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As someone who is born and raised in Penang, we often put Penang hawker food on top of the chart. However, when it comes to Roasted Pork or “Siew Yoke” (烧肉), this part of the country definitely gain the upper hand. See, even babe_kl knows how to make it herself.

Note: not to be confused with BBQ Pork or “Char Siew” (叉烧)

Jalan Nyonya Roasted Pork, Siew Yoke
there is no branch, this is the only place you can get it

My buddy Terence happened to be in town yesterday and suggested we go to this roasted pork place near the defunct Pudu Jail. Having gotten bored of the food nearby KLCC, I naturally agreed.

Been a while since I last had Wong Kee roast pork, at Pudu between lorong Nyonya and lorong Baba. Roast pork is ready at 1230pm. Thanks @andrewmun86 for being the driver 😀👌. Still the best roast pork to me #kyeats #nonhalal #roastpork #pudu #hawker

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The restaurant is situated at the junction of Jalan Nyonya and Lorong Baba, certainly an address that is easy to remember. It is a normal kopitiam set up, but with only the single stall serving roasted pork, bbq pork, and roasted chicken. They only cater for lunch crowd, starting at 12:30pm sharp and usually only lasts for a couple hours.

Jalan Nyonya Roasted Pork, Siew Yoke
the siew yoke.. *droolsSsss*

We ordered two portions of roasted pork and a small plate of roasted chicken to go with the rice. Soup is available and self-served.

The meat is chopped in quite big chunks. I carefully took the first piece and put it in my mouth, and in a couple seconds, the crispy skin completely melted. This is sort of like the feeling you get chewing down the most tender piece of filet mignon. It was the best roasted pork I’ve ever had, even though I don’t always like to use the word best describing food. You just simply have to try it to believe.

Jalan Nyonya Roasted Pork, Siew Yoke
the kopitiam is just a short walk from Berjaya Times Square

This place is definitely not cheap, one portion (一条) roasted pork is RM 12, and one of this mouth-watering meat will set you back RM 60. Our meal for two totaled slightly over RM 30. However, this stuff is just that good and I will for sure go there again and again.

30,Jalan Nyonya,
Off Jalan Pudu,
55100 Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.139231, 101.711308
Phone: 03-2145 2512

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  1. HELL YEAH !!!! damn ON siew yoke….slurps….. the soup’s not bad too…. i down TWO bowls and still manage to munch the siew yoke…..on on on..

    try bringing some to your colleague ….i am sure they enjoy having lembu kecil

  2. aiyoh this place… i ate the siew yuk here for lunch, so jelak until dinner oso no need to makan LOL the siew yuk is simply too fat! the first time i went there with 3 other coliks, we nearly flipped when the bill came hahaha RM23 just for the small plate of siew yuk. so now you know why i make siew yuk myself kakaka

  3. you should try the place in Damansara Utama, where the old de champion duck is, since the end of last year it has been run by the fella who used to run his business in section 17…his siew yoke is to die for…and it doesnt cost and arm and leg….maybe the pigs have sacrifice their arms and legs and belly for that siew yoke.

    there is another place near bkt jalil….but that place is simply too far to go …for me at least

  4. Robert Wong (the sifu) mobile number is 0122690660
    Call him to book in advance. OR to check whether is he open.
    A piece of advice, try not to go there on friday. You will end up waiting 1hr, (even you placed a booking)

  5. damnit never ajak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁

  6. Hey, I also ate here before but yet to blog abt it (when I do, can I link you up?). The siu yoke is so fat, we counted the layers but you don’t taste it as the fat melts in yr mouth – amazing!

  7. I highly recommend this place too!

  8. Yummzzz….will sure check this place out.

  9. abit too pricey, in my opinion… maybe will just try once and that’s it.

  10. I checked this place out on tuesday. Enjoyed the siew yoke tremendously BUT had food poisoning!!! I am just recovering, the food there is just too oily dude. Lim Kit Siang was there on tuesday too (i wonder if he was puking his guts out like me). hmm.

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  12. We’re from Singapore and we were with Suanie (above post). Best siew yoke ever had in KL and will go back there again next visit!

  13. yes i do agree that this is the best siew yok ever! have been eating it for few years (since my fren recommended) and am salivating just thinking bout it! 🙂

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  15. According to ront, he mentioned there is a good place to eat siu yok near Bukit Jalil. May I have more information on that? The address, shop name? I would really love to know and I stay in Bukit Jalil.

  16. MeltingWok

    hopped over from lyrical lemongrass’s god, so glad I found u !! bookmarked on my malaysia makan page hehe, this will come in handy when i get home..i luv it when u’ve got all the descriptions down to the map, thx ! 🙂

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  24. Hi, does anyone knows when is the rest day for the stall? And does it still open at 12.30pm sharp now? Thks

  25. zir,
    yes it is still open at the same time, i think sunday off. 🙂

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  28. hye… how to cook siew yoke?

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  31. hi KY

    I love your blog and bring me many good food. I am a big fan of siew yuk. There is one no name shop behind Hotel Istana and I check your blog and you did not do any review yet.
    Here is the write up and they have superb honey bbq pork ribs. Their siew yuk is awesome too. Check it out.

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