kinds of flip phones – Motorola L Series and 2 Sony T18 flips. Clamshell is like the Z-series, or Samsung/LG.

    OMG, I sound gay.


  10. Verne,

    I agree there’s a difference, but Kim’s description was just too funny. lol.

  11. Nusiamallam


    As a fresh user i just want to say hi to everyone else who uses this site :>

  12. Nusiamallam,
    Hello! 😀

  13. prergernogamy

    What is bumburbia?

  14. Thepanagess

    Hello guys and girls!

    I’m new here.

    So i’d like to ask you if your income reduced because of the world financial crisis?

  15. ThePanagess,
    I guess it does in a certain extend. 🙂

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