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This Xmas Eve Party is the third we’ve had after I moved to SS3, and as usual, we had a pretty good night. I had the honor of having some 30 guests to have fun with. For those who came, I hope you enjoyed, and for those who missed out due to travel, sickness or whatever, there’s always the next year.

The party people:

    from da house: KY, Kerol, Huey Fang, Audrey
    the bloggers: Val, ST, Suanie, Terence, Galvin, Kim, Kelvin, Nick, Erna
    the non bloggers: Damien, Margie, Dree, Lorna, Duncan, Kwan Wai, Chan, Sai Meng, Fox
    the new comers: Adrian, Alan, Yoga, Sueter, Ashraf Lee, Simon, Lula, Suanie’s 2 neighbours

KY xmas party 2006
disco lights and drinks, the party people with horrid dresses

The Party started at around 9 something, we’ve got the drinks and booze prepared with some junk food. Duncan and Audrey brought some pretty good fried rice and Hokkien mee from Melaka (stuff with lots of pork lard) too. It was chit chats and drinking, and a little bit of dancing going on (only a little bit cos FA the dancing queen was away travelling).

KY xmas party 2006
the hot chicks, and the camwhore

By around 10:30 Kerol’s cake was brought out and the birthday girl got a big glass of drinks to gulp down, prepared by Terence. It was one of the better drinks prepared by the dude, the other inventions of this guy were purely horrible mixes of alcohol from different parts of the world.

KY xmas party 2006
it was Kerol’s birthday too!

We started the gift exchange just before midnight. There were a little over two dozen gifts on the floor, each supposedly to be worth around RM 10. Kim got lucky and drew the last number.

KY xmas party 2006
the gift exchange starts

Margie got the first and picked the gift from Lorna. That turned out to be a “hamper” of sort, filled with instant noodle, canned Lai Chee, and some 3-in-1 instant drinks. It’s only fitting that Margie is heading to Australia for study, they don’t sell Soup Tulang Maggie Mee over there I bet. Some other memorable gifts were the goggle and gas mask that Lula picked, a pack of sweets Val selected, and the 5 professional studio photo time that Galvin got from Ashraf.

KY xmas party 2006
the mask, for the haze?

Again, Fox gave an over value gift (an original PC game last year), this time an ergonomic keyboard that the lucky Kelvin picked. Everyone thought that Kim was going to snatch it with her last number, but the noob picked the last gift instead and gotten herself a box of Panadol. I guess it’s good to cure her headache from pondering why she didn’t go for the keyboard instead.

KY xmas party 2006
everyone got something cool, and then there’s Kim with the Panadols

Unlike Fox the hero last year, nobody puked this year. Perhaps we grew slightly more matured and responsible for our own body? Nay, I think it was because Cass the hustler was down sick and didn’t come to force everyone to drink. We had an awesome time nonetheless, how was your party?

note: Due to the World Wide Wait phenomena following the tragic earth quake at Southern Taiwan, this post is delayed for several days.

Discuss : KY Party – 2006 Xmas Eve Party Report

  1. Kim is always Kim
    Should give sotong the Absolute Rasberry instead, both beverage look red from outside.
    Y never invite uncles? neighbour in both side of your house? sure uncle can drink and replace Cass as the hustler.
    So nice to be home.


    sorry kim, you NOOOOOOOB. is good panadol, fresh, take 1 everyday you’ll for sure no headache.

    for rest of the party, is damn ON ON. next time lets lock it at Min 10 and Max 50

    Happy Nude Year for All, hope 2007 brings all good fortunes

  3. that Vietnam jersey looks familiar 😉

    P/S: duplicate photos?

  4. kimberlycun

    thank god for the panadols. headache no more! yummmmmmy

  5. you bitchesssssssss.


  6. sorry never comeeeee hehe

  7. ’twas a good one…

  8. Sorry I couldn’t make it. I had other issues to settle. First X’mas I spent alone in years.

  9. LOL, I kind of liked how everybody just lepakked and enjoyed each other’s company. Plus coming in baju buruk definitely made people feel more at home. Great party, KY!

  10. awwwww thanks for missing me 😛

    next one, valentines party? 🙂

  11. cass,

    valentines party??? fucking around??? -.-”’

  12. WHEEEE! Bola. Esok.

  13. oh, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  14. Darren Lai

    OMG!! Is that Duncan?!!?!? He is my old classmate!! haven’t seen or contacted him in ages :p

  15. that was a big glass of birthday juice!

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