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This is the 2nd video of the Koi Pond posted since it’s completion more than a year ago. Since the first video was of me and my house mate swimming in it, I thought this time it’ll be best to show you noobs the beautiful kois that lives in the now plenty matured pond.

The are six kois altogether, with the average size of 16-18 inches. They were less than 10 inches in length when I got them from the farm, with the exception of one Kohaku and the Showa donated from Mr. Lee (Thanks!) after I lost the Shiro Utsuri. With the Chagoi still being the champion, the kois are pretty friendly and not easily intimidated by people. Other than the three mentioned, there are also a Yamabuki Ogon, a not so pure Tancho, and another Kohaku from more than a year ago.

Glossary on types of koi:

  • Kohaku – red and white koi
  • Tancho – white koi with red dot on its head
  • Showa – red, white, and black koi, with at least some black color on the head
  • Yamabuki Ogon – solid yellow color koi
  • Chagoi – olive color koi, also usually the bravest of the pack

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  1. Man. That was. Soothing.

    Great job KY. Somehow the vid looked surreal in the beginning. Must be the contrast between the bright colours of the Koi and the pond.


  2. wombok,

    This is due to the maturity of the pond itself, with a coating of algae on the wall and bottom. Since the algae is of a very dark green color, the color of the kois stand out very well.

  3. tripod?

  4. U miss count the small shark near the water pump.

  5. v0ices,

    That’s not a shark, it’s a little cat fish, and not a koi. heeh

  6. Instead of Koi, can goldfish survives in Koi Pond?

  7. Ivy,

    Definitely yes. But koi looks a lot better than gold fish from the top profile.

  8. wow… they r so big now.
    but do you still have toput the net barrier up?

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