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Death Note 2: The Last Name
Death Note: The Last Name

Thanks to the young lady Reta who gave me some premier tickets to this fantastic show, I wouldn’t have gone to watch Death Note otherwise, especially after the horrid experience with the last Japanese show I watched in the cinema – Forbidden Siren.

In a nutshell, the story revolves around a brilliant student (Light) who picked up a death note that was dropped by a Shinigami (Death God). If a name is written in the book, the person will die in the next 40 seconds. Light wanted to get rid of evil and started using the book to kill off convicted criminals, gaining a reputation as Kira. But since he was taking justice solely from his own judgment, the police soon recruited the help of a famous detective, L, to stop Kira. The two then tries to outsmart each other, Light trying to kill L, and L trying to figure out who is Kira and to catch him.

The movie actually takes off from where the first one left off. If you did not watch the first Death Note (corresponding to anime series 1-7), the second (the rest of the anime) would still be very good, but might be a little confusing at first. Grab a DVD of the first Death Note, then go to the cinema for the 2nd.

This is by far the best non-anime Japanese movies I have ever watched. An interesting premise with a very smart story line full of brilliant twists. The ending might be a little dark, I get the feeling like I did while watching arguably last year’s best show – The Prestige. Go watch it, it’s awesome.

This movie currently gets 7.1/10 at imdb, and you can find a lot more information at wikipedia:Death Note.

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  1. best movie so far!!!

  2. indeed superb. MisaMisa!!!

  3. i love this movie. and the girl SO KIUT OMG.

  4. Yeah, misa misa is very kawai. On a related note, I came out of the cinema and saw a Shinigami walking in front of me, but he turned out to be Jack0

  5. HAAHHAHAHAHA@jacko shinigami

    you’re most welcome =)

  6. Love this show… will collect the DVDs and also the anime

  7. ooOoi… 私ほんとに死神?

  8. Apperently anime goes on forever and pointless. movie they summarise everything in 2 hours – more time efficient hahaha.

    For someone who’s never watched the anime or read the manga, I really liked Death Note 1. It was refreshing and pretty damn decent.

    can’t wait to watch DN2 now.

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  10. seeing how the actors and actresses all look alike is already a horror movie by itself.

  11. stupe,

    Saying they look alike is like saying all Africans look alike.

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  13. yes yes~! support~! nice movie indeed… but just tat da guy they found to cast as Light is too ‘kind looking’ i think… but his cast in is superb~ haha… i used to read da comic book of death note… but there’s really too many words to read… got lazy n gave da 1st 3 books i bought to my fren… hahaha

  14. Noto: on the contrary, i found Light to be scheming and conniving. in cantonese his face is called ‘kan’

  15. Tetsuya Fujiwara (Yagami Light) is a versatile actor. i didn’t like him in Battle Royale (where he was a crying pussy) but as Light, he did a good job

  16. Dabido (Teflon)

    Suanie – his face has a name too?
    KY – Make note to self, don’t put name in front cover of note book! 🙂
    ‘This book is property of KY’ could prove fatal. 🙂

  17. Death Note also came out on Anime. Its a new anime… can download fm somewhere.

  18. welcome to DN world..
    after watch DN1 i absolutely hooked.. i finished read all 108 episode of DN manga within 2 days.. tiring but awesome!!!!!!
    cant wait for its dvd!!

  19. Lawliet Lerng

    Yeah~I like this movie very much!!!!!
    In, Death Note,I prefer L (Ken’chi Matsuyama)!

  20. i luv this movie so much!!!!
    its the best movie ever.
    L is verry cute n real inteligent

  21. sandra,
    Yeah, awesome show. 😀

  22. that is the best movie EVER. bottom line. I just can’t wait to see L Change the World. I’m a serious L fan so that will probably be my new favorite movie. L IS AWESOME!!!!!! That is all.

  23. bob,
    I heard L change the world isn’t so great though!

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    […] the movie. It is nothing close to bubblegum teen flicks, in fact it is a rather dark story. KY even likened it to The Prestige. The cinematography is pretty good. The CGIs are good […]

  25. Kai Collins

    i can say that i miss jacko so much coz i am one of his die hard fans:,`

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