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It’s been a while since the last time I had pho in KL, and it’s been even longer since I went to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. As we were looking for dinner before movie, I happened to chance upon O’ Viet and decided to remind myself why I had come to love this traditional Vietnamese dish.

O Viet Vietnamese Restaurant at Sunway Pyramid
look mighty appetizing, no?

Since it was basically a quick dinner, I only ordered a bowl of mixed pho, and the hot chick got herself the seafood noodle. Nothing else, no spring role or any of those fancy Vietnamese appetizers (it turned out to be a wise choice, main dish came in big portion.)

O Viet Vietnamese Restaurant at Sunway Pyramid
we’re loving it

The dishes came after a short wait, served by someone who spoke with a Vietnamese accent, it was a good sign. The pho smelled pretty good, and the soup noodle come complete with a side dish of basil leave, mint, lemon, bean sprouts, and chili sauce. I wish they would only have some hot jalopeno peppers.

I put the fresh leaves and bean sprouts to the soup and started attacking the dish right away. Out of my expectation, this bowl of pho was actually one of the bests I’ve tried in Malaysia. The soup tasted right, and the meat (brisket, flank, tripe, meat ball) cooked to a very soft and tender texture. The type of noodle too, was pretty close to what I had in HCMC, though I still long for the proper flat rice type. If only they serve beef tendon, it’ll be perfect.

The seafood noodle came in a slightly spicier broth, and had plenty of squid, cuttle fish, fish meat, and prawn. It was pretty good, too.

O Viet Vietnamese Restaurant at Sunway Pyramid
pho.. *drools*

The meal came to a bit over RM 35 for two, including 5% government tax and 10% service charge. The plain water wasn’t free either. This place certainly wasn’t cheap, but I do feel that the quality of food justified the price, and I will gladly go there again when my pho craving strikes.

G1.45 Sunway Pyramid (near ice skating rink)
46150 Bandar Sunway

GPS: 3.073297, 101.607576

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  1. had food there before long time back. it was quite good

  2. Jolin Tsai?

  3. Rm 35 is a lil expensive but the portion looks seriously huge :p Drooling at the pho. Used to have some reasonably priced pho at the foodcourt of BB plaza. U can have a try next time 🙂

  4. tankiasu

    Their pho is even nicer than Midvalley’s Little Vietnam’s?

  5. The meatballs do certainly look delicious. Hard to get good vietnamese food here.

  6. tankiasu,

    I haven’t tried the one in Midvalley, maybe I should.

  7. Ate Vietnamese for just AUD$12 in Sydney today ! Don’t forget I earn Aussie dollars now that I have been living in Oz. But I am still waiting to try nasi kandar in Perth. I saw reports that Malaysian PM’s brother has opened a warung there. Has any one tried it? Wonder why that man has come to Perth if his brother is PM.

  8. oohh…there’s finally a good for pho in kl…great! i guess the quality of food improved over the years as more people expects better quality food.

  9. Oh dear, i’m Vietnames and i’m very sorry to tell you that you had have a mistake.. This pics is called “Bun Bo” – not “Pho”.
    “Bun bo” is a traditional dish of Hue City – middle of Vietnam..
    “Pho” is from Southern and Northen of Vietnam..
    But.. anyway i’m glad that you like “Bun Bo”..

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  12. i was worked there b4.The chef is from vietnam HUE city.That is the last generation King Palace.The chef and the food is very excellent.But y there is only foreign staff n no any local staff???Is bcoz the owner there is very selfish.The company is no any benefit to the a worker in Malaysia,our normal benefit like KWSP,SOCSO,ANNUAL LEAVE,.they also font have.I feel that this place is only outside look very nice n inside is very messy.if dont beleive u can ask the MPSJ go to do audit,sometime inside the sauce also got coackroach…..

  13. Chea Yee

    Any idea if this place is still any good? looking for other Vietnamese Pho eats around…

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