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One of the least appreciated hawker food in Penang is Koay Chap (粿汁), a dish that is not offered at many places in Penang, and so far I have not been able to find any place that sells this in Klang Valley.

Koay Chap at Air Itam, Penang
the stall is located at Wah Meng kopitiam

One of the most famous Koay Chap stalls is at Air Itam, I remember being introduced to this dish by my parents before the Penang Bridge was built. It seems like the stall is being operated by the younger generation these days.

The dish has a slightly different type of “noodle” that has the characteristics of both pan mee and kueh teow, a sort of thicker kueh teow with different texture (refer to the photo below). Duck meat, innards, coagulated blood, and hard-boiled duck egg makes up the rest of the ingredients. All these are served in a bowl of duck flavored soup that is darkish in color. Thai chili and soya sauce accompanied the dish.

Koay Chap at Air Itam, Penang
all the good stuff from duck, nothing is wasted

If you are a fan of duck meat and has the nerve to try all the innards and all, this is definitely the dish you should not miss when heading up north. I personally love the taste as well as the uniqueness of this dish. The less adventurous can still order the same dish with only duck meat and the egg.

Koay Chap at Air Itam, Penang
this stall is just a stone’s throw away from the laksa place

This stall operates in the morning, the same time as the morning wet market. If my memory serves me correct, a bowl goes for RM 2.50 or 3.00.

Jalan Air Hitam,
Ayer Itam, Penang

GPS: 5.400296, 100.277903

Discuss : KY eats – Koay Chap (粿汁) at Air Itam, Penang

  1. err ducks innards? which is yuckier? pigs innard or ducks innard?

    i would go for the pigs innard … tried the one at Jln Silang, the one opposite the RHB Credit Card centre or same row as the Soong Kee Beef Noodle?

  2. omigosh…….what so gd of “inner” parts

  3. i’ve looking for kuih chap ard kl n pj. so far haven’t encounter one. i’m hail from kuching. we have very famous kuih chap stall there. i love the inners. yummy.

    anyone can tell me where i can get kuih chap in kl o pj?

  4. I have never beena ble to find anything in PJ/KL and that’s afetr 15 years.

    For kuih chap, Singapore and Kuching are best!

  5. fong & East-West,

    I’ve been trying to find them at PJ/KL too, no luck.

  6. kenny chia

    ky, i would like to recommend u this place for your review for superb crabs and seafood. crabs only rm18 per kg. u won’t regret it! make sure u go early to this restaurant, because it is very, very packed!

  7. wah first time heard of kueh chap made with duck innards. kuching’s kueh chap is made with pig innards.

    hmm.. always thought kueh chap was kuching’s ‘thing’, didnt know they had it in penang also. in fact i’m sure kueh chap originated here (kuching).

  8. Therre was another store in BM pasar pagi…that is the best kuih zap i ever try in my life …should go and try!!

  9. wow, never thought of seeing my favorite kuih chap stall being posted online, good to know that u r the fan of Pg kuih chap too…

    actually i love another stall selling kuih chap at the junction of Kimberly Street (at night only), i always try my luck there whenever i go back to hometown, this stall is a bit unpredictable in terms of when they are off…..

  10. andrine,
    My mom actually told me about the one at Kimberly Street’s stall at night but I haven’t got a chance to go yet. 🙂

  11. […] noodle (hor fun), bean sprouts and some spring onion on top. The soup is darkish and reminds me of koay chap I had in Penang, only this one was better. Despite drumstick being dark meat, it was really tender […]

  12. Joey Chung


    Look no further than Teo Chew Yuen in TTDI for what have been feedbacked by my clienteles (incidentally from Pg and Kuching) as great Kueh Chap substitute to what they are used to at “home”.

    Do visit my FB page for details

  13. Joey Chung,
    they are obviously very different things.. -_-

  14. Joey Chung

    Based on feedback from people i would consider Pg and Kuching true blood, I beg to differ…maybe the presentation looks different to you but the taste, ingredients and what you can specify at my place (from duck to pork innards) are in place; unfortunately, we don’t have pig’s blood :).

    I hope you will take up my offer of a free tasting…and feel free to give me your feedback thereafter.



  15. Joey Chong,
    Perhaps one of these days, pretty busy lately though. 🙂

  16. for the BEST n original kuey chap :
    stall 1 & 3, pasar annex,(opposite air itam wet market)
    jalan pasar , air itam, penang.

    they served original kuey chap n the first kuey chap stall in penang.
    established in 1928.

    the one @ wah beng kopitiam doesnt come close.
    only famous bcos of publicity n advertisement.

  17. […] In a bowl of proper koay chiap there’s duck meat, skin, intestine, blood, and braised duck egg. All immersed in a light herbal soup used to braised the duck. The dish is often served with a special chili sauce, but sometimes with chili padi too (like the koay chap at ayer itam) […]

  18. […],, […]

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