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We rounded up a few noobs and went to Melaka for a half day (was supposed to be a whole day.. well) eating trip last weekend. In a span of less than 7 hours, we had 3 proper meals and plenty of snacks and dessert. One of the snacks we had while walking along the famous Jonker Street was this Poh Piah (similar to the now-retired Poh Piah at SS2).

Poh Piah at Jonker Street, Melaka
this stuff is absolutely delicious

The Poh Piah (spring role) comes in two different varieties, the wet and the deep fried. You can get decent deep fried Poh Piah from many places, but the wet role is quite a bit harder to come by. In Melaka, the traditional ingredients for this item are scrambled egg, turnip, fried onion, lettuce, bean sprout, and some fried pork fat wrapped in the homemade Poh Piah skin. Chili paste and a type of sweet sauce are added too, you can usually customize your order to suit your tolerance for chili.

Poh Piah at Jonker Street, Melaka
the hawker knows this particular customer for more than 20 years

The Poh Piah is best served right away, if you leave it for a while, the skin, vegetable, and fried pork fat tends to get soggy, and you’ll lose the contrasting texture that makes this snack such an awesome gastronomical experience. The secret ingredient gotta be the fried pork fat, it gives the role the aroma of animal fat that is hard to be substituted. With the freshness of lettuce, the sweetness of turnip, the smell of fried onion, this stuff is just fabulous.

Poh Piah at Jonker Street, Melaka
secret ingredient – fried pork fat

If you head down to Melaka, don’t forget to grab some Poh Piah. This particular stall is at Jonker Street, a Poh Piah goes for RM 1.50. These is no discount if you mention Kelvin’s name even though the old hawker has known him since before his puberty.

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  1. I want! Looks really good. Where exactly is he on Jonker Street?

  2. when jonker walk is closed for traffic during weekends, u can find him near the sports toto shop. during normal hours (lunch time), he will setup shop near hoe kee chicken rice ball.

    used to whack 6 rolls for lunch when i was in secondary school. remember to ask for extra chili.

  3. Oh yeah, this one also good stuff. 😀

  4. just about time..i’m going to Melaka for 3D2N during xmas 🙂

  5. Pork fats…..

    Why is it that (most of) the things that taste good are unhealthy?

  6. As Suanie Sees It - melaka food trip

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  7. bah… was busy.

  8. Hey, my mothr-in-law is a Melaka Nyonya. She makes homemade popiah (including the skin of course) for us quite often. Unfortunately she does not put in crispy pork fat……you know lah….somehow people are more concerned about health and stuff when they get older. There’s another stall in front of Madam Kings….quite nice too.

  9. mention kelvin’s name and you will be charged extra!

  10. ya! i tried this popiah before, not bad. Lately, i found that another stall nearby at Jalan Bunga Raya, more delicious n portion quite big….but bit expansive, RM2 per roll

  11. slurps

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  13. hi, if you really like to eat wet chinese pork fat popiah, drop me a line…………there is this super nice one in Tmn Eng Ann, Klang which we locals do rate as Numero Uno……….

  14. Hey, are you guys interested in nice Nyonya Food? If you are then Makko Nyony a Restaurant is the ideal place for Nyonya food seekers. The food are not only delicious but cheap too. All of you MUST try the cendol because the cendol is just heavenly!!! You know what, the owner of Makko Nyonya Restaurant is actually my uncle. So.. if there’ll be a 5% discount if you know me, hahaha.. 🙂

  15. […] The stall operates from around 4 something at the afternoon till late evening. The menu is actually pretty extensive, here you can find at least 5 types of Tong Sui (糖水) (varies day to day), fried noodle and mee hun, fried poh piah, chee cheong fun, yam cake, yau char kuai (油條), and more. […]

  16. I wanna eat…

  17. I don’t know ’bout you guys, but there’s a nearby (literally) stall that serves much better poh piah than this one. It’s opposite the school that sits opposite tengkera and jongker street. It’s a small shop that only sells pohpiah.

  18. glozz… that shop is popiah lwee right?

  19. val_woan

    yaya popiah is very nice…..but hor jonker there got 1 stall selling lime & prune,sea cocont with honey n herbal juice and so on..the lime and prune juice very very nice o…pure pure lime onli selling RM 1 (very “tie2”)if u like sour better try this… but my fren like her sea coconut with honey….very cheap n nice…..near by hang kasturi mahkam…beside temperary tattoo stall de:P

  20. […] When it comes to food in the historical town that is Melaka, there are a few items that you must never miss. Kinda like the Char Kueh Teow and Laksa in Penang, the must-eat items in Melaka are Satey Celup (video!), Chendol, Poh Piah, and of course, perhaps the most famous of all, the Chicken Rice Ball. […]

  21. […] of you might recall that I absolutely love the popiah at Melaka that comes with the very sinful fried lard. Well, now I have finally found one worthy Halal version […]

  22. if talk bout popiah, the one i cant resist n extra ordinary, located at jalan bunga raya, in front of madam king supermarket.

    check out the size n the “inti”, 1 bite to heaven

  23. ah bek,
    I agree!

  24. KY,
    I read all your Malacca’s posts, I nodded for every other posts except this.
    The best of poh piah would have to go to the Bunga Raya one.(Though it tasted better than now when it was the elder generation selling it but still nicest around malacca XD)
    Not just the poh piah in Bunga Raya.
    Bunga Raya is a heaven of foods.
    You would have to starve yourself three days before visiting Bunga Raya. Many famous foods are situated there. Within walking distance. XD
    Do let me know if you come to Malacca during any weekend XD

    btw see you at madagascar nex week ^^ thanks again for the tickts


  25. ruionkoh,
    I need to learn from you next time!

  26. this is not the poh piah most delicious
    poh piah in melacca.
    the poh piah who in front of madam king
    also not nice!!!!
    i would like 2 recommend u all in here
    the most delicious ph piah in melacca!
    it situation is at jalan kubu,
    it is a kopi shop who in front of
    sjkc pay fong 1.
    it is the most delicious poh piah i ate!!!

  27. i am agree wat u said alice!!!

  28. Is that Poh Piah Lwee???
    i ate it before!!!
    it is so nice!!!

  29. oh!!!
    the poh piah lwee poh piah
    is so nice.
    it price is very cheap!!!
    only Rm1.80 each only!!!

  30. the poh piah in jonker …..
    not nice le…

  31. seng, seng, shary, nick,
    the same guy? @.@

  32. i found 1 not bad near by the fat popiah,but not fatty a uncle sell 1~just next road to the bunga raya…Jalan Kee Ann ~it pork lard very very crispy de…just RM1.80~very cheap 1…

  33. […] was all nice and dandy until we drove by this pohpiah stall and had to just cry in agony cos we were too full to even have a bite. Very […]

  34. yongyong

    haha.kampung lapan popiah also nice ah.hadapan tun tuah school loh

  35. yongyong,
    thanks! 😀

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  37. a people

    po piah looks delicious

  38. a people

    maybe delicious food are all in malaysia

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