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One of my usual dinner/supper places is the SS2 mamak square, especially by the Misai mamak stall. This is mainly due to the fact that their teh-o-ais limau (kurang manis) was never too sweet, and only costs RM 1. Yes, we are cheap and likes to take care of our kidneys too.

SS2 Fried Rice
Leong Fried Rice at SS2 Mamak Square

There are actually quite a number of stalls at the square, Ramli burger, chicken rice, Pak Lang’s Malay food, Mamak Indomie, Satey, and more. One of the stalls I frequent is Leong (良), a stall that serves wantan mee, fried rice, fried kueh teow, and wat tan hor (滑蛋河).

Other than not serving pork (a mamak square after all), the one thing unique about this particular stall is their “silver fish” fried rice (银鱼炒饭). Shrimps and egg makes up the main ingredients of the fried rice, and a type of very small dried salted fish similar but unlike anchovies (ikan bilis) topped the rice. The fish is salty to taste but carries a distinctive salted fish flavor that is rather delicious. I am not aware of other places offering the exact same type of fried rice. I like it.

Coke Susu at SS2
Misai’s son, and the weird dude with Coke susu

The guy in the picture who posed proudly in front of the stall is actually Misai‘s son, Falid, who is also an Arsenal fan. Other than the usual teh tarik, limau ais, and kopi, you can order Ribena with logan. A pretty interesting combination that offers the best of both Ribena’s blackcurrant sweetness and the taste of logan. If you are a little more adventurous, you can try what the Coke susu, Coca-cola with condensed milk. I took a sip but decided to not test my stomach that much.

Mamak Area at SS2
the map to misai mamak stall at SS2

Some people drink weird stuff.

Jalan SS 2/60,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.117558, 101.622323

Discuss : KY eats – SS2 Leong Fried Rice (银鱼炒饭) and Coke Susu

  1. Whao~ tat’s… cool… rather cold drink… gonan try it when i get home~! just another 2 weeks n i’ll be back! yeai! but seriously the food around there is nice…

  2. PreciousPea

    The ribena with longan seems like a great combination, but err…coke susu…no thanks!

  3. Falid never knows, Falid never knows.

  4. OMG I miss Misai.

  5. one of my fav place for fried rice is a stall in a coffee shop in desa sri hartamas that sells similar style fried rice with the little anchovies and fresh shrimps, no pork. they don’t put as much dark sauce so it looks better. well, i’ve been making fried rice with those little anchovies here since i found them in the asian stores. simply delicious!

  6. saw the coke susu in jakarta, but somehow it doesnt feel right 🙂
    Kelvin, who ajar u to drink that coke susu ?

  7. who ajar me to drink coke susu? hmm dont remember. i saw someone order it several years back and i asked the mamak for the same.

  8. coke susu is damn normal, had it all the time in secondary school. noob!

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  11. coke + susu = later got sakit perut or not?

  12. jolene,
    Hahah no sakit lah

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