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Monthly Archives / September 2006

I went to the Petronas Gallery for the famous BMW Art Cars exhibition with the Snark over lunch time. Unfortunately, photography was not allowed, and all we got was a poster and a bookmark.

According to the website:

The BMW Art Car Collection is a series of BMW production models transformed from automobile to art by some of the world’s foremost artists.

BMW Art Cars, Petronas Gallery, KLCC
free bookmark and a poster

There were four cars on the exhibit, the BMW 320i by Roy Lichtenstein. Frank Stella’s BMW 3.0 CSL. A stunning M3 by Ken Done. And the hand painted BMW M1 by Andy Warhol.

The cars were not only beautiful art work, but menacing mechanical contraption too. Specifications of the car and performance numbers were stated. For example, the 3.0 CSL is stated to produce 700 hp. There were also some videos on display.

The exhibition runs from that 15th of September to 22nd of October, at Petronas Gallery on the 3rd floor of Suria KLCC mall. Admission is free, the hall opens Tuesday through Sunday. If you happen to be in KLCC, go check it out.

Hunting for a new place for dinner at around Taman Paramount, I suddenly recalled that there’s a pretty good “siu chau” (小炒) stall that operates not only on lunch, but dinner time as well. We found a parking spot nearby and went in there.

O & S Restaurant at Seapark, Petai & Prawn rice
oh! got leng lui also!

Looking at the menu (big font and well lit on the stall itself), I found something interesting – Petai and Prawn rice. Since I love petai (twisted cluster bean) and prawn, I ordered that without further deliberation. The dining partner ordered something that looks like a kung pou chicken rice with egg. However I can’t recall the name of that dish to save my life.

O & S Restaurant at Seapark, Petai & Prawn rice
oooo, PETAI!

We didn’t have to wait long for the dish to be served. The petai and prawn dish was really good, plenty of petai and prawn with some onion fried with sambal paste. Not exactly a very refined dish, but for RM 5.00, it was worth every cent. Ahh… the satisfaction of stinky breath and even stinkier pee. This is something you can’t explain to people who does not eat petai.

The chicken dish was pretty good as well, with some of kick from the dried red chilli and plenty of chicken meat. Though it might be better (at least visually) with some green vegetables as garnish.

O & S Restaurant, map to Seapark, PJ
this is how you get to O & S restaurant

The stall opens for lunch as well as dinner. The same restaurant has some pretty good hawker stalls in the morning and afternoon. Most notably the yong tau foo and prawn mee.


Jalan 20/14,
Seapark, Petaling Jaya

GPS: 3.107713, 101.624919

Emily of the Oral Stage informed me about thier latest project, fiftyninminutes. Following my previous experience in attending one of their shows (Rojaks), I figure this should be something interesting as well. Not quite the actorlympic caliber, but a nice sort of grassroot feel to the whole thing, what more, at RM 10 per pax, it is alot cheaper. Here are some details on the upcoming show:

the Oral Stage - fiftynineminutes

“Two friends discover faith, direction and the truth. An actress whom we all like to hate. A bitter past haunts a bitterer couple. A girl finds beauty in ugliness. A man and a woman make love over dinner. A fellow Malaysian makes the country proud. And a group of roommates bring back the dead- all within fiftynineminutes”

When: September 28th – October 1st 2006 @ 8.30 pm
Where: The Dram Projects, BG06 Happy Mansion Apartments, Jalan 17/13 46400 PJ
Tickets: RM10
Ticket contact and directions: Louisa Low @ 0163757833

Incidentally, the location of the studio is at the same apartment building as the 6 to 10 Grill & Nasi Lemak I blogged about. So, here is the map for the noobs who doesn’t know how to get there.

map to the Oral Stage studio
I think I might have a steak before the show. 😀

For more information, head to the Oral Stage’s blog. I’ll be the opening night, should be a good one.

I’ve heard about the roast duck rice at Loong Foong Restaurant for quite a some time, but since one of my housemates do not consume duck and a failed attempt to dine there (they ran out), I finally had the chance to let my taste buds judge what the fuss was all about.

Roast Duck at Loong Foong Seafood Restaurant, Taman Paramount
yes, it’s a “seafood” restaurant

The odd thing about the roast duck rice stall is the location of it, at the Loong Foong seafood restaurant. I assume there are quite a lot of people who orders the duck as just another dish instead of as the only item to be eaten with rice. I wasn’t interested in seafood that day, so we ordered up roast duck rice for two.

When the dish were served, I was pretty impressed with the duck at least visually, the skin roasted to the perfect dark golden brown color with some dark sauce over. I was not too thrilled about the rice though, they served normal white rice instead of the special blend of duck rice like what you get at the PJ State Loh Duck. However, a bite on the soft and tender duck explained why this place is so highly regarded, the texture of the meat was perfect, easy to chew and with no pungent duck smell that is undesireable to many. And the skin.. the roast duck skin was that of the Peking duck caliber, reminded me of a few times I had the chance to taste that expensive dish in a proper Chinese restaurant.

Roast Duck at Loong Foong Seafood Restaurant, Taman Paramount
just look at the crispy duck skin

The chili sauce was pretty good as well, an extra portion of the dark sauce is served together with the dish for blending with the rice. This sort of make up for the fact that white rice is served, though I would still prefer the proper blend instead.

Despite the small shortcoming, the roast duck lives up to its name. This place is not to be missed if you do eat duck at all. The dinner costs about RM 14 for pretty a good portion of duck. I would definately go there again.

Roast Duck at Loong Foong Seafood Restaurant, map to Taman Paramount
the restaurant is nearby the Giant hypermarket at Paramount

1 Jalan 20/13, Paramount Garden,
46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.106085, 101.625595
Tel: 03-7876 9045

It was at the beginning, a plan to head to the famous Pantai Seafood at Kayu Ara. However, when we got there the whole place was all booked up, Kelvin the food expert then suggested that we go to this fairly unknown Restaurant City Star instead. Trusting the guy and his taste, especially after we went for the Kampung Atap curry fish head lunch, we agreed right away.

City Star Seafood Restaurant at PJ near Dataran Prima
the gwai lou loves his food

Comprising of two standard shop houses, the restaurant isn’t exactly very impressive on its size nor its interior decoration. Just a basic and clean setting with half the restaurant air-conditioned (non-smoking area). One thing I like about City Sun Star though, is the way they attach pictures on most of their menu item, giving the patrons an easier time ordering from the extensive selection of dishes. But since Kelvin was with us, we let the expert do the job.

City Star Seafood Restaurant at PJ near Dataran Prima
crab, prawn, fish, vege – we got it all covered

For the seven of us, we ordered 5 dishes. Crab fried with salted egg (咸蛋蟹), Thai style “mar yau” fish (马友泰式), Marmite prawn, tofu, and “four in a kind” vege (四大天王).

The selection was spot on, the crab was really good, firm and meaty, obviously very fresh. I found myself unable to stop licking the salted egg yolk off the shells. The Marmite prawn came de-shelled except the tail, but since it was deep fried, we just chew and ate the whole thing. The tail became crispy and actually tasted very nice, providing a contrasting texture.

City Star Seafood Restaurant at PJ near Dataran Prima
tofu was pretty good, we cleared all the plates eventually

The Thai style fish was deep fried with Thai sauce and lotsa garnish, reminding me of the Thai style chicken I had at PJ Old Town. I also especially like the combination in the vege dish, there were long bean, okra, petai, and kacang botol (winged bean), fried with sambal and some onion. Last but not least, the tofu did not dissapoint either.

Map to Dataran Prima, City Star Seafood
this is how you get to City Star at Taman Bukit Mayang Emas

The bill came to RM 177.14, with the biggest item being the 3 big crab costing RM 70 and the other dishes and drinks making up the rest. It was defintately worth it, for only about RM 25 per person to have such quality and well prepared food.

No 8-10, Jalan BM1/2,
Taman Bukit Mayang Emas,
47301 PJ, Selangor

GPS: 3.124849, 101.595780
Tel: 03-7806-2168