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The majority of people working around the KLCC vicinity are usually familiar with the 2 food courts at Suria KLCC as well as the lunch hot spot that is Wisma Sentral (Chinese food, chicken rice). However, many noobs are unaware that there is actually a food court at Menara Public Bank, hidden away at the 4th floor carpark. Even fewer people would guess that it is an outdoor establishment.

Murtabak at Menara Public Bank
2 young boys enjoying their food, including the infamous SK

While visiting there with the Snark some weeks ago, I noticed that the mamak stall was cooking the murtabak with ghee (clarified butter). Since I love murtabak, and it is not easy to find a mamak stall that cooks them with this traditional ingredient, I decided to have the mutton murtabak for lunch that day (and had the beef murtabak a week later with Nicholas and SK, when these photos were taken).

Murtabak at Menara Public Bank
this is some good stuff

The murtabak was served rather quickly after ordering. I guess the mamak guy must have prepared them in advance in anticipation for the lunch crowd. Chicken curry accompanied the dish. The size of the murtabak was a little smaller compared to those at KAYU or Pelita. However, I find the size just nice for lunch.

Map to Menara Public Bank
Menara Public Bank is just opposite KLCC

Though simple, the murtabak was really good. The meat patty still juicy, and the tastes of ghee complimented the meat and the roti nicely. And for less than RM 4 including a glass of teh tarik. You can never go wrong.

The food court is located at 4th floor, Menara Public Bank. Opens for breakfast and lunch.

GPS: 3.159788, 101.710128

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  1. I remember eating here very long ago once but somehow the food didn’t make an impression on me. Could be becoz I was stressed out with my client who brought me here.

    Gong Xi Fa Cai to you and yr family. Hope the Year of the Boar brings you lots of prosperity. Drive safely back to Penang.

  2. boo_licious,

    Gong Xi Fa Cai to you too, i’ll be staying put in PJ to avoid all the traffic. 😀

  3. Can’t you have a better picture of mine? Like the style of me scoring an own goal during futsal?


  4. Yeah, I know about the food court and used to frequent the place quite often when I was working in Selangor Dredging right next to Public Bank. They have all 3 Chinese, Malay and Indian food.

  5. happy chinese new year to u and valz! makan lots lots

  6. Wishing you and your family a happy and prosperous Chinese new year. Oink!

  7. hehe, I work there (occasionally) and when I’m there with my colleagues they want to eat anywhere but at the PB cafeteria. they rather go over to Ambank’s cafeteria (maybe u wanna visit there next?)

    erm… a note for those who wanna come to PB cafeteria… if you walk in through the lobby, you’ll have to take the lift to the 5th floor to access the cafeteria and u’ll need a visitor’s pass. best to sneak in thru to carpark as mentioned above! 😛

    happy chinese new year to you! :p

  8. Yes, I remember the AmBank cafeteria. Many go for the chicken rice. For those working around KLCC, MNI towers also have a nice cafeteria. The mamak selling mixed rice is good.

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