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Itchy for steamboat again, the gang and I decided to try the “original” pulau ketam steamboat at SS15, Subang Jaya. The name of the restaurant is Bee Ho (美好海鲜火锅之家). This is of course, the same style as offered at the Patrick Teoh’s Damansara Village steamboat.

Bee Ho Steamboat Restaurant at SS15
the chili paste is awesome!

Unlike the grand set up at uncle Teoh’s outlet, Bee Ho is just a big old school kopitiam. Meaning the tables near the sidewalk are much preferred as those situated deeper in the restaurant can be a little hot and humid with all the steamboat boiling on every table.

Bee Ho Steamboat Restaurant at SS15
the steamboat, the crab meehun, and the two noobs.

For the 8 of us, we ordered 5 portion of standard steamboat meal, a plate of fish fillet (actually wanted to have the fish cubes but they ran out), string mushroom, extra meat roll, dumplings, and a big plate of absolutely must-order crab meehun.

The joy of having steamboat with plenty of people is that you have more choices ordering the side orders and not have to only settle for the standard steamboat meal.

Bee Ho Steamboat Restaurant at SS15
the sloppy diner!

We boiled the soup with plenty of ingredients at least 4-5 times over. The ingredients were fresh and pretty good, the soup with good herbal taste, and the chili paste was really awesome. I think I had at least 3 small plates of those spicy stuff. Above all, the crab meehun was really something special, the aroma of crab soaked into the meehun, making it tastes unique of the crustacean’s sweetness, this is something that everyone MUST TRY at Bee Ho.

Bee Ho Steamboat Restaurant at SS15
Bee Ho steamboat is at SS15, near the college areas.

The dinner only came to RM 17.50 per person that night. We had Chinese tea as drinks.

Bee Ho Steamboat Restaurant
no. 52 Ground Floor,
Jalan SS15/4C
Subang Jaya 47500

GPS: 3.076773, 101.587862
Tel: 012-250 7177

Discuss : KY eats – Bee Ho Steamboat (Pulau Ketam) at SS15, Subang Jaya

  1. i crave crab beehoon

  2. anyway now time to find the other branches. one of them is the one where the segambut yong taufoo is. night time it becomes Ho Ho Pulau Ketam steamboat. heard it may be related.

  3. so nearrrrrrrrrrrrrr never call?!?!

  4. Giant Sotong

    Nope, no conspiracies/lies here 8-)Too bad I’m allergic to shellfish.

  5. Reta,

    I’ll put you on the list for the next one then!

  6. Sensual Sophia

    OMG, beehoon spattered all over the place. Definitely big but sloppy eaters 🙂

  7. Whoever try to call and cant get trough. Please note that the correct no. is 012-250 7177

  8. Sensual Sophia,
    Hahhaa yes!

    Thanks for the update!

  9. iniemailgue


    After last weekend without luck at wan hou steamboat, we decided to go here. Behoun crab was nice and tasty. Steamboat also nice. Also, if I may comment, I don’t know whether the person works there or part owner of the place, but she is HOT TOO…….HAHAHAHAHA

  10. iniemailgue,
    ooo, glad you liked it, yah she is the owner’s wife or something, i believe!

  11. 好玩的吗?^^ 😛

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