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Suanie's 25th Birthday

To the Suan,

Happy happy birthday to you. Remember what happened on your last birthday at Bangsar? I’m glad that we are slightly further away from those kind of slightly unhealthy lifestyle these days. The starbucks and french fries was a better alternative, lets have some of that tonight, shall we? Forget the Atkins for a day and have a feast. Welcome to the quarter century mark!

Fancy durian, anyone?

Discuss : Happy 25th to the femmes Suanie

  1. epi bird day, epi bird day ….epi bird day …. to who ar?

  2. hahaha thanks bitch hugzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  3. Happy Birthday SuaniE!

    Mmm… durians :))

  4. so old ledi, ….i used to watch you grow up since when you’re 4 years old…now so old ledi……sob sob

  5. Happy Birthday, Suan!

  6. happy birthday

  7. Dabido (Teflon)

    Some people are so old. Two and a half decades already! 🙂 lol

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