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It’s been a while since I last saw a good movie. I went to catch The Prestige at the cinemas without really knowing (refused to read it online) what the whole deal is about other than it scores rather high (currently 8.2/10) on imdb.

The Prestige (movie)

The movie is about the story of two magicians (well, actually more than two, but I shall not give you the spoilers) who were initially friends but ultimately became bitter rivals. They are being played by the Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) and Christian Bale (Batman Begins), two ex-superheros who are pretty super in their performances in this movie. There are also the always excellent Michael Caine and the easy-on-the-eyes Scarlett Johansson.

Well, you can read dozens of excellent “traditional” reviews on imdb (the link above) and many other sites, hence, to separate from the others, I will show you the graphical representation of the story line without giving you the spoilers instead.

The Prestige (movie)
very representative, no?

So, the above graphic basically means that the movie, as does magic, is broken into 3 parts:

The pledge, where the promise is being given (in this case, a good movie). The turn, the magician performing the trick, showing something extraordinary (some confusion and interesting plot lines seemingly leading to nowhere). And ultimately, the prestige, where everything comes together with all the twists and turns…. or something like that.

Anyway, it’s a good movie, go watch it. Here’s the trailers.

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  2. Watch with me la…he watched earlier!

  3. Gallivanter

    I’ve watched it last weekend and reviewed it too, gave it an 8/10. Would’ve been more if not for the far-fetched main magic trick. Otherwise, really worth watching!!

  4. Gallivanter,

    If you treat it like a good scifi movie, which this one is, it won’t be that far-fetched at all.

  5. i wanted to watch it, really, but no one told me what the show’s about, and baaaah, i feel so outdated 🙁

  6. Hey great drawing…..
    Yeah this movie is GREAT.
    The story is damn nice. Twist and turn.
    The ending is GREAT. I really surprise with it.

    HIGH RECOMMENED for those that not yet watch.

  7. Agreed. A very smart movie. So many turns, I had a crick in my neck as I left the cinema.

  8. I am new to your blog. and i loved what u did for chup goh mei!!! This is indeed a damn darn good movie. I like the double triple twisted story line.

  9. […] It lived up to expectations! KY even joined us to watch it for the second time. […]

  10. if reviews only have funky pictures like yours.. more fun!!

  11. I really liked Batman begins. The genre of comic-book hero in cinema is not for everybody, like semi-standardized production-line films, but Mr Nolan does the hero justice in a well thought-out and meticulously crafted film. There is no need for hesitation at the cinema, Batman Begins delivers.

  12. […] This is by far the best non-anime Japanese movies I have ever watched. An interesting premise with a very smart story line full of brilliant twists. The ending might be a little dark, I get the feeling like I did while watching arguably last year’s best show – The Prestige. Go watch it, it’s awesome. […]

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