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It’s already the 4th day into 2007. Instead of writing a long post about what happened during the Year of the Dog over this blog (you can always look at the archive), I will take a page from Kim and list out the most popular posts from yesteryear.


In total, there were 176 posts in 2006, in which 94 of them were posted in the KY Eats category. In return, you guys left 2472 comments. Averaging a little better than 14 comments per post.

Though I did not travel overseas for work like I used to in 2005 (went to Myanmar and Vietnam), I did take a week long vacation to Tokyo (7425 visits), Japan. The land of the rising sun.

It is difficult to pin down the best food I had to in 2006, but here are a few that I absolutely loved, in no particular order:

Motto for 2007, the same – Live to eat.

note: stats were from May 2006 to end of Dec 2006, I did not have awstats activated prior to that.

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  1. What about the best entry?

  2. best post – iThai!

  3. hi ky..
    have been your silent reader for a while. love your food review! 🙂
    i saw you at OU on wednesday eve at parking area near GSC. You with the very loud MR2.

    happy 2007! don’t stop your food review, ok?


  4. Rayminator

    Hi KY,

    I was just browsing the net and looking for nice meal. Your site title happen come to my mind. After reading most of food reviews, I can said that you are surely know where to eat and enjoy yourself, living your life to the fullest.

    I just love your food reviews. There are so many places that most people hardly come across. Your blog serves great purpose in promoting foods and dinning locations.

    Please keep up your great food reviews. If possible, perhaps you could compile all review places and food into ebook and sell it online to most mat Salleh. Cha ching!! Money pouring in like water. Do you know why? This year 2007 is Malaysia visit year. Your report can sell like hot cake.

    Great to share with you.


  5. actually someone has compiled a number of your reviews into a word doc and then mass emailed it. it’s circulating on the net now

  6. eh i just been to decheingmai not long ago. But yet to blog though.
    Didn’t you u did one already ages.

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