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Usually we do not take particular notice on where we park our cars, so long as it is a valid spot and we are reasonably sure we won’t get tickets for it. However, there are times where we should be more careful on choosing a parking spot, and here are two instances that illustrate the point very well.

Kancil Squashed by Trailer outside factory
Perodua Kancil reduced to metal sheet

The first collage of pictures shows a Perodua Kancil being reduced to a sheet of metal not higher than 2 feet. Apperantly this happened outside a factory in Penang. A semi-trailer fell over the unsuspecting Kancil that was parked next to it. Luckily no one was hurt, it is not clear if insurance covers such incidents.

Satria hit by fallen tree
Proton Satria hit by fallen tree

Parking under a tree gives you shade, if you can put up with the occasional bird droppings. However, during a thunderstorm, this tree snapped under the strong wind and came down upon the Proton Satria that was parked directly underneath it. Luckily the car only sustained minor damages on the hood and side fender.

So, think again when you park your car, and make sure you pull the handbrake too!

Discuss : Beware where you park your car

  1. don’t forget the cimb lady who parked under the shade, went to sleep, and car rolled off the ravine.
    berhati-hati di jalan raya needs to be extended to berhati-hati di tempat letak kereta.

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