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I wrote about the excellent Ikura Hotate don I had during Isetan’s Hokkaido Fest last year. Well, it’s November again and Isetan is running their annual Hokkaido Fest for the first half of this month, and well, I just had to have the Ikura Hotate don again.

Hokkaido Fest at Isetan, Ikura Hotate don
excellent sushi at good price (after 8:30pm)

However, as my wallet is not a reverse black hole, and the price of that item stays at the same RM 39.90, I wasn’t able to afford it for lunch. Then again, there’s always a trick. Thanks to Joe who left a comment informing me of Isetan’s late evening Sushi deal, I had a chance to fix the craving.

You see, after 8pm, there is a 30% off for all Sushi products, and a 50% discount after 8:30pm. This include items offered in the Hokkaido Fest that is running till the 15th of this month too!

Hokkaido Fest at Isetan, Ikura Hotate don
Ikura (salmon roe)… *droolssss*

I bought my Hotate Ikura don and a Salmon Oyako don for the house mate. Altogether less than RM 40 for both after discount. It was one of the best take-away dinner I’ve ever had. If you work late at KLCC anytime before the 15th of the month, don’t miss out the chance!

GPS: 3.157581, 101.712102

Discuss : KY eats – Hokkaido Fest at Isetan, big discount!

  1. there were times i got 50% off even around 7:30pm, but that was at Lot 10 Isetan.

  2. so now they’ve got 50% discounts at klcc edy …

    back then they only had it in Lot 10 only …

  3. do they microwave it for u as well?

  4. Kelvin,
    They will if you ask them too, I don’t normally microwave sushis.. =/

  5. Microwave the Ikura??? Maybe it will turns to “Popcorns don”…. lol 😛

    Anyway… the food was very yummyyyyyyyy!!! 😀

  6. Although I practice eat-1st-die-later, but taking sub-standard food is bad . Local cheap japanese food is something to avoid :

    The orange color salmon is caused by a coloring feed to the fish, unfresh salmon look the same after putting for few hours.

    And the ikura, it can be much healthier than you think, because it can be made from sea kelp. 🙂

    KY: I agree, which is why I never go to Sushi King. Isetan’s Japanese food, however, is usually of pretty high standard.

  7. Jaya Jusco has such discount everyday too, after 8:30pm or 9pm I can’t remember precisely.

    By the way, the Ikura looks sooooo delicious!

  8. Heya… nice entry on this, i shall try it out soon. 🙂

  9. Wow… So much roe. High cholesterol oh… 0_o

  10. the roe looks good….yummy…can imagine them bursting and lil fishy swimming on me tongue…

  11. Ky~~~~~~~~~~~~` slurrrpppppppppppp……………..
    I jst called mum : “miiii… i m not going home for dinner 2nite…”
    Isetan Hokkaido fest… i m coming tonite… ^^ ngek ngek ngek ngek ngek~

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